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Chen Xiang really wanted to shake Peng Renyi off and change his appearance, so that he wouldn't be discovered by himself and buy all sorts of refining materials.

"Old Peng, then you help me pay first. That's fine, right?" If Peng Renyi was not by his side, he would not even bother to cut the price.

Chen Xiang squatted down and touched the black rock. It was as big as a water jar, but it only weighed about two to three kilograms.

"This is the materials to refine Storage magic treasure, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right, but this is different from the ordinary materials used to refine Storage magic treasure, the other materials are not allowed to enter, but this can work, this type of stone is called a dimensional divine stone, when refining Storage magic treasure, add in a little, the inner storage s.p.a.ce will be able to connect with the outside world, and it will be able to absorb life energy, and it will also be very stable." The middle-aged man that sold rocks said, "Other than that, this dimensional divine stone also has the ability to open up s.p.a.ce. Right now, there is a dimension inside which the King's authority cannot sense outside, it's much better than the s.p.a.ce black iron."

"How much does it cost?" This was what Chen Xiang needed. The boat that he was refining not only required s.p.a.ce black iron s, but also a few other things.

"There are three catties here, the interior s.p.a.ce is not small! Even when refining a divine artifact, with just a little bit of integration, it would allow the divine artifact to have the ability to shrink in size. As for the price … This is the material for the G.o.d level, one kilogram is worth more than three hundred thousand silvers, I will sell these three kilograms to you for one million silvers. " The middle-aged man said.

Peng Renyi told Chen Xiang: "We can buy them later. Although there aren't many of these stones, but after you have the money, you can still buy them."

Chen Xiang replied: "Help me buy it, I will return it to you anyway! Don't tell me you doubt my ability? "

Seeing Chen Xiang being so serious, Peng Renyi could only grit his teeth and help Chen Xiang buy it.

Chen Xiang and the others were all excited when he placed the s.p.a.ce G.o.d Stone into his ring. They wanted to start forging a Divine Ship right now, but they didn't have the materials for the rest yet.

"With this, we can forge a very large divine ship that can hide itself in a s.p.a.ce at any time without being discovered." Liu Meng'er played with the dimensional divine stone.

"Do you need any other materials?" Chen Xiang asked: "I'll take this opportunity and buy everything."

Xue Xianxian said: "It would be best to buy some G.o.d level materials that have high resistance to attacks. That Divine Book has mentioned it before, the better kind would be something called a Top stone.

Dongfang Xinyue added: "And also want to buy some Divine Spirit Flexible Iron. These are also G.o.d level materials, and are good for refining formation plates."

After Chen Xiang memorized everything, he asked Peng Renyi: "Old Peng, are there Top stone and Divine Spirit Flexible Iron here?"

After Peng Renyi heard this, his body trembled.

"Are you really not an apothecary?" Peng Renyi suspected that Chen Xiang was a crazed refiner, if not he would not have missed this G.o.d level material.

"Of course. Didn't I already say it? I want to take some back to sell." Chen Xiang said.

"Of course there are Top stone here to sell. But do you know that Top stone are different from the dimensional divine stone that you just bought, even though they are all G.o.d level materials. " Peng Renyi's face became serious, one glance was enough to tell that the Top stone were not cheap.

"Where is it different?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Divine weapons and armor are easier to sell. And these two types of Divine Equipment, with just a little Top stone added on, will become very st.u.r.dy and hard to destroy. Divine weapons without this item are all items below 100 G.o.d Coins." Peng Renyi said: "Top stone are sold by two, one hundred, one catty for one hundred, one catty for one thousand! There are only a few taels of silver here. "

Just now, Xue Xianxian said that if he wanted to get around ten kilograms, it would require tens of thousands of G.o.d's Coins! One needed trillions of silver coins!

"So expensive!" At this time, Chen Xiang already had a certain understanding of divine money, and he also knew that there were no Top stone on his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, maybe there wasn't even a profoundwu diamond armour on his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

"Of course! The divine tools used to join the Top stone s are even more expensive, because the Top stone s are not easy to refine. "

"Then what about the divine iron?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"This is an item used to refine array discs. It's rather cheap here, 500 thousand silver per jin!" It's enough to draw several array discs. " Peng Renyi said.

Dongfang Xinyue said: "Two taels of divine iron would be enough to pull out a building as big as a courtyard. It would be enough to draw a very strong divine formation, so I just need to buy it for a few kilograms."

Under Peng Renyi's lead, Chen Xiang found the divine iron, bought four kilograms, and spent two million silver coins.

"It should be about now. I don't have much money on me anymore!" Peng Renyi knew that if he continued to hang out with Chen Xiang, he would go bankrupt sooner or later.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang planned to come out and take a look after he got back. After all, this market was not going to close at night.

Peng Renyi heaved a sigh of relief, then sent Chen Xiang back to the Feng Shen Native Bank.

Not long after Chen Xiang entered the Feng Shen Native Bank, he came out on his own. This time, he changed his appearance, he had 1 billion silver on him, which could be considered as a small sum of money in this place.

