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The Azure Dragon frowned, and sank into deep thought. Chen Xiang did not disturb him.

An hour later, the green dragon regained his senses and said, "There is indeed such a thing. I had previously heard of a G.o.d being sent to the Divine Prison! However, these G.o.ds did not break the rules, but had instead been harmed by some fellows. "

Chen Xiang said in shock: "Is this true? Were those Empyrean G.o.ds in danger? I want to take a look! "

"Don't go, it's very dangerous!" The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang's face was filled with disappointment as he sighed.

"Oh right, Senior, how is the G.o.d's strength divided? War G.o.d? "An Empyrean G.o.d?" Chen Xiang was suddenly curious about this.

"Generally speaking, with the Emperor soul's jade bones and Divine Deity, he would be a demiG.o.d! If one could unleash the entirety of their Divine Deity, they would be able to become a True G.o.d. Above a True G.o.d would be the profound G.o.d, and finally, the G.o.d of Heaven! True G.o.ds, profound G.o.d, and Empyrean G.o.ds were divided into the lower, middle, and upper levels! For example, I, am now a middle profound G.o.d! "

After the green dragon had finished speaking, he took out a silver tablet. On the tablet, there was a dancing green dragon with the word "profound G.o.d" written on it. Next, there was a small Chinese character at the side.

"This is my plate, I used a hundred thousand G.o.d's Coins, obtained from the Wealth Divine Palace. I heard that the refining method is the same as the G.o.d's Coins." The green dragon replied, "But it's useless. It's just a symbol of strength! "Speaking of benefits, there are also places to go. It would be more convenient to have this kind of brand."

Chen Xiang took the divine badge from the green dragon. The workmanship was not bad, he suspected that there was a Top stone inside.

"This is also a divine artifact. At critical moments, it can be used to block the attacks of others." The Azure Dragon laughed.

"You can do it just because you gave the G.o.d money?" Chen Xiang asked: "I also want to get one of them. It should be more convenient to go to G.o.ds Realm in the future."

"Of course not! First, you have to go to the all divine palaces to challenge it. Then, the all divine palaces will give you a proof of qualifications and ask you to go to the Wealth Divine Palace to exchange your divine money for a brand. " The green dragon said, "Only with the qualifications from the profound G.o.d can you take the War G.o.d t.i.tle exam! Of course I can pa.s.s it, but it's not necessary. "

"WarG.o.ds are mainly meant to be fighters. If there is a warlord tag, then they will be more popular!"

Chen Xiang returned the plate to the green dragon, and asked: "Are there many G.o.ds in G.o.ds Realm?"

The green dragon said, "There are many people in the G.o.ds Realm. Although it is the highest level world, it is connected to countless s.p.a.ces like the Nine Heaven World, so there are also many G.o.ds! However, only the strongest Upper Heavenly G.o.d would be qualified to create a Divine Palace. "

"Senior, you have been in the G.o.ds Realm for so long. Is it fast or slow for you to train to the G.o.d level?" Chen Xiang felt that it would be easier to mess in G.o.ds Realm with the power of at least the Azure Dragon, otherwise there would be a lot of scruples.

"It's too soon!" I feel that I will break through very soon, and I should be able to reach Super profound G.o.d's power level by cultivating here. " The green dragon looked at the sky, "If those two warG.o.ds come soon, then I can break through faster."

Chen Xiang's brows twitched: "You're going to devour them?"

The Azure Dragon laughed out loud, "Of course not, I need to use the stimulation of this battle to break through. But when the time comes, I can't kill them, or else I will go to h.e.l.l."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Then let me do it, their Divine Deity must be very valuable!"

"Then we'll have to see if you have the ability to withdraw their Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang decided that after this, he would have more G.o.d-eclipse powder. If the quant.i.ty was higher, it would not be impossible for it to corrode the G.o.d's body.

The profound G.o.d's Divine Deity and soul were great supplements for Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang and the green dragon started their battle again. At this moment, Chen Xiang was also hoping that the War G.o.ds would hurry up because the green dragon had said that if he were to beat the dragon to the ground, the corpse would be handed over to him.

In the blink of an eye, another four months pa.s.sed. The green dragon that was impatiently waiting suddenly roared and stopped its battle with Chen Xiang.

"You here?" Chen Xiang looked around, he could not see anything, and he could not sense any Qi.

The further away from here, the better. But, do not leave the side of the bane, we, the profound G.o.d, are fighting a great battle, and the aftermath will not be something you can handle. " The green dragon said as he kicked Chen Xiang, sending him flying into his line of sight.

Chen Xiang was kicked into the ocean. Just as he was about to complain about it, he suddenly saw the sky turn green and flash with lightning.

"Is this the Wind and Thunder Domain?" Chen Xiang said in shock. He was currently very far away from the Azure Dragon, and on the other side of the Bane of Calamity, even if he flew quickly himself, it would still take a few days!

But now, the Azure Dragon's Wind and Thunder Domain covered the entire Bane. Only now did he realize that the Azure Dragon had only used a tiny bit of its power when battling him.

Chen Xiang really wanted to go and take a look, but he knew that when he went there, the bottom of the pit would be wiped away by the aftermath of the G.o.d Battle.

"How's it going, my darlings?" Chen Xiang asked the beauties in the ring.

