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The strength of the Dragon Subduing School should also be at the top, and should be very strong, and should be able to establish a Holy Nations. But right now, Chen Xiang has yet to find any Transmission array s from the teleportation area that can teleport to the Dragon Subduing Holy Nations, and not even near the Dragon Subduing School.

"With Duan Ming and Master there, with their strength, they should be very strong now. Dragon Subduing School should be fine." Chen Xiang calmed himself down. Furthermore, he would not let the Dragon Subduing School be destroyed just like Jiang Sheng and the others. As long as they were there, even if the other Holy Nations s wanted to attack the Dragon Subduing School, they had to be prepared for a huge battle.

The Hundred Flower Emperor Palace had been expanded to become even more grand and vast than before, and the formation that enveloped the Hundreds of Flowers Palace was even more powerful than before.'s divine power was unable to penetrate through, unless he forcefully sent his divine power in, it would definitely be discovered, and he wouldn't be able to enter and leave as he pleased in the past.

"Who helped her build that formation? It's so powerful!" Long Xueyi also tried it. If she continued to increase her divine power, it would alarm Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

"The changes were so great. When we left that time, there were no such powerful restrictions." Liu Meng'er was surprised: "How long have we been gone?"

Chen Xiang also wanted to know the answer, so he held the jade tablet and directly went in through the main entrance of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

Chen Xiang was brought by a beautiful girl into a living room. The place was filled with fragrance, the decorations were simple and elegant, the flowers and tea were delicious and sweet, causing Chen Xiang to suddenly want to stay there for a while.

After arriving at the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, Liu Meng'er and the others did not come out. They still had to refine the divine ship inside, so they were worried that they would be disturbed after coming out.

Chen Xiang who was enjoying his tea suddenly sensed a familiar aura, he anxiously turned his head, and saw a beauty with short hair that was shoulder-to-shoulder. Although she looked cute and exquisite, her body had a cold and proud temperament, especially her dignified eyes, making people fear her, and not underestimate him just because of her soft body.

This woman was Lv Qilian's most prized subordinate, Little Lizhi!

"Little Lizhi!" Seeing that Little Lizhi was so powerful, Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim in shock: "How did you become so powerful?"

When Little Lizhi saw that Chen Xiang had changed back to his original appearance, he knew that it was Chen Xiang. She had already known that someone was carrying Lv Qilian's secret order to enter Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

After seeing Chen Xiang, Little Lizhi's cold and dignified eyes became a little gentler. She had a special kind of complicated feeling towards Chen Xiang, which was hard to put into words, because Chen Xiang had risked his life to save her before, and they were both in her most dangerous moments. Furthermore, Chen Xiang treated her very well, and was also very powerful.

"Chen Xiang, you're finally back!" Little Lizhi anxiously walked in and whispered: "Follow me!"

Chen Xiang followed behind Little Lizhi as she giggled while staring at her slim back. Little Lizhi was wearing a white tight suit which made her body look curvaceous and curvaceous, especially her perky b.u.t.tocks. When she walked, Chen Xiang revealed a mischievous smile.

"Humph!" Little Lizhi never thought that Chen Xiang would still be the same as always, teasing her like this.

Little Lizhi brought Chen Xiang into a secret room and immediately asked, "Where are Meng'er and Xianxian? Aren't they with you? "

Chen Xiang nodded: "They are together with me. They are doing very well; How long have I been gone? There's been a huge change in Di Tian! "

"You've been gone for five thousand years, and you don't know about it?!" Little Lizhi was a little surprised: "What kind of experience did you experience after entering the dark area of the Life Forest? "He actually doesn't know how time has pa.s.sed!"

"It's a long story!" Chen Xiang and the few girls were extremely shocked. They did not stay in the Divine Prison for long, and it had actually been five thousand years!

"Where are Qilian and the rest? Are they all right? " Chen Xiang asked.

Little Lizhi shook his head: "Many things have happened. Asgard Master brought a group of disciples away from the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

Chen Xiang's heart immediately became anxious, grabbing onto Little Lizhi's shoulder, he asked anxiously: Where did you go? When did this happen? "

"You don't have to worry too much about what happened three years ago!" Little Lizhi anxiously said, and got rid of Chen Xiang: "With Great Emperor Lu with them, you do not have to worry, many experts will be there!"

Hearing that Lv Zhen was going with him, Chen Xiang felt a lot more at ease.

"Right, has there never been a great battle here in the past five thousand years?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised. So many powerful forces of the Endless Heaven Realm had all come here, but this place was actually so peaceful.

"It happened once two thousand years ago. At that time, your Dragon Subduing School would have been taken down, your Evil Dragon Graveyard would have been destroyed, your Dragon Subduing School would have disintegrated … " Little Lizhi saw Chen Xiang's expression darken, and said again: "We all have a way to help them, but after Clan Elder Huang made the decision to give up on Dragon Subduing School, if not the casualties would be extremely heavy."

Chen Xiang clenched his fist tightly and said coldly: "Who has occupied that dragon vein?"

