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Chen Xiang also felt that it was a pity, but it was all the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's divine money, and it would only be heartache.

"They have earned so much. They have to have a life to spend it." Chen Xiang saw that the two corpses had already been completely corroded.

The Azure Dragon stroked his beard and laughed, "This time I have fought quite well. After so many years, I can finally relax my muscles!"

Chen Xiang said, "If these two War G.o.ds were sent down by the War G.o.d Shrine and they were to die now, would the War G.o.d Shrine still send down more War G.o.ds?"

"Whatever they are, just kill them all. If they send the Super profound G.o.d down, I would risk it all to help me break through my bottleneck." The Azure Dragon laughed, "Unless they send their G.o.d down, but if he were to be sent to Divine Prison, he would not be locked in this place with me. This Number Two Bane Calamity is mine alone."

"Why are you enjoying Bane 2 alone?" Long Xueyi was a little confused, "Even G.o.d does not have that kind of treatment, but you actually do. Even if your relationship with Penalty Heavenly G.o.d is good, you shouldn't have such treatment, right?"

"I heard that Bane Two was specially set up for fellows who came from the Nine Heaven World. There are only a few who go to the G.o.ds Realm from the Nine Heaven World, and there are even fewer who get sent to the Divine Prison for crimes, so it can be said that I have it for myself."

Long Xueyi asked again, "Those two warG.o.ds that have been sent to the Divine Prison should have gone to another calamity fiend. How can they be free?"

The green dragon laughed, "Maybe Penalty Heavenly G.o.d knew that I was bored and purposely allowed them to have the right to freedom."

Chen Xiang looked at the bane of star # 1 and said: "Yang Yan is quite interesting. I hope that he and I can really become friends."

"Bring me to see this guy. If I can trust him, let me see if I can get him to bring some good stuff down from G.o.ds Realm." Long Xueyi laughed: "I really want to taste the flavor of the divine fruit."

"Didn't you eat Earthly fruit s before?" Chen Xiang curled his lips: "The divine fruit is very expensive, I can't afford to buy it."

"You can think of a way!" Long Xueyi said as she entered the Dark Dragon's Ring, "Whether or not he succeeds, you have to ask him whether or not you have a way to get his hands on it."

The green dragon patted Chen Xiang's shoulders, and laughed: "With a little glutton like him here, you will have a hard time in the future."

Chen Xiang had a helpless look on his face: "I'm going to Bane One!"

"You be careful, maybe the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor has some tricks up his sleeve!" With a word of advice from the green dragon, Chen Xiang immediately disappeared.

This time, Chen Xiang easily saw Yang Yan. This time, Chen Xiang was brought to a quiet and elegant small hall.

A few days ago, Yang Yan had already known that two War G.o.ds had arrived at the Divine Prison. Now, seeing that Chen Xiang had arrived here safely, he was extremely shocked.

"As expected of brother Shen!" To be honest, I thought I'd never see you again. " Yang Yan laughed heartily: "Now we can drink two cups happily!"

Chen Xiang looked at the imposing man in front of him, and started laughing out loud, saying: "Aren't you afraid that I'll cause you trouble?"

"Of course I'm not afraid. No one dares to barge into this place." Yang Yan had already called him up and arranged the feast. Seeing the sumptuous meal table, Long Xueyi could not sit still anymore and quickly walked out of the ring.

Seeing that there was suddenly a beautiful girl, Yang Yan could not help but be cautious.

Chen Xiang immediately explained, "This is my …"

"I am his woman. Just wait and drink as much as you want." Long Xueyi said while grinning. He already sat down and started to plan what to eat first.

Chen Xiang really wanted to pat her, but she suddenly popped up.

"Big brother Yang, is my little girl preventing you from drinking?" Long Xueyi looked at the astonished Yang Yan and stuck out his tongue.

Yang Yan was unable to react, upon hearing Long Xueyi's words, he immediately laughed: "Of course not, you're brother Shen's wife, of course I welcome you."

"I'm sorry, but this little girl is just greedy. After seeing the dishes on the table, she couldn't help but run out." Chen Xiang lightly pinched Long Xueyi's face.

"No problem, just eat!" Yang Yan said very straightforwardly, and right after he finished speaking, Long Xueyi started moving, and started tasting the dishes on the table.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, because the current Long Xueyi did not have that disgusting appearance of devouring food like a wolf. Her rather elegant way of eating was a wonder in Chen Xiang's eyes.

Yang Yan laughed, and raised his cup to Chen Xiang, and the two of them continued to drink, while chatting. Long Xueyi's speed of eating also gradually increased.

Yang Yan owned a hotel, and he did not plan to make money opening a hotel. Chen Xiang could tell that he was a person who liked to make friends, so he was very generous and straightforward. Seeing that Long Xueyi liked to eat, he even got someone to serve him a table, handing over all the delicious dishes in the hotel.

"Both of them are disciples of the G.o.d of Fortune, why is the difference so huge! You, Yu Fan, are very sinister! " Long Xueyi was not afraid to say all these in front of Yang Yan, because he did not care at all.

