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If these people came earlier, Chen Xiang would have been captured. Now that he was using the flying disc with all his might, his speed had reached its limit, which was the fastest speed he had ever had, but the few people behind him were still closely following him, finding it difficult to escape.

Although he was being chased closely, Chen Xiang still maintained his calm. Previously, someone had launched a few attacks at him, but none of them had hit him, and he had only been able to dodge for a short while, so the attacks behind would be far away. In this kind of high speed chase, as long as he dodged slightly, the attacks behind would be very misaligned, and would be very hard to hit.

"This isn't the way to go on!"

After being chased for two hours, Chen Xiang was already far away from the city where the Feng Shen Native Bank was.

"Why don't you go to the other planets to take a look. Your Frisbee is so fast right now anyway, so it won't be too late to come back after you get rid of those guys behind you." Long Xueyi gave Chen Xiang an idea.

Chen Xiang immediately controlled the flying discs and flew high into the sky. Not long after, he flew out of the Number One Bane into the dusky s.p.a.ce outside, and then flew towards a nearby red Bane Star.

The people at the back continued to chase closely. Chen Xiang felt that these people were not sent by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, but rather prisoners sent to the Divine Prison. There were six of them in total, and their auras were quite strong. However, the energy fluctuations from their bodies were a bit turbid. Normally, this sort of situation was caused by long periods of failure to break through, or by slow cultivation.

If it was someone sent down from the G.o.ds Realm, it would definitely not be like this, because people with the same cultivation level, who had a purer G.o.d Power, would all be strong.

"These guys should be the same as Tian Hao, possessing the power of a G.o.d. However, they are definitely not as powerful as Tian Hao. If I were to be surrounded and attacked by them, I would definitely not have the strength to fight back." Chen Xiang looked at the approaching blood colored Bane Star, his expression becoming more and more serious.

The reason he was able to escape until now was all because of the flying discs beneath his feet. He was unable to use his spatial energy here, and with his speed, he had already been caught. If he continued at this speed, as long as he used up all his energy, his speed, he would be caught sooner or later.

With their strength, even if we use Super Old poison s, it would still be hard to defeat them, unless the quant.i.ty is very, very large. Chen Xiang could only rely on Super Old poison and G.o.d-eclipse powder now. If he had to fight against one, he would still dare to try.

Right now, he could only think of a way to escape.

Soon, he arrived at the second Bane and entered one of its gas barriers. It was the same as the first Bane, except that there was more ocean and there wasn't that much life force in it, so it was a bit eerily silent.

Chen Xiang had been busy with collecting money and did not know about the other Bane Stars, so he did not know about these. Only now that he was here did he remember someone saying that the other Bane Stars were not like Bane Stars One.

"Will there be a problem? It is said that each Bane has a different kind of prisoner, and the energy shields around the Bane are used to restrict prisoners from entering and exiting. " Chen Xiang felt that the atmosphere here was a little strange and immediately became vigilant.

"They didn't catch up!" Long Xueyi shouted in surprise.

This surprised Chen Xiang, and he started to worry secretly. Previously, the few people had chased him, but now they had suddenly stopped, obviously because they were afraid of entering the Bane of the Bane.

"Could it be that I won't be able to get out the moment I enter?" Chen Xiang controlled the Frisbee, flying to the other side, then pa.s.sing through the energy shield. It was very easy to get out, and he also saw the backs of those people, they had already given up.

Chen Xiang felt that it was extremely strange, "Why didn't they come in? Could it be that there is some extremely terrifying being here? "

Long Xueyi yawned: "Don't worry about it, anyway, aren't you alright now?"

"Then should I go in or not?" Chen Xiang was suddenly filled with curiosity towards the second bane, he wanted to go in and find out what was there that could actually scare away a few experts with G.o.d's strength.

"Go and take a look. In any case, the flying discs under your feet are so fast. If you encounter any danger, run." Long Xueyi was the same as Chen Xiang. As long as he encountered this kind of thing and didn't try to figure it out, he would feel itchy in his heart.

Chen Xiang approached the ground and picked up a piece of soil. The quality of the soil here was extremely poor, even lower than the Nine Heaven World, but the quality of the soil here was extremely good.

Chen Xiang who was standing on the flying discs was extremely vigilant. As long as there was even the slightest movement, he would immediately control the flying discs to fly back to their original locations.

He was currently flying in a wetland. There were many green gra.s.ses here, and more than half of them were soaked in clean water. There were even many fish swimming around in groups within the gra.s.ses. Occasionally, large groups of birds would fly over to fish.

"Strange, why would there be such a common bird beast in this kind of place?" The beasts here are exactly the same as the ones I encountered when I was young. Chen Xiang frowned, looking at a black bear that was currently fishing on the sh.o.r.e.

Previously, in the Endless Heaven Realm, even the weakest of them, the Bird and Fish, had Holy Spirit Qi in their bodies.

However, all the birds and beasts he had encountered in Bane Two were exactly the same as the mortal world he had lived in before. This made him feel nostalgic, as if he had been a child all those years ago.

Just as he was reminiscing about the good times of his childhood, he felt a sudden breeze, followed by a burning sensation on his cheeks, and he even felt the bones in his face shatter.

It was not because the force that attacked him was hot, but because the pain was too excruciating. The pain was like being burned in a fire; it came too suddenly. He didn't know if it was because he was. .h.i.t by a fist or by a foot.

The boulder was smashed to pieces by his strong body. Clutching his aching cheek, he stood up and found himself at the top of a mountain on a small island, surrounded by the endless blue sea. He was far away from the green and beautiful wetland he had just seen.

"What happened just now?" Where's my Frisbee! " Chen Xiang's face was full of shock. If it wasn't for his face being in too much pain, he wouldn't have thought that he had been attacked. Although he had suffered a heavy blow, only his face was in pain.

What he could not understand was how he could fly so far away all of a sudden, and was many times faster than his Frisbee!

Just as he was looking around and focusing on his defense, another gentle breeze blew past. This time, he was still unable to defend against it. He only felt a sharp pain coming from the other side of his face, and when he reacted, he felt as if he had hit a hard block.

"This... Isn't this my Frisbee? "

Chen Xiang had just heavily crashed into the flying discs.

"What the h.e.l.l!" His heart was filled with fear.

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