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Chen Xiang smiled and accepted the hundred thousand silver coins. Although he did not know what he needed to buy, it was enough for him to buy Tier 8 and 9 immortal medicines, or even Holy level s and herbs. He suddenly felt that it was not a bad thing for Peng Renyi to sell him here.

"If you can make Yu Fan more satisfied, he might come out for you to play everyday. He has been sent here for more than fifty years, but he has not had much rest. Steward Tai said.

"Can't you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I can, but he won't let me help him because I'm stronger! Furthermore, your cultivation is low, so he has no qualms about doing so. " Steward Tai said.

When Steward Tai was about to leave, Chen Xiang still had a question in his heart. He thought for a moment, then asked: "Steward Tai, what happened to the people that Peng Renyi asked to help Yu Fan earlier?"

"Then they went far away." Steward Tai said with a smile, but Chen Xiang knew that he was definitely silenced by him and Peng Renyi.

Peng Renyi and Steward Tai were actually not worried that he would tell Yu Fan about this.

Steward Tai sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "You should know that if you were to tell Yu Fan about the three of us cooperating, he would definitely be the first one to kill you. "Of course, you're a smart person. You must understand that you must have made a lot of money here."

Chen Xiang secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Steward Tai out. The pressure that Steward Tai had given him just now was too great, it could be seen that this steward Tai was also a very strong person, similar to the Arrogant Wolf G.o.d s that he had met.

If he wanted to go to the silver warehouse, he still had to wait until tomorrow morning. During this period of time, he used the Alive Slain Method's condensed Spirit Liquid he had bought from Peng Renyi to refine the Spirit Strengthening Pill, Green Jade Ginseng and Palm Flower. He wanted to copy some of the Spirit Consolidating Equipment that Peng Renyi had used to concoct the Spirit Consolidating Pill and use them as medicinal ingredients.

Early in the morning the next day, Steward Tai came to find Chen Xiang and bring him to the silver warehouse where Yu Fan was already staying.

After Steward Tai left, Yu Fan closed the doors to the warehouse. Then, he took out a treasure and made a house made of jade.

"Today, I need to fill a hundred and fifty Storage bag. When I'm done, I will knock on my door." Yu Fan inspected Chen Xiang's body again to see if he had brought any other Storage magic treasure with him. Then, he handed over a basket full of Storage bag s to Chen Xiang.

Actually, this kind of work was very simple, but it would take some time and also require a very trustworthy person to accomplish. Thus, Feng Shen could only personally send someone to supervise it, or have Feng Shen personally do it.

As long as Yu Fan found someone that satisfied him, he would only need to be in charge of checking them every day. He could cultivate them any other time.

Yu Fan did not know what he was doing inside, nor did he dare to investigate. He was afraid that if he was discovered by Yu Fan, he would be driven out, and at that time, he would definitely be silenced by Steward Tai and Peng Renyi.

Long Xueyi laughed while he was inside the ring: "Isn't this too easy? That Yu Fan didn't even inspect the Storage magic treasure on your body more carefully and was so relaxed. Doesn't he know that there is a type of Storage magic treasure that can hide?"

Liu Meng'er said: "It's not that he doesn't know, but when Chen Xiang entered, he pa.s.sed through an invisible barrier, and that barrier was able to detect some Storage magic treasure that was hidden! However, both the ring and the storage ring given by Manager Tai have not been found. "

Dongfang Xinyue said: "The refining method of the Dark Dragon Ring is very clever, it is far more powerful than the ring that Steward Tai gave him. I believe Steward Tai and Peng Renyi must have spent quite a bit of their divine money to buy this ring."

Chen Xiang had originally wanted to follow Steward Tai's instructions and do a good job for one or two months, but now that he saw how easy it was to get his hands on, he couldn't help himself anymore.

This warehouse was a huge plaza. Silver money was piled up like a mountain, piled up all over the place. Chen Xiang reckoned that there were around tens of billions of silver here, and it was still increasing every day.

Chen Xiang started to work, he started to place the silver into the Storage bag, and while he was putting in the seventy odd Storage bag, he started to make his move!

When he used his divine power to cover a large amount of silver, he carefully counted out eleven million, and then moved the silver over. When he was about to put it in the Storage bag, he used a little trick to trick them.

It seemed like he had entered the Storage bag s, but in reality, he had entered the ring with a million silver.

As a result, Yu Fan would not be able to sense it.

He still had over seventy Storage bag to play with. He had used this method twenty-five times, and he had always brought back two million silver taels. This way, he would be able to bring back fifty million silver taels today!

A divine coin required a hundred million silver to exchange for it. Today, he had obtained half of it!

"Lord, I'm done!" Chen Xiang lightly knocked on the jade hut's door.

After Yu Fan opened the door, his divine power swept through the hundred and fifty Storage bag s in the basket at Chen Xiang's feet. He checked them over and over again, and when he found that there were no mistakes, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

Chen Xiang received the box of silver coins with a joyous expression, and immediately expressed his thanks. Of course, this was all an act. He had already gotten fifty million silver today, so he did not think much of it. From this, it could be seen that Yu Fan could use this money as he wished, but silver was of no use to him, only G.o.d's money could be used, he might not have the power to turn this money into G.o.d's money.

