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There was a very large s.p.a.ce under the You Ming Deep Abyss. When Chen Xiang arrived at the bottom of the You Ming Deep Abyss, he immediately walked towards the huge cave.

Entering the cave, Chen Xiang saw more than ten small houses!

When Chen Xiang arrived, he purposely activated a defensive array and woke up the people inside the small hut. Qi Shi, Jiang Sheng and Huang Jintian immediately ran out.

"Little brat, you're really back! I thought I'd never see you again. " Seeing Chen Xiang, Huang Jintian laughed out loud.

Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng also laughed as they hurriedly brought Chen Xiang to a relatively small hall.

"Is that all you guys here? "What about the others?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The Dragon Subduing School has already dispersed. If the others continue to follow us, they would definitely be affected greatly, so I told them to leave and join another force! Rest a.s.sured, their background is not bad, and those who go are all recommended by me, they are mainly concentrated in the Floating Holy Nations and Demon Suppressing Holy Nations. "

Huang Jintian sighed: "Little brat, I'm really sorry I couldn't protect your Dragon Subduing School! And I will also dissolve the Dragon Subduing School! "

Long Xueyi came out of the ring, smiled coquettishly, and said: "Where did you disband? I am the very high Elder of the Dragon Subduing School, and Dragon Subduing School is also here! "

Long Xueyi sat beside Chen Xiang, looked at him and laughed: "I heard that you were almost killed by the Fire Emperor, is that true?"

Qi Shi curled his lips and said: "Can you not mention this matter? The main thing is that I was too careless! "

Chen Xiang asked: "Master, where did Xiao Dao and the rest go?"

"Xiao Dao and the rest respectively went to the Floating Life and Demon Suppressing Holy Nations, Duan Sanchang followed them for a stroll. Li Baojun and his master, Li Tianjun, left, while Yan Yanran and Lan Lan traveled everywhere … In short, they are doing very well, so you don't have to worry too much about them. " Huang Jintian patted Shen Chen Xiang's shoulder, "If you have time, go and chat with them!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then asked: "Didn't you guys go to the Chaos Realm as well?"

"After knowing that you have returned, I will immediately return here to wait for you! Mainly to see how powerful the two of you have become in the past five thousand years. " Jiang Sheng looked at Long Xueyi, and laughed: "This little gluttonous dragon doesn't seem to be that strong!"

Long Xueyi scoffed, "We only stayed in that d.a.m.ned place for a year or two, and that place has only been here for five thousand years. If you really give me five thousand years, I can go with Little Scoundrel and take care of that bulls.h.i.t Divine Nations."

"Is this true? Where are you going? The time difference is actually so huge! " Huang Jintian was in disbelief.

"Of course it's true. We even met the old cyan bug! That place is called Divine Prison, mainly … " In one breath, Long Xueyi narrated the many things they did in the Divine Prison, causing them to exclaim in shock.

"I never thought that the green dragon would become so powerful!" Sigh, but I still can't save Old Bing! " Jiang Sheng sighed: "The Azure Dragon has also been sent into Divine Prison, Old Bing will have a hard time taking it."

Huang Jintian said, "It must be because something went wrong when the green dragon was opening the time s.p.a.ce tunnel, so while you guys were inside the time s.p.a.ce tunnel, five thousand years pa.s.sed!"

Qi Shi laughed, "You guys are equivalent to instantly reaching five thousand years from now, this is not bad!"

"Not bad, your head!" Long Xueyi felt that his current strength was so much weaker than Qi Shi's and Jiang Sheng's, and felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

"Where are the seniors White Tiger and Vermillion Bird?" Chen Xiang asked: "Aren't they here?"

"They went to the G.o.ds Realm, they just left not long ago! Back then, he had partic.i.p.ated in too many of Nine Heaven World's business, and in the end, after Dragon Subduing School was disbanded, Nine Heaven World became very calm, and they also left. "

Qi Shi said: "We had originally wanted to leave as well, but it's just that …"

Long Xueyi interrupted: "It's just that you all do not have the ability, otherwise you would have left long ago!"

"This... You can't say that. If we had any intention of leaving, we would definitely be able to leave now! Now, we can just barely make it to G.o.ds Realm. " Qi Shi laughed: "Don't underestimate us."

Long Xueyi said with a look of despise: "You guys are really awesome, you won't let Dragon Subduing School disband."

"This was all Old Yellow's idea. We had originally planned to fight to the bitter end." Jiang Sheng immediately looked at Huang Jintian.

Huang Jintian let out a long sigh, "You are all people that have experienced the battle at the Nine Heaven World back then. This kind of great battle should be handed over to a new generation of youths, not to old bones like us! What's more, if a great battle had broken out at that time, who would be the happiest? Of course it is the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, he can harvest a large number of good dead souls, and make him stronger. "

Qi Shi laughed: "So, if we do not have Chen Xiang to partic.i.p.ate in this big battle, using the Heavenly Alchemy to take away those dead spirits, it will definitely benefit the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor."

"Alright! The strongest Dragon Emperor from back then had already been destroyed by us! If Dragon Subduing School is disbanded, then disband! But, that dragon vein cannot be given to them just like that! " Chen Xiang's voice was filled with killing intent: "At the beginning, I was the one who obtained it first, it was something that belonged to me.

"Fine, we waited for you to come back so that we could fight with you!" Qi Shi strongly patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: When do I make a move?

Huang Jintian said: "If it were just us attacking, then there wouldn't be too many deaths. To be honest, I can't bear to see the imps that I have personally nurtured die in Dragon Subduing School."

Jiang Sheng said: "Oh right, there's one more thing! It was five thousand years ago, when the Ice Emperor of the Heavenly Sacred Region used a profoundhan poison to attack Wu Qianqian. She nearly died from poison.

"Is he the Ice Emperor of the Ice Country?" Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly and asked angrily.

"It's this guy. Because he has pretty good strength, the profoundhan poison is not a Super Old poison now." Jiang Sheng said.

Chen Xiang said: "Let's go, we'll head to the Holy Ice Nation first!"

Qi Shi anxiously pulled Chen Xiang along: What's the rush? It's not easy for them to find them and wait for that guy to be alone in Holy Ice Country before we go over to get him. All you need to do now is to wait for news from us! "

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and nodded. Then, he took out a Storage bag and tossed it to Jiang Sheng.

"This... Did you get it from the Divine Prison? I really want to go and take a look! " Of course, Jiang Sheng knew what the Top stone was and immediately became extremely excited.

"Qi Shi, Old Yellow, the two of you go and inquire about the whereabouts of the Ice Emperor. I will refine a Divine Weapon here and you will have your share as well!" Jiang Sheng laughed.

"I haven't gotten rid of h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's Tracing mantra yet, so I'll be leaving first. When Ice Emperor returns to Holy Ice Nation, inform me!" Chen Xiang opened a spatial tunnel and arrived outside the Hundred Flowers Holy Nations. Then, he used the Transmission array here to teleport to the Divine Feather Holy Nations.

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