Yang Yan laughed: "Although we are the disciples of the G.o.d of Fortune, I am following him. He is a righteous man, righteous and righteous, so in order to become his disciples, we have to be like him."

"Doesn't that mean that there are very few disciples who can bring glory to the G.o.ds?" Chen Xiang said: "Yu Fan said before, there are a lot of disciples and juniors of the Feng G.o.d, but I have never seen the Feng G.o.d more than a few times."

My master is his youngest, youngest disciple, and also the weakest disciple. He was sent here to gain experience, and he is very good to both my master and me.

"Oh right, big brother Yang, is the one in charge of native bank your father or your master?" The quality that Chen Xiang had obtained from him before, was that they were father and son.

"He's my father, he's my master!" Yang Yan said: "I am my father's only son, but in order to join the Illuminating G.o.d's Sect, I have to acknowledge him as my master! G.o.d Feng is everywhere to take in disciples, and his disciples are fighting and scheming to get the G.o.d's injuries. Although this will allow them to produce very powerful disciples, the conduct of these disciples is very bad. "

Long Xueyi was in complete agreement: "Then Yu Fan is that virtuous person, a very sinister guy, I have to kill him."

"It's not easy to kill him! He has the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d watching him, so it's not easy for him to make a move. " Yang Yan shook his head and laughed.

"Didn't you say we could just arrest him?" Chen Xiang felt that it was not that difficult.

"That's right, but when you capture him, you have to make him lose consciousness in an instant, and make him faint without feeling a single bit of vigilance. Otherwise, the moment he becomes alert, he will trigger the divine will the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d left on him, and the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d will act." Yang Yan said: "This is extremely difficult."

"We absolutely cannot let him obtain one Divine Deity for no reason." Long Xueyi's face was filled with resentment.

"Of course, but he will not leave this place for the time being. As long as his Divine Deity is in his hands, he will have time to think of a way to take it back from him." Yang Yan drank a cup of wine and laughed: "Perhaps I can help you think of a way."

Long Xueyi laughed: "Big brother Yang, I heard that you are also in the business of hunting Divine Deity, is this true?"

Seeing Long Xueyi being so sloppy, Chen Xiang was a little worried, but he knew that Yang Yan was also that type of person.

"That's right, but actually, this is something that the higher ups have tacitly approved of. It's just that it's not easy to get an unbranded Divine Deity from here, there were many people who fell for it in the past! As long as we do not touch the bottom line of the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d and do not cause any big trouble, this is something that the people above have tacitly approved of. "

"Doesn't that mean we can make a huge fortune when we are sent down here to serve?" Long Xueyi said.

Yang Yan smiled slightly: "Did Yu Fan tell you all that it's unfortunate that he was sent down?"

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi nodded. Back then, Yu Fan acted as if he was sent down to suffer.

"You guys might not know this, but Yu Fan and his master are people who are valued more by Feng Shen. Otherwise, how could Yu Fan have such good arrangements?"

Long Xueyi spat out: "This guy, he said that he was pitiful at first, saying that he has never met Feng Shen before, and that he is weak. When he leaves the Divine Prison in the future, he will be left in the dust by his own fellow apprentices."

Chen Xiang said: "No wonder he could help me get a good target so quickly, he had already set it up a long time ago, he is only missing a good hunter."

Long Xueyi laughed: "Since Big brother Yang is a tyc.o.o.n, then I won't hold back!" With that, she started to wolf it down, causing Yang Yan to laugh out loud.

"Big brother Yang, Chen Xiang is a good hunter, take a look at him, will he be able to cooperate with you?"

Yang Yan said: "Of course you can, I can provide brother Shen with a good goal, and I do not want anything, but brother Shen you must understand, if you kill too many people here, it will not be easy to get out, especially the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d trial, and the risk of being sent to h.e.l.l! If you were not beaten to death, Penalty Heavenly G.o.d would not normally look for you. "

"I don't want to kill too many either. I just want to obtain a few Divine Deity s! Then, you can get some divine money from Big Brother Yang and ask him to help me buy some things from the G.o.ds Realm. I wonder if it will be too troublesome for you. " Chen Xiang had a Divine Deity on him, which could be exchanged for a lot of divine money. It was enough for him to buy a lot of things.

"Of course it's not troublesome, it's just that I need some time to buy things from the G.o.ds Realm, and the things I buy can't be too precious. For example, Holy Pellet and Divine Pellet, they take a longer time." Yang Yan said.

"What about the Holy level medicinal ingredients or the sacred fruit?" Chen Xiang only needed these, especially the fire and ice type Holy Fruits.

"You can get it pretty quickly!" Yang Yan laughed: Brother Shen, could it be that you plan on staying here for a long time, before you leave?

"I do have such an idea!" Chen Xiang planned to increase his strength before he left, but he would not stay for too long. If he managed to cultivate Emperor soul and refine the Divine Boat with Liu Meng'er, he would be able to leave the Divine Prison.

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