"The Ten Great Holy Nations built a big holy city there. That place is controlled by the Ten Great Holy Nations, and it was the Ten Great Holy Nations who took that place." When Little Lizhi saw that Chen Xiang could immediately suppress his anger, he couldn't help but be shocked. This was because Chen Xiang was very calm, but that formless rage was extremely frightening.

Without even needing Little Lizhi to say it, Chen Xiang could already guess what kind of rubbish the Ten Great Holy Nations were!

"Little Lizhi, have you heard any news of Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou during this period?" Chen Xiang asked again. After so long, he felt that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou should already be able to exit from closed door cultivation.

"Yes, they were originally at the Divine Feather Holy Nations, but in the end they still joined our Hundreds of Flowers Palace, and were elders of our Hundreds of Flowers Palace. They went to the Life Forest several times, and wanted to look for you, but were stopped by the Mistress."

Chen Xiang asked: "Did they go to that place with Big Sis Qilian? What exactly is that place? "

"I only know that place is the Chaos Realm! Asgard Mistress has allowed me to guard this place, and then take away Hundreds of Flowers Palace's main force, and the same goes for all the other great Holy Nations s. Little Lizhi sighed, "They have been gone for three years and there has not been any news at all."

"Have you ever sent anyone to practice them? Then where is the Chaos Realm? " Chen Xiang was suddenly very interested in the Chaos Realm. He felt that it had something to do with the Chaos Fire Token.

"It is inside the Chaotic Mountain of the original Sacred Dan Realm." Little Lizhi said: "That door is still open, but the people who went in did not come out. Asgard Master had instructed me before to not send anyone in to look for them.

"So you're saying, my master went in as well?"

"All the experts who are familiar with you have gone in!" Little Lizhi nodded.

"Right, where is Mei Emperor? This fellow should have already appeared! "

Chen Xiang was currently very gloomy, he had the nagging feeling that he lived a few thousand years less. What he did not know was that when the Azure Dragon used the Time Laws to send him away, a small problem occurred in the time and s.p.a.ce tunnel, which resulted in him coming to the Di Tian Palace for a very long time.

"It appeared, and caused many big incidents. Furthermore, she was the one who discovered the Chaos Realm, and it is said that there are traces of the Nine Heavens G.o.ds inside … Or maybe there was a Nine Heaven Devil Palace inside! Everyone knows about the mysterious deaths of the Nine Heavens G.o.ds. As long as we can find them, we will be able to obtain their inheritance. That's why many experts went to the Chaos Realm. " Little Lizhi looked at Chen Xiang and pulled his sleeves: "Are you going to go in as well?"

"Hm!" But before we go in, I want to take back the dragon fountain! " Chen Xiang snorted: "These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, taking advantage of my absence, they actually took our dragon fountain!"

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, a powerful aura came from outside, and penetrated through the restrictions in the secret room, penetrating inside!

"They're back!" Little Lizhi shouted in shock, "Let's go out and take a look!"

Chen Xiang suddenly wanted to curse in his heart, he was just thinking that the Ten Great Holy Nations was not here, so he could take care of it. But now that Lv Qilian and the others had returned, it meant that the experts of the Ten Great Holy Nations were also back, which meant that it would be difficult to take care of them.

After knowing that over five thousand years had pa.s.sed here, Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian and the rest of the girls also hurriedly came out of the ring, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. They had not gone to the Divine Prison for long, but it had been five thousand years since they had come here, which made them fall behind a lot.

"Isn't this too much of a coincidence? They came back the moment I came out!" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that this was definitely not a coincidence, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor definitely knew that he had returned to Di Tian.

Lv Qilian really returned with Lv Qinlian and Ji Meixian by her side.

Once they entered the hall, Lv Qilian and the other two girls saw Chen Xiang and the others, but they were not surprised at all. They had obviously heard that Chen Xiang had returned.

"This... Long time no see, it's not been too long! " Chen Xiang sighed: "Being able to see all of you again is really good, luckily I didn't fall behind by too much!"

Xue Xianxian muttered: "They probably already have Divine Deity, but we are way behind them!"

"Chen Xiang, you took them away for more than five thousand years. What did you do? " Lv Qilian looked carefully at the strength of Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan, Dongfang Xinyue and the others, and he immediately got angry.

"Qilian, this is not his fault! We've only been there one or two years. We don't understand why it has only been five thousand years since we left that place. " Liu Meng'er quickly explained.

Chen Xiang sat on a chair and looked carefully at Lv Qilian, Lv Qinlian and Ji Meixian. Lv Qilian's strength was very strong, but Chen Xiang was unable to see through her, since Lv Qinlian already possessed Divine Deity, and he had even cultivated a Emperor soul. Ji Meixian originally had the bloodline of the Undying Bird, and his strength was very strong as well.

"What about them?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Who are you talking about?" Lv Qilian snorted.

"This... Sister You You and sister Meiyao. " Chen Xiang asked.

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