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Chen Xiang had seen Peng Renyi's Frisbee before, so the speed of that Frisbee was extremely fast. He thought that even if he used all his strength, he would not be able to catch up to Peng Renyi's Frisbee. However, the Frisbee that Yu Fan gave him seemed to be much stronger than the one that Peng Renyi gave him.

Chen Xiang did not hesitate to accept this escaping weapon.

"I will provide information on the people you killed!" Of course, the guy I told you to kill, was never a good person. In Divine Prison, there are many who go to h.e.l.l anyway, just that their luck is better. " Yu Fan said.

Chen Xiang felt that Peng Renyi was the right choice. He did not need Yu Fan to provide him with a candidate as the first thing he wanted to do was to kill Peng Renyi.

"There's one thing I'm curious about. I know that the warehouse is missing some money, and I'm not blind. I also know that you were the one who took it. I just want to know how much money you took away." Yu Fan laughed.

"In the past few days, I've only been able to get fifty gold coins." Chen Xiang said awkwardly.

He said a few times less, but was still surprised. He did not expect Chen Xiang to be able to take away so much silver under his watch.

"What method did you use?" Yu Fan looked at Chen Xiang's awkward face and laughed: You don't have to worry, it's just 5 billion silver coins right? As long as the higher-ups don't know about it, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it.

Fifty gold coins was nothing in Yu Fan's eyes.

Chen Xiang took out the ring that Steward Tai had given him, and said: "Someone intentionally arranged for me to be here …"

All he said was this and Yu Fan understood.

"It seems like Steward Tai is the first candidate!" Yu Fan laughed coldly: "This guy just asked me if I saw you, and said he wanted to find you to drink! He probably wants to capture you and exchange you for thirty thousand gold. "

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "Then Master Yu, help me arrange for him to appear. It would be best if he was by himself, that way I can easily kill him!"

"He has Divine Deity and his strength is not weak. Are you confident?" Yu Fan took out a small jade box and handed it over to Chen Xiang: "This is a divine talisman worth four to five hundred spirit coins. It's enough to kill that Steward Tai."

Chen Xiang looked at the palm-sized, pale-yellow piece of paper. On it was a drawing of a very complex hair-sized Spirit grain.

"It's just a thin piece of paper, yet it contains such powerful strength!" Chen Xiang could clearly feel the powerful energy within the divine talisman.

"This is not a thin piece of paper. The production process is very complicated. Although it can only be used once, the price is much more expensive than some G.o.dly or divine weapons." Yu Fan said: To others, this might be something more expensive, but in my eyes, it's nothing, because when I create the divine money, I need to engrave more complicated Spirit grain s, and I made this talisman myself.

Chen Xiang was surprised: "Doesn't that mean you can just sell the Runes? What's the use of money? "

Yu Fan shook his head: "You don't understand, I am indeed faster at creating these runes than divine money, but once I grasp the essence of making divine money, then my speed will become extremely fast, and I won't need any materials either."

"In order to create these talismans, one first has to make a thin piece of paper out of the beast skin made from multiple layers of divine beasts. The raw materials used to draw these talismans need to be fused together with some other materials and finally refined to the size of a hair, and then used divine power to make them."

Listening to this process, Chen Xiang felt a headache.

"Are there many of these runes?" Chen Xiang suddenly wanted to bring a large number of people back, so that he could use them in the future when he meets strong people.

"Not much. Right now, both you and I have plenty of time. You can just use this and then I'll make it." Yu Fan said: "I will think of a way to get Steward Tai to go to the designated place, you just have to ambush him there, all you need to do is to hold onto this talisman, pour your divine power into it and throw it to others!"

"When you use it, you must pick a good time. Don't let the opponent avoid it."

Chen Xiang nodded. Then, Yu Fan told him a place to ambush Steward Tai.

… ….

In a desolate mountain, Chen Xiang turned into a rock and waited for Steward Tai at the foot of the mountain.

Not long after, he saw two shadows quickly flying over to his soul that was wandering outside.

"Peng Renyi! I didn't expect this fellow to come as well! " Chen Xiang was a little happy in his heart, but he was also a little worried. He only had one divine talisman, but there were two people who had come.

In order to not let Peng Renyi and Steward Tai be on guard, Chen Xiang used the method inside the Changing Technique, and created a very realistic doppelgänger. He stood there with an anxious expression all over his face.

"Brothers, you're finally here!" Chen Xiang's clone purposely revealed a happy expression.

But the ruthless big net that Steward Tai and Peng Renyi responded with covered him directly.

"Haha …" Thirty thousand gold. " Peng Renyi immediately laughed heartily.

"What are you doing? I've already gotten a hundred million silver from the warehouse. " Chen Xiang shouted in shock and took out a ring.

Steward Tai walked over, looked at Chen Xiang who was covered by the golden net, and immediately reached out and took the ring from Chen Xiang's hand. He looked at it and was a little surprised, because there really were over a hundred million silver coins inside.

Thirty thousand gold was equivalent to three trillion silver. As long as they could hand Chen Xiang over, they would be able to leave immediately, and even receive a small amount of that.

"You did well, but it's a pity you're too valuable, you can't blame us." Steward Tai was extremely happy as he gave Chen Xiang a heavy kick.

Chen Xiang's clone looked at him in anger. When Steward Tai saw this expression, he kicked him fiercely a few more times.

Chen Xiang, who had turned into a boulder hiding at the side, felt that he could make his move now, because Peng Renyi had walked over, but just as he was about to throw out the divine talisman, a sharp spear suddenly appeared in Peng Renyi's hand and stabbed into the head of the Tai Se with lightning speed.

This Peng Renyi actually dared to attack Steward Tai? He wanted to take all thirty thousand gold coins!

After Steward Tai's head was pierced through, Peng Renyi quickly unleashed dozens of palm strikes with terrifying power. Every palm strike that landed on Steward Tai's body caused his st.u.r.dy body to crack open, and blood to spurt out from his mouth. In the blink of an eye, Peng Renyi's dozens of palm strikes had splattered onto Steward Tai's body, turning his body into a pile of mush.

Chen Xiang, who was standing at the side and witnessing this scene, was completely stunned by the fatty, who was hiding a knife within his smile.

The long spear pierced through the steward's head and out of his forehead. The Divine Sense Sea soul of the steward was already injured, and his body was instantly crippled. He no longer had the strength to retaliate. At this time, Steward Tai could still look at Peng Renyi with a pair of resentful eyes. This could already be considered very impressive, but he actually had not died yet.

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