"Top stone s are really good stuff. If I were to refine a Divine Weapon with a large amount of this inside, wouldn't it be very powerful?" Chen Xiang really wanted to get some Top stone, but this place only had a few liang of it, he couldn't afford it.

"I never thought it would be so expensive! If your future divine ship were to weigh a few kilograms, you wouldn't need to be afraid of being attacked. " Xue Xianxian sighed: "Looks like only by going to G.o.ds Realm in the future can I get it."

Chen Xiang wandered around the market for 4 hours, and a large amount of Holy level Artifact Forging Materials were thrown out in that instant, all to relieve the frustration of the few Artifact Forging Queen inside the ring.

"I'll go look for someone to sell medicinal herbs now." Chen Xiang's current soul was unable to level up to become a Emperor soul because his body was too weak. He urgently needed to get a Holy Pellet with a stronger body.

Celestial pills were not very valuable here, because most of the people here were Saint Rulers. Only the Jiupin spiritual Dan s were slightly more expensive.

A Level Eight Celestial Pellet could only be sold for ten silver coins at most, Chen Xiang bought a large pile of Sacred animal Dan and gave it to Long Xueyi to eat.

The Jiupin spiritual Dan s were eaten by more people, so the price was a little higher. It required three thousand silver coins to eat one pellet, making Chen Xiang very happy, because he had Jiupin spiritual Dan s to sell for medicinal ingredients.

There was also a Holy Pellet here, but compared to the price of the Holy Pellet, it was like comparing heaven and earth. Chen Xiang had asked around before, the lowest quality Holy Pellet could be sold here for 50 million silver coins.

There weren't many Holy Elixirs here, and there were almost no Saints who could refine Holy Elixirs. Even in G.o.ds Realm, Saints who could refine Holy Elixirs were very respected, and normally wouldn't be sent to Divine Prison.

The sacred pills here were brought by people who could travel back and forth from the G.o.ds Realm s, such as Yu Fan! Furthermore, some of them carried sacred pills and were sent to the Divine Prison to be sold here for money.

"If I can refine a sacred pill, I will earn money as quickly as I earned it." Chen Xiang was very confident in himself. Even if there weren't any Holy level medicinal herbs here, he would still be able to rely on the ones he had collected in the past to make copies.

"I think it's better to get it from the warehouse." Long Xueyi laughed.

"Of course, I need to take a little more and exchange it for some divine money. It might be useful in the future when I go to G.o.ds Realm." Chen Xiang felt that he could earn a lot of money here easily. If he could get a hundred million silver coins every day, it would be equivalent to earning a lot of money.

Chen Xiang came to a shop that specialized in producing treasures and weapons. The moment he entered, he saw a few small cauldrons placed behind the shopkeeper. He had heard that these stores had a cauldron that could quickly refine ingredients.

Most of the time, when he started to earn money, he would have to look for the Black Holy Metal for himself to create it. It was very tiring, and when he saved up some money later on, he could buy a cauldron to a.s.sist in the production of silver.

The cauldrons that Chen Xiang had seen had this function.

"Which of these cauldrons are good?" Chen Xiang asked. He did not buy it to make money, but to refine s.p.a.ce black iron s out of a lot of stones. This would reduce the workload for Xue Xianxian and the others, and not to work so hard.

"This is for the best, as long as you have enough flames to pour into it, the interior will be able to automatically refine it, and you will be able to quickly refine Black Sacred Iron or other Holy level materials." The shopkeeper took out a small silver cauldron.

The Black Saint Iron here was also mixed with many stones, and it needed to be refined in order to obtain the purest Black Saint Iron. With the help of these cauldrons, it could be refined even faster.

"How fast can it be?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You can put in a million jin of miscellaneous stones at one go. It'll be done in a moment. "Not only can it be used for refining, but it can also be used to forge a furnace. This is a divine furnace!" The manager said.

"How much is it?" was already moved. Five hundred kilograms each time would allow him to refine ten kilograms of s.p.a.ce black iron, if it was Liu Meng'er and the others who used the furnace he had brought along, they wouldn't be able to do it so quickly. Refining that divine vessel would require them to be at least fifty thousand kilograms of s.p.a.ce black iron.

"This... "Five gold coins, you can use it if you want. Five hundred million." The manager said.

This cauldron is a divine tool and it does have this value. Chen Xiang took out a few Storage bag s and handed them over to the shopkeeper.

"Count them out." Chen Xiang said.

The shopkeeper finished counting very quickly, then he handed the silver cauldron over to Chen Xiang while chuckling. The shopkeeper liked customers that didn't have a bargaining price.

Of course, there weren't many people who could afford five hundred million so easily!

Chen Xiang felt that this silver was too easy to come by, so he wasn't that rare. He would be back in a few days anyway, what's more, the things that he bought were all very useful.

When he returned to the Feng Shen Native Bank, Steward Tai was waiting for him outside Chen Xiang's residence.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang saw that Steward Tai's expression was unnatural and asked anxiously.

During this period of time, you have to be careful. Feng Shen's disciple is coming here, so you had better take off the ring. Steward Tai told Chen Xiang through sound transmission.

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