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Chen Xiang originally only wanted to give it a try, he was even a little worried that Yu Fan would see through him, and was already prepared to escape. Who knew that after a few casual words, Yu Fan would obediently take out Peng Renyi's Divine Deity.

Obtaining this Divine Deity, Chen Xiang returned to Bane Two with an extremely joyful mood.

Right now he already had four Divine Deity, two of them were average, and the other two were profound G.o.d level Divine Deity! Furthermore, he had not refined the Divine Deity which had engulfed the h.e.l.l Prince back then, so he would refine the Divine Deity when he had cultivated them. This way, his Emperor soul would become even stronger.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was in a good mood, the green dragon laughed and asked: "What are you so happy about? Could it be that you have hunted for Divine Deity outside? "

Chen Xiang laughed: "Yes, I obtained the Divine Deity, but it was handed over by someone else with both hands!"

Then, he told Yu Fan about coaxing, causing the green dragon to laugh out loud.

"What's next?" Will you still look for him? "

"Of course I'll go, and I'll even go together with Yang Yan to play with him." Seeing that Yu Fan trusted him so much, Chen Xiang must make full use of this point. had played with him before too.

"Right, the War G.o.d Shrine and the h.e.l.l Divine Palace are pressuring Penalty Heavenly G.o.d right now. They want him to send me to h.e.l.l!"

The green dragon stroked his beard and smiled, "Don't worry, the more it is like this, the more Penalty Heavenly G.o.d will not agree! According to the rules set by the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d, when people intrude this place to kill people, he would normally not care much about it, not to mention that those two War G.o.ds took the initiative to look for you.

"That way, I can feel at ease!" had said the same thing before, but now that the Azure Dragon had said the same thing, Chen Xiang felt even more at ease.

"I'm going to cultivate. I'll produce the Emperor soul earlier." Chen Xiang ran towards a cave that the green dragon had created for Chen Xiang. They had already moved to a place with mountains and rivers, a place that had already been destroyed because of the great battle.

Chen Xiang entered a quiet stone room and started to circulate the Heavenly Alchemy's Spirit Refinement Method, training his soul!

The so called Emperor soul ability was actually a type of sacred art, but it was a very special ability, and most of them were unique and unique. For example, Long Xueyi's sleeping ability, could also be considered a sacred art, and this sacred art was very powerful and mystical! Previously, when he was chatting with Yang Yan, Yang Yan had said that it was usually called an innate ability in the G.o.ds Realm!

Chen Xiang was a little worried that her life ability was not suitable for him!

Emperor soul was the word for Nine Heaven World, and in G.o.ds Realm, it was called soul essence! The innate ability was born from this internal energy. As long as one cultivated a soul lattice from the internal energy, the soul lattice and Divine Deity would merge together and one could become a True G.o.d!

The process was very complicated and difficult!

The Heavenly Alchemy's Spirit Refinement Scripture was similar to this, it was just that Chen Xiang had not reached that stage yet.

If he did not have a good cultivation method, it would not be easy for him to cultivate Emperor soul. Both the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra and the Heavenly Alchemy were good cultivation methods, but Chen Xiang mainly trained in the Heavenly Alchemy and the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra, so he did not cultivate the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra anymore.

Although he was changing the cultivation method later on, Chen Xiang was still able to adapt to it. Because the Heavenly Alchemy was originally very profound, it did not affect him.

Chen Xiang still had unrefined souls inside his Divine Deity, and these souls were all devoured by him and were all extremely powerful. As long as he refined these souls, he would be able to absorb a large amount of pure divine power from them and help him cultivate his internal energy.

When Chen Xiang closed his eyes to cultivate, half a year had pa.s.sed unknowingly. His Divine Sense Sea World had undergone a tremendous change, there was previously only a small island, but now there were only a few.

All of the souls that he had devoured had been completely refined by him. At this moment, he could feel that there was something condensing within his own soul - soul essence!

"Is it a ball of fire? Could it be that my innate divine ability is related to flames? " Chen Xiang was overjoyed, because this matched a few of his guesses. If this innate ability was related to flames, then it meant that his flames would become very strong. He was very satisfied with this innate ability.

The internal energy of the soul slowly formed into a burning red sphere, located in the dantian of the soul!

"Has my soul become a Emperor soul? That's soul essence? What is my innate divine ability? " Although Chen Xiang felt that his own soul had become much stronger, in other aspects, there didn't seem to be much of a change, so he had already opened his gla.s.ses.

Long Xueyi anxiously said: "I've been waiting for you. Did you manage to cultivate a Emperor soul for a long time?"

"How long have you been waiting?" Chen Xiang felt as if he had fallen asleep.

"It's been a year!" Long Xueyi said: "Hurry and answer my question."

"I'm not too sure either. I feel like I have cultivated a Emperor soul, and I'm not too sure about my innate ability. How do I know?" Chen Xiang asked.

