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Chen Xiang remembered that someone once said that after Wu Qianqian and Su Meiyao found out about the whereabouts of the Dan Emperor, they went to look for the Dan Emperor.

Long Xueyi felt even more uncomfortable now, because Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue had also made great progress. This made her even more determined that she would eat and sleep more in the future, and become stronger.

"When Qianqian was poisoned by the Ice Emperor, I will definitely avenge her." When Chen Xiang brought up this matter, he was still very angry in his heart.

"Ice Emperor of the Holy Ice Nation are not easy to deal with! Their Ten Great Holy Nations was one ent.i.ty, and there were even many strong warriors who had infiltrated the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor in the dark! Aside from that, there is also another huge threat, and that is the mighty Night Devil s in the Night Devil h.e.l.l. They are also now quite a strong force. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang almost forgot about Night Devil h.e.l.l!

"Then how is Devil-killing Summit now? Have you found your Young Master? " Chen Xiang asked.

"The Devil-killing Summit has already been destroyed. The G.o.ds inside the Devil-killing Summit originally could not withstand the pressure from the G.o.ds Realm and all retreated. As a result, the Devil-killing Summit was annihilated after a few waves of attacks!" Su Meiyao sighed helplessly: "Looks like this Nine Heaven World is a place that G.o.ds Realm left alone in. Moreover, this G.o.ds Realm hopes that this place will be a mess all day, which is why this h.e.l.l Devil Emperor is here doing whatever he wants."

So many years had pa.s.sed, and the things that happened in the G.o.ds Realm were no longer secrets. As long as one was an expert of the Nine Heaven World, he or she would more or less know a little.

"What about you? Dragon Subduing School has been dissolved, and the dragon veins have been occupied. Bai Youyou asked.

"Of course not! Sooner or later, I will take back what belongs to me! " Chen Xiang said firmly.

"We'll go together then!" Su Meiyao sat by Chen Xiang's side, hugging Chen Xiang's arm, like a docile little kitten sticking to Chen Xiang, especially when he felt her soft and soft chest rubbing against him, it made Chen Xiang feel that he couldn't take it anymore.

"We're going too!" Bai Ziqian looked at Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er.

"I have long hated that Ten Great Holy Nations!" Bai Youyou said. In her eyes, Chen Xiang's matter was her own.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "None of you are to go, and obediently stay here to help me increase my strength, although I lost five thousand years of time! But I feel that it won't be long before I enter the G.o.ds Realm, so when the time comes, you all can enter the ring with me, but what I hope for is that with your true strength, you all will be able to pa.s.s through the road to the G.o.ds Realm! "

The Azure Dragon and Chen Xiang had said before, that the road to enter the G.o.ds Realm was very important, if one did not enter the G.o.ds Realm through that method, it would be a huge loss.

"Mother also told us that whether we can get along well after entering the G.o.ds Realm depends on what we can get from that road." Ji Ling'er said: "I thought you were a lot behind us, I didn't expect you to say that you want to go to G.o.ds Realm so early in the morning!"

Feng Yujie's understanding of the G.o.ds Realm made Chen Xiang even more suspicious, he suddenly felt that Feng Yujie was someone from the G.o.ds Realm.

Before an hour had pa.s.sed, Feng Yujie had returned with a few people chatting happily behind her. Other than Lv Zhen, Bai Yaowei, Grandma Lv, and Lv Qilian, there were also two other unfamiliar faces.

Chen Xiang remembered that the aura of that handsome big man was from the Floating City Lord, Liu Fusheng. Back then, when Chen Xiang was surrounded by Thunder Emperor and other experts, it was Liu Fusheng who helped him break that barrier and gave him the chance to escape.

"Floating City Lord, I did not have the time to thank you for saving me all those years ago, but now I am here to make up for it." Chen Xiang immediately cupped his hands and laughed, and said some words of thanks.

"He is the Great Floating Emperor!" Feng Yujie chuckled, and then introduced another person Chen Xiang did not know, it was a graceful and elegant beautiful woman wearing a purple dress, she was very compatible with Liu Fusheng.

Chen Xiang could already tell that this beautiful woman should be Liu Fusheng's partner.

"This is Great Emperor Ruo Meng, the master of Holy Nations Ruo Meng, and also the floating wife!"

Feng Yujie introduced the beautiful woman, which surprised Chen Xiang greatly. This Great Emperor Ruo Meng was very powerful, it gave others a feeling that they couldn't see through her.

Bai Yaowei was the Ruthless Devil Venerable back then, he was Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's father, Su Meiyao's master. He also knew a bit about Chen Xiang and his daughter, and now he said with a smile: "I also spent some time with a pill master. Although I cannot refine pills, I can still be used as a evaluation!"

"Chen Xiang, we already heard about you from the Divine Feather Emperor on the way here. You lost for so many years, and he still dared to challenge her. This really surprises us. Lv Zhen laughed.

Lv Qilian did not say anything. The feeling she gave others was that they were not very close, but the truth was that her relationship with Chen Xiang had already progressed to a point where even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not know about it.

"I really hope that you can refine some powerful poison. Let's see who can poison an old woman like me to death." Although she had a head full of white hair, she was very young and did not look like an old lady at all.

"Grandma Lv, if I poison you to death, a few people here will immediately come and fight me." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Mom, stop messing around!" Lv Qilian was really worried that Chen Xiang would poison Grandma Lv to death.

Liu Fusheng laughed, "This little brother dares to challenge the Divine Feather Emperor, he should be very confident. I wonder if the two of you made any bets?"

"No!" Feng Yujie immediately said, she did not want others to know, that she actually agreed to Chen Xiang's shameful conditions.

Su Meiyao asked: "What pills are all of you competing?"

"Three rounds and two victories. The first is the Tianshen Dan, and the second is also his." Feng Yujie looked at Chen Xiang and asked: "What pill do you want to compete in the second round? Let me feel rea.s.sured! "

"Dragon Blood Saint Dan! "I have the ingredients." Chen Xiang chuckled: "As for the third round, it shouldn't be necessary anymore!"

Feng Yujie also chuckled: "It's indeed unnecessary, I can defeat you in two rounds!"

Although Feng Yujie had a smile on her face, her heart secretly jumped. Chen Xiang was actually able to refine Holy Pellets, if Chen Xiang had lived for five thousand years, that would be normal, but Chen Xiang had only stayed in the Divine Prison for a short period of time.

"Don't say it so early. I will make you lose to shame in the first round. My beautiful Divine Feather Emperor, haha …" Chen Xiang suddenly laughed out loud, causing everyone to frown.

The clash between Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang just now made people feel that they had a irreconcilable feud.

"One cauldron isn't enough to compete in, but many batches to compete in!" This is up to you! I heard that he's also very good at controlling multiple pill furnaces at the same time. " Feng Yujie suddenly said as he saw Chen Xiang taking out the Yanlong furnace.

"Ten batches, how about it?" Chen Xiang said directly without even thinking.

Right after he finished speaking, Feng Yujie gently waved his sleeve, and like smoke, ten purple nine-legged pill furnaces appeared in front of her. Each of them was as tall as a person and extremely large.

"Ten batches of Purple Skies!" This is one of the famous pill furnaces in the G.o.ds Realm. It is said that all the ingredients are made from a purple sky that has collapsed. " Lv Zhen took a deep breath, "This is a top-grade divine furnace!"

In order to defeat Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie no longer hid his strength, and wanted to reveal his true strength.

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