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In order to strengthen his body, Chen Xiang had previously eaten a large amount of Blood ginseng. He understood Blood ginseng very well, and this was one of the reasons why he chose to refine Blood ginseng first.

"The strength of the Blood ginseng is very strong, very arrogant and very explosive! Let me see. If I don't use my innate divine ability, will I be able to suppress it? "

Although Chen Xiang's ability was useful in refining pills, he did not plan to use it first when he was refining new pills, because it would cause him to rely more on his ability, and thus reduce the proactive nature of his Heavenly Alchemy.

He felt that if he could master the Heavenly Alchemy better, with his innate ability, he would be able to have a smoother time when refining pills. He would not forget his basic skills, he had to master it firmly, and only then would he be able to become stronger.

Due to Chen Xiang's understanding of the effects of Blood ginseng, he used the Tai Chi G.o.d purification from the very beginning. He first released a Taiji array under the pill furnace to restrict the berserk power released by the Blood ginseng.

When the Blood ginseng encountered the burning Rainbow Sacred Flame, it immediately released a dense red blood Qi, causing the pill furnace to tremble for a moment. The blood Qi suddenly exploded like a storm, wanting to destroy the multicolored Sacred Flame.

Although the green dragon did not personally see it, he could sense the situation inside the pill furnace. He wanted to see how Chen Xiang was going to solve this problem.

"Freeze!" Chen Xiang used more G.o.d Power on the Taiji array, causing it to spin, creating a suction force that sucked the berserk blood Qi back, wrapping around the Blood ginseng.

The Taiji array was spinning very quickly, and every second, it would spin around dozens of rounds, producing a very strong suction force. At this moment, even if the Blood ginseng was constantly releasing blood qi, the blood qi was still absorbed by the Taiji array the moment it came out, spinning around it. Then, it was slowly refined by the seven-colored sacred flame Chen Xiang released.

Blood ginseng s were even more difficult to deal with than Tianhun fruit s. The inside of Tianhun fruit s only possessed a unique divine power, and Blood ginseng s did not only have a unique divine power, the blood energy inside also carried the same kind of power as when they were released.

"He's here!" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the Blood ginseng had shrunk a little, and then suddenly swelled up, and actually knew how to circulate energy.

Chen Xiang anxiously increased the strength of the Taiji array, while the Blood ginseng also suddenly spat out an even denser blood mist. It was as if a large amount of blood suddenly exploded inside the furnace.

Fortunately, Chen Xiang had prepared in advance to strengthen the Taiji array, absorbing all the blood energy that came out to prevent it from erupting. Otherwise, even the Yanlong furnace would have been injured.

After Chen Xiang had refined it for four hours, the Blood ginseng had already become the size of a thumb. All of the blood Qi inside the Blood ginseng had been refined by Chen Xiang, and the Blood ginseng would erupt thirteen times in all.

Very quickly, the last bit of Blood ginseng no longer had any fighting strength, and was very easily refined by Chen Xiang using the Rainbow Sacred Flame.

A single Blood ginseng had already been completely refined!

Seeing Chen Xiang reach this stage so quickly, the green dragon was extremely shocked in his heart. This was because Chen Xiang had just started refining Holy Pellets, and had reached this stage so quickly, although he did not know many Pill Saints, he knew a few of them. When he talked to the Pill Saints about how difficult it was to refine Holy Pellets just now, he even said that it was difficult to make a breakthrough, and only after many failures could he succeed.

However, right now, he had personally witnessed Chen Xiang refining this Blood ginseng with his own eyes, and it could be said that everything went smoothly. However, he was very clear that Chen Xiang's own skill was indeed very high, and his pill refining skills were also different from other Pill Saints.

Right now, Chen Xiang had not succeeded in condensing a core yet, but the green dragon already knew that Chen Xiang was not far from success. For many Alchemist, every stage was extremely difficult, but for Chen Xiang, refining a ring in the middle was the most difficult.

The Azure Dragon could also tell, especially that Chen Xiang's ingenious method of handling the Blood ginseng's violent spouting of power more than a dozen times would definitely be able to solve the problem of the final condensing of the core.

"Old cyan bug, are you scared!?" "I'm already used to it. You haven't seen the most shocking thing about this little scoundrel when he was refining pills." Long Xueyi laughed.

"What scene?" Although the Azure Dragon did not see the interior of the pill furnace, he was already very shocked.

"When he was controlling dozens or hundreds of pill furnaces at the same time, or when he used Heavenly Alchemy to refine all of the giant mountains within five thousand kilometers into pills … And he refines people too. " Long Xueyi thought that Chen Xiang was extremely terrifying, he had all sorts of training methods.

The Azure Dragon replied, "That powerful? When there's a chance, we must definitely broaden our horizons. Back then, although Qi Shi this guy cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy, he did not use it for official business, and it was truly a waste of a heaven's gift. "

The other reason why Chen Xiang's refining skills were so terrifying was because he had cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy and at the same time, used the Philosophic stone to comprehend the profound arts inside, and learned many different refining methods from them. Even back then, even Qi Shi was unable to comprehend much from it.