Now, Chen Xiang was sure that there was no specific amount of money in the warehouse, it was alright as long as no one else took it away from here, and only Chen Xiang and Yu Fan entered. Yu Fan had no use for the money, and he was under Yu Fan's supervision, so Yu Fan was very relieved.

Today, Chen Xiang only used five hours to finish the work, and he was also able to leave early. He was not surprised by how fast Chen Xiang could do so, he knew that Chen Xiang's divine strength was not weak, and would slowly get more familiar with it.

Chen Xiang carried a box as he walked out of the warehouse happily. All the workers who saw him along the way had a face full of projects, because they were rewards, which meant that he had at least a thousand silvers, which was something that others could only earn after working for a month.

Chen Xiang was genuinely happy, because he had obtained fifty million silver coins. In the future, if he could do it well, it wouldn't even be a problem for him to get a hundred million yuan a day.

"The production speed of the silver coins is so fast. I can acc.u.mulate that much money every day, even though I have to take a portion every day." Long Xueyi exclaimed: "Could it be that the G.o.ds Realm s are using divine money to cook?"

Liu Meng'er said, "I think the most powerful ones should be those guys who have refined the silver into divine money. They can produce that many in one day, as expected of G.o.ds, that kind of power is not something we can imagine."

All four native bank s were making money and sending it to G.o.ds Realm, but today, Feng Shen Native Bank had ordered 1.5 billion. If all four native bank s had this amount, then it would be 6 billion G.o.d's money.

"If there's a chance, let us see if we can get some divine money. I really want to know how effective refining with divine money is." Xue Xianxian said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't worry, I'll be able to get it soon."

Returning back to the house, Steward Tai immediately came over after hearing that Chen Xiang had received a reward.

Maybe in the future, you will be better off than me, but I hope you remember, you are here to earn big money, even if you have a high position in the Feng Shen Native Bank, you will never earn as much as when cooperating with us. " Steward Tai told Chen Xiang through sound transmission.

Of course, Chen Xiang didn't believe his nonsense. With Steward Tai's strength, he would definitely get a lot of money here.

"The storage ring that I gave you can only hold 120 million silver. If you can fill it up every year, we'll give you more." At first, Steward Tai and Peng Renyi only wished for Chen Xiang to get ten million silver coins every year, but now that they saw how good Yu Fan was to Chen Xiang, he raised the original limit to one hundred and twenty million silver coins!

In this way, he and Peng Renyi could get their hands on about half a fortune in a year, which was much faster than when they were trying to find ways to earn silver.

"I'll do my best." Chen Xiang would never tell the guy in front of him that he had earned fifty million silver today. In the future, he would have to earn so much every day.

For the next ten days or so, he would need to fill two hundred bags every day, which would make it easier for Chen Xiang to take away the silver coins. For this kind of thing, he did it more easily and he did not take it into consideration.

"Looks like you're getting more and more familiar with it. In the future, after you finish your daily work, you can go for a walk outside. I'll give you your salary. 2000 silver coins a day." In these past few years, it was the first time Yu Fan felt so good to be sent down. He was in a good mood, giving Chen Xiang a box of silver every day.

Finally, he did not have to stay in the Feng Shen Native Bank anymore. The moment Chen Xiang walked out of the underground workshop, he immediately walked out of the native bank gate and went to the streets outside.

When Chen Xiang came out, he first went to the shops that sold weapons and artifacts. The few girls inside the Dark Jade Ring were all interested in these things, and he wanted to get some for them to vent their boredom.

"I need to buy some refining materials. There should be a lot of things that Nine Heaven World doesn't have here! If possible, I want to buy a better crafting furnace. This way, we can refine s.p.a.ce black iron very quickly. " Liu Meng'er instructed Chen Xiang.

"Well, is there anything else? Ladies and gentlemen. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"I want to eat." Long Xueyi laughed, "As long as you have something good to eat."

"Elder Sister Meng'er said it for me." Xue Xianxian said: "You Lan, what about you? Is there anything you want? "

Leng Youlan thought for a while: "Not at the moment, I'm not lacking anything right now."

Dongfang Xinyue, Kong Bailing and the pearl did not need anything either, but Dongfang Jing was still in closed door cultivation, fusing with the Vermillion Bird Inheritance Fruit.

Not long after Chen Xiang left the Feng Shen Native Bank, Steward Tai caught up.

"Fang Yu, you're not familiar with this place. Let me bring you there." Steward Tai laughed.

Fang Yu was a fake name that Chen Xiang had told Steward Tai and Yu Fan. It was possible that Steward Tai did not know about the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's bounty on him, but it was possible that Yu Fan would know about it.

"Old Brother Tai, it's great that you're here. I just need to buy something. I'm not too familiar with the market price here." Chen Xiang was afraid of his shoulder. For the past ten days, Steward Tai had been looking for him every day, and it seemed like the two of them had a good relationship.

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