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Chen Xiang was tormented by h.e.l.l Devil Emperor to the point of being unbearable, he really wished that h.e.l.l Devil Emperor could temporarily stop them from killing him! Of course, even after this round, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor would still not let him go, he had nothing to be afraid of, because he would soon cultivate a Emperor soul and at that time, he would be even stronger. Within the Nine Heaven World, as long as he was not a G.o.d, he would not be able to do anything to him.

Furthermore, Liu Meng'er and the others would be able to create that Tracing mantra that would allow them to get rid of the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor.

Chen Xiang had waited for five days, and the dense cyan clouds and dense lightning finally dispersed! The battle between the green dragon and the war G.o.d had already ended, but no one knew who won.

"The Azure Dragon's Wind and Thunder Domain covers the entire Bane, if he wins, he'll definitely come find me." Chen Xiang did not dare to go to the battlefield, afraid that there would be an accident.

Not long after Qing Yun left, Chen Xiang suddenly heard the Azure Dragon's sound transmission, "Why aren't you coming over yet, do you think I've lost?"

Chen Xiang's heart was in ecstasy. He quickly took out the green dragon cloak and flew in the direction of the green dragon.

The place where the green dragon had landed was surrounded by a barren mountain. Now, it was completely flat, and there were many places with bottomless pits.

After the battle, there were still strong auras left on the battlefield!

Azure Dragon's clothes were in tatters, but he looked very energetic, with a ruddy complexion and an excited expression.

"How amazing. You haven't even transformed into your original form and you can already defeat them?" Chen Xiang saw two strong men in tattered and thick armor lying next to the green dragon's feet.

"They do have a bit of strength and a lot of potential. They just pa.s.sed the warG.o.d exam, but once they met me, they admitted their bad luck." The Azure Dragon chuckled, "I'll leave it to you. Their physical bodies and souls were severely damaged by me and they have already lost their consciousness."

"If I wasn't worried about going to h.e.l.l, I would have definitely helped you extract their divine souls and Divine Deity. Now, you can only act on your own."

Chen Xiang nodded, amongst the prisoners that were sent to Divine Prison, as long as they killed someone, the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d would quickly discover them, so the green dragon did not dare to act rashly.

But Chen Xiang was a foreigner, so the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d would not take the initiative to attack him. Unless Chen Xiang killed a large number of people, infused himself with a large amount of killing intent, and then went to find the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d, at that time the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d would definitely throw him into h.e.l.l mercilessly.

He looked at Chen Xiang from above and sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "This is the body of the profound G.o.d, and is many times more powerful than jade bones. Even if you have a divine weapon, it would still be difficult to easily harm their bodies."

"They are currently severely injured and in a coma, but their bodies have the power to defend themselves. With your current strength, I'm afraid it will be difficult for you to enter their Divine Sense Sea."

Chen Xiang knew his strong physical body. Even if he did not have consciousness, his self-defense was still very strong, which could protect both his physical body and the Divine Sense Sea from harm. Of course, this was only for those with weaker strengths. If it was the Azure Dragon, it would naturally be very easy.

Chen Xiang tried to use his own Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to break the defense of the two warG.o.ds.

"I will primarily take away their Divine Deity and divine soul. As long as we destroy their physical bodies, when their divine souls and Divine Deity do not have a powerful physical body to protect them, I can succeed."

Chen Xiang was already prepared. The reason he used so much spirit liquid before was to create a very strong G.o.d-eclipse powder.

"We have to be fast, or else their souls will be trapped in h.e.l.l." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang carefully held a box of G.o.d-eclipse powder and sprinkled it on one of the War G.o.ds' body.

"What's that?" The green dragon hurriedly asked.

"Whether or not I can achieve it depends on this." Chen Xiang laughed.

This was the first time Chen Xiang's G.o.d-eclipse powder had truly been used on a G.o.d. Now, he wanted to test if the G.o.d-eclipse powder could live up to his name.

When the G.o.d-eclipse powder touched the G.o.d's body, it immediately emitted a wave of silver-white light mist, which was quickly corroding the powerful profound G.o.d's body.

"It's a success!" Chen Xiang was excited, he anxiously activated the Devouring magic kungfu.

This warG.o.d's soul is very powerful, but he isn't devouring this soul right now, he's just storing it and sealing it in a crystal ball.

As for that Divine Deity, he didn't dare to merge it now either. Otherwise, the powerful consciousness inside would control his body and turn him into someone else.

"G.o.d-eclipse powder! This thing is indeed as frightening as the rumors said it is. I had originally wanted to make some of it, but after searching in the G.o.ds Realm for a long time, I couldn't find any clues. The Azure Dragon was very surprised.

"This can only be used against this kind of unconscious G.o.d of war. If they are alive and kicking, then no matter how many G.o.d-eclipse powder I use, it would be useless."

Chen Xiang reaped a War G.o.d's Divine Deity and a powerful divine soul. As long as he could use them well, he hoped that Yue Yang could improve by leaps and bounds.

Next, he used the same method to collect the other warG.o.d's soul and Divine Deity!

"Done!" Chen Xiang laughed mischievously as he looked at the crystal clear Divine Deity in his hand. This Divine Deity was hidden within the Divine Sense Sea, and his soul was also an illusory and intangible object that contained the universe.

Chen Xiang had already tried to hide things inside the Divine Sense Sea before, so he had successfully hidden the storage ring inside it so that he wouldn't be discovered. He felt that he had to make good use of the Divine Sense Sea in the future.

"You just became a War G.o.d and you were exterminated like this. If this were to spread to the G.o.ds Realm, it would be even more difficult for you to get along with me in the future! The fact that you have a G.o.d-eclipse powder must not be spread out. " The green dragon suddenly appeared beside Chen Xiang, his voice serious as he warned Chen Xiang.

"I know!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Oh right, what's the price for this profound G.o.d's Divine Deity?"

"You actually want to sell such a good thing?" "Of course the price is very high, usually it's for auction. I'll leave it for you to use, your physique is so special, with this thing you can help him improve faster." The green dragon patted Chen Xiang's head, "You must not sell it in the G.o.ds Realm. Those two Divine Deity s might not have left their brand mark on it, it's very difficult to sell them! It is very likely that those two warG.o.ds have joined the WarG.o.d Hall. "

"Aren't the Divine Deity of normal G.o.ds who have been sent to Divine Prison erased, along with the imprint of the Divine Palace?" Chen Xiang frowned: "Don't these two warG.o.ds have it?"

"It's a matter of the War G.o.d Shrine being erased. The War G.o.d Shrine is doing business with the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and deliberately allowed the War G.o.d to come here. The War G.o.d's Shrine obviously wouldn't erase the imprint of their Divine Deity!" The Azure Dragon explained, "Generally, the reason why the shrine's brand was erased was because those shrines were afraid of damaging their honor."

Chen Xiang understood. "In that case, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the War G.o.d Shrine have agreed on a price and the War G.o.d Shrine will send people down!"

"It should be, but these two warG.o.ds should have obtained a lot of benefits as well. Maybe the Storage magic treasure on them even has 2-3 billion G.o.d's money, but they just disappeared now." The Azure Dragon let out a long sigh of regret, "With so much divine money, it will be very difficult to earn."

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