"First, try and see how strong your divine power is! If your power is many times stronger than before, that will mean that you have already developed a soul. " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang sat cross legged inside the cave, looked at the ceiling, then channeled his G.o.d Power and punched upwards. When he used the G.o.d Power, he already felt that vast amount of G.o.d Power unceasingly appearing in his body and rushing out from his arms.


With only a dull quaking sound, the mountain he was on disappeared, leaving behind only an extremely terrifying heatwave.

The Azure Dragon in the distance hastily rushed over with a surprised face. He clicked his tongue and said, "Such powerful G.o.dly strength. He melted this mountain in one go."

Just now, Chen Xiang had only tested the power within the soul essence, and he found that it had such an effect! What surprised him the most was that he could feel the remnant energy in the air. It was the energy contained within the mountain that he had broken down with his previous punch.

He released his G.o.d Power to gather the energy that he felt. In just an instant, that large amount of energy gathered together and turned into a small glowing particle, which had already condensed into a very small pellet.

"As expected, it has a lot to do with my cultivation technique." Chen Xiang looked at the floating grain, and his heart was in ecstasy: "So that means, if I use my innate divine ability, I might be able to concoct a Holy Pellet very quickly!"

The green dragon frowned. "He is your innate ability? is different from the Dan Emperor! "

Chen Xiang asked anxiously: "I heard that Dan Emperor can condense pills out of thin air. What is the situation like?"

"Dan Emperor condensing a core out of nowhere is only limited to places where the energy is relatively abundant, where it can instantly condense the energy into a pill! However, you seem to be able to quickly dissolve all kinds of naturally formed things, and then quickly condense the energy into pills.

Chen Xiang asked: "Senior, then what is your innate ability?"

The Azure Dragon laughed and said, "Your innate ability still needs to be excavated, otherwise you would not be able to know its true function. You should try again. The innate ability has all kinds of strange abilities. Your innate ability might not only be this way."

The Azure Dragon avoided Chen Xiang's question. As Long Xueyi had said before, the Azure Dragon had always been concealing its innate ability.

Long Xueyi had always been curious, and now Chen Xiang was the same. However, if the Azure Dragon did not say, they could not do anything.

"You have cultivated a Emperor soul, it is about time for you to leave!" The Azure Dragon asked.

"Mn, but I still want to stay here for a while. I will first go find Yang Yan and see if he has anything that he wants from the G.o.ds Realm." Chen Xiang had previously planned to possess a Emperor soul and leave this place after the Divine Vessel was completed.

"Then the Suzaku bow should have been successfully refined! See what happens when the Four Symbols Divine Weapons gets together! " The Azure Dragon said with a smile, "This is a mystery that has been bothering me for many years."

Long Xueyi scoffed, "Your innate ability has also curious me for many years."

"Little girl, can you not talk about this?" The Azure Dragon was very afraid that others would ask him about his innate divine ability. "I also haven't asked you about your innate divine ability, have I?"

"But you have already guessed what my innate ability is." Long Xueyi muttered: "So this is very unfair. Now that we are prepared to solve the mystery of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons and satisfy your curiosity, why can't you satisfy our curiosity a little?"

The Azure Dragon sighed, "Actually, my innate ability is nothing, it's just a bit … "A bit special."

"He must be very powerful!" Long Xueyi had already come out of the Quiet Dragon Ring, and was holding a large fiery red bow with carvings of the Vermillion Bird on it. The bow was giving off waves of red light, it was the Suzaku bow.

The green dragon shook his head. "My innate ability is very weak. This is also the reason why I don't want others to know about it."

After the green dragon spoke, rain suddenly began to fall from the sky. He bitterly smiled and said, "Look, this is my innate ability. It's just rain. It's not bad at all!"

Long Xueyi's mouth was agape, she was stunned, her expression filled with disbelief, she suddenly wanted to laugh, but she still had a bit of conscience, and kept it in.

"Actually, Old cyan bug, you don't have to be discouraged. You should cultivate the second Divine Deity and the second divine soul, that way you'll have the second innate ability. Or, you should dig deeper into your innate ability. Long Xueyi consoled.

The green dragon replied, "Little girl, you must want to laugh!" However, since you were able to console me, I'm quite happy. It's rare for you to have such a kind heart. Not only did you not laugh at me, you even comforted me! "

"Actually, I have also been excavating the power of my martial spirit's ability. In addition to rain, I have another ability, and that is to merge the spirit liquid into the rain. This way, the plants and plants that I've watered will grow very well.

Chen Xiang said: "So you're saying, this ability is not suitable for you? "What is the reason for this?"

The green dragon shook his head and said, "I'm not too sure either. In short, I'm a tragedy! As for cultivating the second Divine Deity, second divine soul and second life ability, that is simply too far away. Because it's too difficult, I have tried it before. "

His innate divine ability could not be changed or given up. If it was inappropriate, he could only appoint someone else to it.

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