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After Chen Xiang cultivated the Purple Gold Bone, he had more confidence after becoming strong, not to mention that he still had the Azure Dragon Cloak that was lent to him by the Azure Dragon.

He left Bane 2 and quickly arrived at the city where the Feng Shen Native Bank was. He also found a few secret records that Yu Fan had left for him.

Chen Xiang also left a secret record here, inviting Yu Fan to come out and meet with him.

Yu Fan could not see Chen Xiang in the Feng Shen Native Bank, if not he would be found out by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, he would definitely be scolded by Feng Shen.

Chen Xiang rented a room in the city, then left the city so as to not get targeted by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. After waiting for the agreed time, he finally returned to the room inside the city.

Yu Fan did not enter his room. Instead, he sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang from outside the window, "It's good that you're still alive.

"It's just luck!" Do you have a goal? I'm going to start now. " Chen Xiang said.

"Got it, your next target is this City Lord's brother. This guy is not a good person, his strength is not very strong, and because his father is rather strong in G.o.ds Realm, he has a set of Divine Deity." Yu Fan quickly told Chen Xiang the information of the target.

The image that Yu Fan sent over appeared in Chen Xiang's mind.

To Yu Fan, Chen Xiang was his money tree. As long as he could get a single Divine Deity, he would be able to get twenty million. Chen Xiang had already gotten one for him earlier.

But Yu Fan did not tell Chen Xiang that after Chen Xiang killed twenty people, he would definitely be sent to h.e.l.l to find the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d.

From Chen Xiang's point of view, Yu Fan wanted to kill him. Right now, he wanted to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d who didn't look the same.

Yu Fan was rather strong, he would not dare act rashly without cultivating his Emperor soul, furthermore, he needed Yu Fan to give him a good goal to kill. Furthermore, Yu Fan still had Peng Renyi's Divine Deity on him, so he wanted to take it back, or even take Yu Fan's Divine Deity out.

"Sun You, this guy is not staying in the G.o.ds Realm. Why would he follow his brother here?" Chen Xiang found it hard to understand, because Sun You wasn't sent to the Divine Prison.

Chen Xiang arrived at Tai Qiang's residence in the middle of the night.

"Director Tai, long time no see." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Brother Shen, I've been waiting for you for a long time. Is there something you need me to do?" At least Peng Renyi wanted to kill him, and Chen Xiang had saved him.

"You should think of a way to get Sun You out of the city. This matter should be a bit more mysterious. When the time comes, you can plot against him, injure him, and then leave the rest to me." Chen Xiang said.

"Sun You? This fellow is easy to deal with, he came here mainly because he cannot stay in the G.o.ds Realm, and is always bullied up there. Tai Qiang said: "I can arrange for him to appear, and leave this matter to me."

"Alright, it would be best to make sure of a time." Chen Xiang said.

"Tomorrow at noon, at the desolate hill outside the city." Tai Qiang was very confident in this matter.

Chen Xiang nodded and sent a sound transmission to Tai Qiang: "It's best if you don't let Yu Fan know."

It had been over half a day since he left Bane Two, but no one had come to kill him yet. He guessed that it would take some time before h.e.l.l Devil Emperor could send news over from h.e.l.l.

The next day at noon, Chen Xiang, who was wandering outside the star system, quickly returned to the place he had come to. He quickly found Tai Qiang.

Tai Qiang was fighting a great battle with a man. Tai Qiang's strength was not bad, and the one fighting with him was Sun You. Although Sun You was not strong, the weapon in his hands and the armor on his body were all very powerful, causing Tai Qiang to be unable to injure him.

Chen Xiang quietly came over, without saying a word, he immediately used the water vine, releasing his strongest divine power and tied Sun You up.

Seeing that the other party was suddenly entangled, Tai Qiang immediately understood that Chen Xiang had arrived. He anxiously used all his strength and brandished the gigantic hammer in his hand, and smashed it fiercely towards Sun You.

With a loud bang, Sun You was smashed into the ground. As his body sunk into the ground, cracks began to appear on his body.

Even if there was a full body of powerful equipment, they would still be injured by such a fierce strike without much resistance.

Chen Xiang immediately activated the Azure Dragon Cloak, allowing him to quickly rush over. Waving the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in his hand, he used the Thunder Slash of the Dragon Slaying Seven Killing Slaying Slash, summoning waves after waves of wild thunder, slashing towards Sun You.

Seeing that Chen Xiang wanted to kill someone, Tai Qiang dodged hurriedly to prevent himself from being hit by the killing intent.

Killing Sun You was not easy either, because Sun You was wearing a Divine Armor. Chen Xiang had to cut down dozens of times with Thunder Slash before killing Sun You.

"We've obtained another set of Divine Deity!" Chen Xiang looked at the Divine Deity in his hands, and revealed a happy smile. After he kept his Divine Deity, he removed Sun You's divine blade and armor.

"This is for you! You'd better not sell it now. " Chen Xiang said: "I still need you to help me hunt Divine Deity."

Tai Qiang was extremely excited, because the Divine Blade and Divine Armor that Chen Xiang gave him were both very precious.

Tai Qiang did not dare to go against Chen Xiang, or else he would suffer a backlash. However, he knew that Chen Xiang was not like him, he had never given him anything like this, and he knew that he could quickly get out as long as he helped Chen Xiang hunt enough Divine Deity.

"Don't tell Yu Fan!" Chen Xiang reminded him, "You can go back first. If you discover that Yu Fan is going to poison you, you must escape as quickly as possible.

Chen Xiang did not hope to easily find twenty targets using Yu Fan, it would be good if he could find a few. When he breaks off with Yu Fan, he would have to rely on Tai Qiang who is very familiar with this place.

Of course, Yu Fan's power was sealed, and he could not kill people here either. Otherwise, he would not be able to get out, and he was not too worried about this, just afraid that Yu Fan would cripple him.

"20 million!" Chen Xiang looked at the Divine Deity in his hands. "I don't know if the Elder Sister Meng'er and the others want it, but if they were to merge their Divine Deity here, their strength would also become very strong."

When Chen Xiang returned to Bane 2, he saw that the girls were already busy refining the Suzaku bow.

Dongfang Jing had been in closed-door training for a long time and was still in the ring, otherwise she would have joined as well.

"The few of them work together quite well. Even if they don't have any powerful strength, with such tacit understanding, they can still refine powerful divine weapons." The green dragon watched on from the side while Long Xueyi ate the fruits. She only helped refine some ingredients.

"We are already familiar with Suzaku bow s, and we can merge our consciousness and then quickly draw Spirit grain. For me, what is more difficult is the smelting materials, because our fire intensity is limited." Liu Meng'er said.

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