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Although Chen Xiang had only just met this Yang Yan, he had left a good impression on him. After Chen Xiang left the Wind Eye City, he immediately returned to Bane 2. He wanted to tell the Azure Dragon about h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's latest operation.

Amongst the second calamity star, the Azure Dragon was helping Liu Meng'er and the others to refine equipment.

"You got another set of Divine Deity?" When Long Xueyi saw that Chen Xiang had returned so quickly, she asked while giggling. In terms of refining, she could only help refine the ingredients.

The green dragon saw Chen Xiang's serious expression and asked: "Big trouble?"

Chen Xiang told her about Yu Fan sending him to kill Yang Yan, as well as what he said when they met each other.

"Two warG.o.ds?" The green dragon's eyes lit up, and he immediately revealed an excited expression. He was so happy that he almost jumped up.

"Then that's what Yang Yan said. I can't be sure if it's true or not." Chen Xiang said.

"It's best if it's true. h.e.l.l Devil Emperor should be determined to win by sending two War G.o.ds over. When the time comes, I can also move my muscles." The Azure Dragon said with a smile, "Don't worry, I can handle it."

Although the green dragon was not worried, Chen Xiang was.

"Do they want to go somewhere else?" Chen Xiang looked at the few busy women.

"For the sake of safety, it would be best to enter the ring. I don't know when warG.o.ds will come, but they will definitely be strong." Long Xueyi said.

Liu Meng'er and the others also heard what Chen Xiang said just now and immediately stopped their work.

"If you need smelting materials, take them out and I'll help you refine them. Then, find a place to place them in." Liu Meng'er and the others could be considered stronger amongst the women, but if those powerful War G.o.ds were to suddenly attack, the green dragon could not guarantee that it could protect them.

"How much longer do I need to finish refining the Suzaku bow?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It will take at least a year! and also needs Grandpa Azure Dragon to help us. " Xue Xianxian said: "The more troublesome part is inscribing the Spirit grain. For us to cooperate, to be able to do so within a year, is already considered very fast."

The Azure Dragon nodded. "They are indeed very talented in refining. Being able to refine a Divine Weapon in such a short period of time is indeed very rare! It's just that their flame skills are lacking. If they had the flame at my level to smelt powerful materials, their forging speed would be even more astonishing. "

Even Suzaku bow that did not add Top stone would have to be refined for a year. Chen Xiang could imagine how long it would take to refine that divine ship in the future.

Xue Xianxian and the others brought back the crafting furnace and all kinds of tools back into the ring, allowing Chen Xiang to feel more at ease.

"Kid, you better stay here too. If you are targeted by those two warG.o.ds, even my cloak won't be able to save you." The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang did not want to run around either, he just wanted to quickly cultivate and leave this place as well.

"Come, practice with me. I'll let you get familiar with your purple bones as soon as possible." Even though the green dragon had told Chen Xiang to attack him, he had already made his move. In an instant, he flashed to Chen Xiang's side, and chopped at Chen Xiang's shoulder with his palm.

The green dragon did not use any type of power, and was only using its physical body to exchange blows with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang who had avoided the green dragon's hand blade had a lingering fear. If he did not dodge, he felt that the bones in his shoulders would have been chopped into pieces.

"You reacted pretty quickly!" The green dragon chuckled, then suddenly disappeared.

Chen Xiang was shocked. He was most afraid that the Azure Dragon would use this move. When he had just arrived at the second Bane, the Azure Dragon would often come and go without a trace.

Sure enough, when he knew that the Azure Dragon was serious, a pain suddenly came from his back. After being attacked by the Azure Dragon, he originally thought that he would be seriously injured again, but he didn't expect that he only felt pain and not a serious injury to his bones.

However, he was still sent flying and smashed into a small mountain.

Chen Xiang anxiously flew out from the ruins, jumping into the air and borrowing the speed of the green dragon cape, he attacked the green dragon. His arms condensed his powerful divine power and combined it with his physical strength, like a berserk axe, he struck towards the green dragon.

Moreover, he even used the Vast Waves Slash within the Dragon Slaying Seven Slaughtering Slash. His aura was like the mighty and mighty waves of violent wind within a vast ocean, surging and surging.

The Azure Dragon laughed, but did not dodge!

Chen Xiang bellowed, he swooped down from the sky and used his arm to chop at the green dragon's shoulder.


A huge boom echoed out, and the ground quaked!

What surprised Chen Xiang was that his attack did not manage to move the Green Dragon. His energy was extremely terrifying, but it was completely melted by the Green Dragon. The earth only trembled slightly from the huge explosion, it did not crack at all, and all the energy was absorbed by the Green Dragon.

"Not bad, not bad. You have made great progress!" "Continue..." The green dragon suddenly waved his hand, releasing green lightning that struck Chen Xiang's body and sent him flying.

Chen Xiang's entire body was in pain, at the same time as he was sent flying, he anxiously controlled his body to turn around. Just as he was about to turn around, the green dragon had already arrived and kicked him ruthlessly, but he dodged it.

The green dragon's kick missed, but his speed was much faster than Chen Xiang's. Even if his attack missed, he would still be able to hit Chen Xiang after counterattacking.

Just like this, Chen Xiang practiced with the Azure Dragon for more than two hours, allowing Chen Xiang to clearly understand the strength of those War G.o.ds!

Chen Xiang did not even have a Emperor soul, and the Azure Dragon was even stronger than those War G.o.ds. Of course, he could not obtain any benefits from the Azure Dragon.

Although the difference was great, Chen Xiang was still very excited. To be able to fight with such a strong Ranker, not everyone had a chance.

Chen Xiang spent six hours everyday practicing by fighting with the green dragon. This was also a type of cultivation that could increase Chen Xiang's battle experience.

"It's been two months, and none of those guys have come!" Chen Xiang had already completely familiarized himself with the current purple-gold bone.

"Don't worry. It could be that time has changed a lot between here and the outside world. Maybe it's only been a moment or two since we've been here two months."

That's right, the time inside the Divine Prison was very chaotic. Not long ago, Chen Xiang had entered, and it had only been a hundred years since Di Tian went to the Divine Prison. Now, he had stayed in the Divine Prison for two months, and Di Tian had only stayed there for more than twenty days.

"That means, even if the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor were to determine my position, it would be very difficult for her to tell the people here of my location at the first possible moment." Chen Xiang said.

The green dragon nodded his head and smiled, "So, you don't have to be too worried. The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor knows about this as well, otherwise, he wouldn't have sent two War G.o.ds over."

"Senior, I heard that there are G.o.ds imprisoned on Bane here. I wonder if that is true? The strength of these G.o.ds are all at the level of Empyrean G.o.ds who are in control of their divine halls. " However, he was just thinking about it. After all, those G.o.ds were not as easy to deal with as the Azure Dragon.

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