"We're halfway there. What's the situation outside?" Liu Meng'er asked.

"I don't know. The green dragon kicked me flying." Chen Xiang very much wanted to know as well.

"We're out of seclusion. With her, our progress will be even faster." Dongfang Xinyue's voice was filled with joy, "After quietly absorbing the Vermillion Bird's Inheritance Fruit, it has become very strong. It might even be stronger than me."

At this time, Dongfang Jing's delicate voice came out: "Big Brother, don't listen to aunt. I'm not that powerful."

Dongfang Jing did not like fighting and killing, she was worried that Leng Youlan would drag her into fighting, although she was already used to it, she was still unwilling.

Chen Xiang lied on the surface of the water, thinking about how strong his Emperor soul would be.

"Little Naughty Dragon, which convenient direction do you think my Emperor soul will go?" Chen Xiang was even more curious about this because his own Emperor soul was about to be completed soon.

"Hard to say!" Long Xueyi was not sure either, "At that time, I did not know that my Emperor soul's ability was only its ability to eat and sleep."

"What is the ability of the Azure Dragon's Emperor soul?" Chen Xiang replied: "I didn't dare to directly ask him."

"I don't know either. It's very mysterious. I asked him about it back then and he brought it over while squeaking." Long Xueyi said: "It should be very shameful, otherwise the old cyan bug wouldn't keep this a secret."

"What do you mean shameful?" Chen Xiang said: "Could it be that his Emperor soul's abilities are weak?"

"I don't know. This is a puzzle that I have been trying to solve for many years." Long Xueyi sighed: "Every time I think of it, my heart will always feel itchy."

"Meng'er, if you want to make the flames stronger, do you need me to do something?" Last time, when he saw the few girls' faces filled with envy at the power of the Azure Dragon's flames, he had always wanted to help them strengthen their flames.

"This kind of thing can't be rushed." Xue Xianxian said: "Grandpa Azure Dragon is a powerful middle profound G.o.d. It's normal for flames to be stronger than us. I never thought that I would be able to possess his kind of flames in an instant."

"But you should have a lot of room for improvement now!" Chen Xiang said: "If you guys are at this level of cultivation, then the flames will be very strong, which means that your starting point will be higher and higher, and you guys will be stronger and stronger in the future."

Chen Xiang was like that, although his cultivation was low, his strength was strong, and the requirements to level up in all aspects were many times higher than normal people, but it would make his strength stronger.

"If we had the fire and ice type Holy Fruits, it would be of great help to You Lan, Warm Moon, and Jing Jing. I don't know about that, but they all have powerful bloodlines now." Liu Meng'er's voice sounded.

"Youlan has the White Dragon Vein, so she can eat any kind of sacred fruit! The Warm Moon and the Silent Vermillion Bird bloodline are fire attributed, they need a holy fruit of fire attribute, or a medicine that strengthens the body like the Blood ginseng. " Long Xueyi chuckled: "It's best if you have more varieties, eating too much will make you tired of it. You should know after eating Blood ginseng."

"Okay, after the green dragon takes care of those two War G.o.ds, I will go to Bane One to find Yang Yan and ask if he can help me get those Holy Fruits."

Chen Xiang felt that since he had a good relationship with Yang Yan, he could obtain some of the G.o.ds Realm's medicinal herbs. Although the price of the Holy level's medicinal herbs was relatively high in the G.o.ds Realm, it was still more than the number of Nine Heaven World's medicinal herbs.

The sky was still covered by the cyan colored thick clouds of lightning, and the sea surface was undulating up and down. Chen Xiang had already waited for an entire day, but the battle still had not ended.

"Seems like the fellow battling the old cyan bug is very powerful. I wonder if he'll be able to withstand it!" Long Xueyi said: "Now I'm a bit worried about him."

The battle would become more and more intense, Chen Xiang was also not allowed to go near to watch, he could only wait patiently!

Previously, he had doubted Yang Yan's words. Now that the War G.o.d had come, it proved that Yang Yan's words were true, and that two War G.o.ds had come here.

He also guessed that Chen Xiang would definitely receive the protection of the Azure Dragon on Bane Two, so he could not afford to risk his life and recruit two War G.o.ds to deal with the Azure Dragon. Otherwise, if Chen Xiang could get the help of the Azure Dragon for a long period of time, he would have done a huge favor to Chen Xiang by forcing Chen Xiang into the Divine Prison.

This was something that the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor did not want to see. Previously, he did not know that the Azure Dragon would be locked up here, but it was only because Chen Xiang had stayed in Bane # 2 for too long that made him suspicious. When he investigated later on, he did not expect that there would be such a coincidence.

What the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor was most worried about was Chen Xiang getting rid of his Tracing mantra. If Chen Xiang was allowed to continue on his carefree journey, all that he had done in the past few years would just be a wasted effort, and he would suffer heavy losses.

If the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor knew that Chen Xiang could refine Jiupin spiritual Dan and also duplicate a large number of Holy level medicinal herbs, he would definitely be furious, because this would allow Chen Xiang to quickly become stronger.

"h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, if these two War G.o.ds were killed by the Azure Dragon, you would be defeated! I think you should end it here! You can be considered a G.o.d already, what's the point in fighting with a small fry like me? You might as well wait until I go to G.o.ds Realm in the future and we can fight face to face. " Chen Xiang muttered.

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