This was also the reason why the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor was willing to sacrifice everything to capture Chen Xiang. But even if he had to sacrifice everything, Chen Xiang would still be able to live a good life.

"Old cyan bug, let's guess, how many Dragon Blood Saint Dan can this kid condense!" Long Xueyi laughed.

"Well... Under normal circ.u.mstances, a cauldron of divine pellets would normally be used, but when this little demon refined Tianshen Dan, he used a cauldron of ten, so I cannot use common sense to judge! " The Azure Dragon thought for a moment. "I think that if he were to refine this Holy Elixir, he should be able to condense two pellets!"

The Azure Dragon had been in G.o.ds Realm for such a long time, he had heard of the powerful sacred pills there. It could be used to refine high level sacred pills, but only a few alchemists could refine low level sacred pills.

Long Xueyi laughed: "I think it's three pills!"

The green dragon frowned. "How is that possible?" I have seen Dragon Blood Saint Dan before, to be able to refine a high quality Blood ginseng into two high quality Dragon Blood Saint Dan, that should be the limit! Furthermore, the Pill Saints that I have seen did not lose many Medicine aura when they were refining the pills. "

"You don't understand. If we didn't lose much, we would have lost more." Long Xueyi laughed and said, "But Chen Xiang can make full use of it, and when he uses fire, he also has some mysterious method to surpa.s.s his limits."

"In your eyes, forming two Holy Pellets is the limit, but with Chen Xiang, the limit might be three, or five, or even six." Long Xueyi said: "The refining techniques he comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy were different from others."

The green dragon shook his head: "Even if it's the limit there is still a limit. Blood ginseng s are only so little, to be able to refine Blood ginseng into a pellet is already not bad! After a Blood ginseng refines a pellet, its effect is about ten times that of the original. If two pellets is twenty times, I can accept that! But the three pills... That has already far surpa.s.sed the value of the Blood ginseng itself, it doesn't make sense at all. "

"Betting or not?" Long Xueyi laughed.

"Nope!" The green dragon rejected it immediately, although he felt that giving three pills was extremely unreasonable, but he had no confidence now, because the one refining the pills was Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and smiled: "Fortunately senior did not gamble, otherwise you would definitely have lost!"

The green dragon and Long Xueyi were arguing just now, so he did not pay attention to the situation inside the pill furnace. But now, he hurriedly used his divine power to sense around, only to discover that there were three cyclones inside the pill furnace.

This caused the green dragon to immediately take a deep breath. From his heaven defying pill refining skills, he could see Chen Xiang's future prospects, and might very well surpa.s.s him.

Long Xueyi patted the Azure Dragon's shoulder, and laughed complacently: "Now you know how powerful my man is! So don't worry, we can get you guys out of here soon. You just have to wait patiently. "

The Azure Dragon admitted that as long as Chen Xiang could go to the G.o.ds Realm, and not be suppressed by powerful forces and rely on the Alive Slain Method to copy the medicinal ingredients and sell the Holy Elixir, he would be able to earn a lot of money very quickly.

"When you were refining pills, did you use the Alive Slain Method?" The Azure Dragon asked. He felt that this was the only possibility.

"It's been used!" Alive Slain Method already has a strange ability, it can copy some things that contain spirit energy. When I am refining, I will use the profound methods in the Alive Slain Method to copy a few Medicine aura that are lacking, but this has a very high requirement on my divine power, I need to grasp them very accurately, otherwise, it will be very easy to failure. "

Chen Xiang nodded his head and said: "This is only what I have figured out just now. The Alive Slain Method is also as profound as the Heavenly Alchemy;

"Sure enough!" The Azure Dragon finally solved a mystery. "It seems that even if I have the time, I still have to study those profound techniques. Otherwise, I will definitely be able to shake off a youngster like you."

Chen Xiang had already completed condensing the pill and opened the pill furnace. A red light shone and a faint fishy smell floated in the air. It was not the comfortable medicinal smell like before, but a normal phenomenon of Dragon Blood Saint Dan.

"The quality is quite good!" The Azure Dragon knew with a sniff.

Chen Xiang took out three bright red pills from the furnace. His usually calm self couldn't help but become excited, his hands trembling, because he had refined the Holy Pellet!

To cultivate the Emperor soul and refine the sacred pills, this was his previous goal. Now that he had achieved everything, he felt that he could go back!

"Senior, do you want to try it?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"No need, let's just give it to those few girls, it's more useful to them!" They have the Dragon Blood Saint Dan that you refined, so when they cultivate the body, they don't have to work as hard as you! Their bodies could grow stronger and endure stronger flames. At that time, the flames would also be able to rise as well. For a refiner, it's really impossible for the flame to be insufficient. " The green dragon said.

Liu Meng'er and the other girls were very talented in smithing. Although their strength was not very strong, they were already close to the level of Divine Craftsmen in the past.

Chen Xiang nodded: "Thank you senior for showing concern for them!"

The Azure Dragon laughed out loud: "We can now start to get involved with the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, and see what secrets are hidden inside. Let's see if it's like what little girl Dongfang guessed, that this Four Symbols Divine Weapons has even stronger divine weapons."

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