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Feng Yujie knew that she had lost, no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to surpa.s.s Chen Xiang. However, she did not give up on concocting the pill, she only exhaled lightly and continued to focus on concocting.

Chen Xiang also patiently waited for Feng Yujie to win this match. Originally, he could have mocked Feng Yujie, but he felt that something was wrong, because Feng Yujie had appeared very calm and collected, giving him a bad premonition.

"Sister Qilian, do you have more spirit liquid with you?" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Lv Qilian who was at the side, "Meng'er and the others have followed me to the Divine Prison, and lost five thousand years of time. I plan to refine a few more Holy Pellets so that they can hurry up and catch up."

"Not much, I will give all my spirit liquid to Xiang Yue and Meiyao. It seems that I have to teach them the Alive Slain Method from now on."

Lv Qilian asked: "You can refine Holy Pellets now?"

"Alright, I'll refine some for you from now on!" We will take some time to refine some spiritual beads together and duplicate a large amount of divine medicine. At that time, I can refine a large amount of divine pellets. " Chen Xiang chuckled.

Lv Qilian was unable to reject Chen Xiang, and could only silently agree. Seeing how amazing Chen Xiang had been concocting pills just now, she also hoped that Chen Xiang would be able to concoct a large amount of Holy Pellets for her in the future.

After less than an hour, Feng Yujie had already succeeded in condensing her pellets. Her ability in refining eight Tianshen Dan was already stronger than many of the Alchemist s, but she still lost to Chen Xiang.

"Seniors, please evaluate the outcome of this match." Chen Xiang stood up and laughed.

"You win this round!" Feng Yujie immediately said, but her expression was extremely serious, causing the smile on Chen Xiang's face to disappear.

Su Meiyao and the others were all surprised to see their own mother revealing such a serious expression. Usually, Feng Yujie was called a mischievous girl who spent her days laughing merrily.

What they did not know was that Feng Yujie no longer had that much confidence in her victory. If she lost, she would be crippled by Chen Xiang for two hours.

"Rest for two hours before the second match!" After Feng Yujie finished speaking, she walked into the house. The first time she lost to Chen Xiang, there was no one by her side, but now, with so many people watching, what made things worse was that after she lost …

"Chen Xiang, can't you just let her go?" Su Meiyao sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. She did not know about the bet between Chen Xiang and him.

"This... If I give it to her, she'll be even more upset. " Chen Xiang said: "Right now, I am also testing my own strength!"

Liu Fusheng walked over and asked with a smile: "Little brother, what is the highest level of Holy Pellet you can refine now?"

"Low grade saint pill!" Chen Xiang replied: "I can just concoct, and it might take a while for a mid-ranked Holy Pellet."

Liu Fusheng wanted Chen Xiang to help him refine a Holy Pellet, but that was a mid-ranked Holy Pellet.

"If you can concoct a mid-grade saint pill, would you be able to help me?" Liu Fusheng asked.

"Of course, it's fine. This is pretty good for me to learn how to forge a phone." Chen Xiang laughed: "Welcome!"

The Grandma Lv said: "The next step is to refine Dragon Blood Saint Dan right? This kind of pellet with a strong body is not easy to refine either, and it's even using the Holy level Dragon Pellet, it would definitely take a lot of time."

"It will take a long time!" Chen Xiang nodded. If it was just refining one furnace, to Chen Xiang, it would only take two to four hours. After that, he would have to concoct ten batches, which would definitely take a longer time.

Chen Xiang talked for a relatively long time, but that was only for a few hours. In the eyes of the strong in Grandma Lv and the others, it was just a few days, but for people like them who had lived for so many years, waiting for a few dozens of days was nothing.

"Do you have any gains in the Chaos Realm? Because I am truly sorry for coming back, for making all of you gather here. " Chen Xiang said somewhat guiltily.

"It's fine. We will be back in a while anyway!" The next time we enter, it should be soon. When that happens, you should come along as well. Lv Zhen laughed.

"The Chaos Realm is a little mysterious, but there are a lot of resources inside. Right now, we have yet to encounter any dangers inside, but that does not mean that there aren't any. Bai Yaowei said.

Just as Chen Xiang was chatting with the rest, Su Meiyao suddenly shouted out: "Mother! "This is..."

Everyone was stunned immediately. Chen Xiang turned his head and saw an unfamiliar yet beautiful woman walk out from the house. Her face was covered by a thin pink veil, and she was wearing a light pink dress that revealed her enchanting collarbone, as well as her small b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. He knew that this unfamiliar woman was indeed Feng Yujie, but she was using her own appearance!

Feng Yujie revealed her true face and wore that light pink long skirt, making the charm of her body even more oppressive.

Chen Xiang looked at her pair of mysterious and charming eyes, and almost lost in thought!

The slowly approaching Feng Yujie had smiles in her beautiful eyes as she strode forward with An Na's graceful steps. Her entire body was filled with an uncontrollable charm.

Even Lv Zhen, Bai Yaowei and Liu Fusheng, who had a certain level of resistance against this kind of power, had no choice but to silently circulate their powers to resist it.

Su Meiyao and the other G.o.ddaughters were naturally alright!

Feng Yujie had not fully revealed her features when she arrived in front of the Purple Sky Ten Furnace. She gracefully sat on the ground and stared at Chen Xiang with her beautiful eyes that were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with magic.

The moment Feng Yujie came out, Chen Xiang's eyes went straight. He had seen Feng Yujie's portrait before, but that portrait was too powerful, causing him to instantly fall into a muddled state. He had been immersed in it for many days, and had even forgotten about its appearance.

Seeing Feng Yujie's captivating eyes, Chen Xiang almost sunk into them. Luckily he reacted in a hurry and closed his eyes, but Feng Yujie's half-covered face and eyes that were filled with enchantment, kept on appearing in his mind.

"This woman actually wants to use this invitation to interfere with me. This way, I won't be able to refine pills peacefully. What a good method!" Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, only after activating the Demon Subduing Heart Art was he able to erase the illusory image in his mind.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was distracted and almost captivated by her, Lv Qilian, Su Meiyao and the other girls were secretly gloating in their hearts.

Chen Xiang said as he sent a sound transmission to Feng Yujie, "You are being shameless … Also, didn't you say that you would show me your true face when I take down the Mei Emperor? "

"Didn't you want to see me back then? What's more, I haven't finished reading it yet! In the bet that we signed, there seems to be no one who doesn't allow me to use my true face! " Feng Yujie responded with an extremely happy laugh.

In order to not lose to Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie was already going all out!

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