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Chen Xiang was brought underground to the Feng Shen Native Bank, and below him was an extremely large silver coin workshop. After he was brought underground, he was told that he only had one day per month to go out, and the range could only be around the Feng Shen Native Bank.

There were tens of thousands of people here, the amount of silver that was produced was also very large. Chen Xiang saw that on the warehouse at the side, there was a mountain of silver money waiting to be processed.

"This place should be the last place to be processed. There should be other places as well. I wonder how the people here will get you to work together to steal the money." Long Xueyi said.

"You must be a newcomer. Follow me!" A middle-aged man walked over. Looking at his clothes, he seemed to be one of the more prestigious ones here. He sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Did you bring this here for Peng Renyi? Did he say anything to you? "

"Yes, he told me that when I get here, someone will teach me how to do it." Chen Xiang replied.

Chen Xiang followed behind the middle-aged man, and said: "I am the manager here, you can call me Steward Tai. Your job is to take care of the silver, and put it into the Storage bag."

Peng Renyi should actually have such authority in this place, to be able to easily arrange for him to do such a thing. On this matter, it was best to take away the money.

But Chen Xiang didn't understand one thing. If there was only Steward Tai and Peng Renyi, they would be able to split the debt fifty-fifty without paying him twenty percent.

Peng Renyi brought Chen Xiang into a very s.p.a.cious and cruel room. Inside, there were many piles of silver coins, with many holes in the walls, and the processed silver coins came out continuously, falling into the warehouse. There was a young man here who was putting lots of money into the Storage bag.

"You have to be careful of that person. That person was sent down by Feng Shen, don't let anyone find out about it. I will tell you the person's details.

Now Chen Xiang understood why Steward Tai did not do it himself. It was because if he was discovered, the consequences would be dire. If it was him, even if he got caught, Director Tai would at most just be blamed, and there wouldn't be much of a problem.

Chen Xiang secretly despised Peng Renyi and this Steward Tai, they did not need to do anything to each of them to get forty percent of the silver.

"These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, no wonder they didn't even ask for my name. It seems that they already view me as a dead person." Chen Xiang harrumphed in his heart.

Steward Tai patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, "Do your best. If you perform well, you might be able to reach my position in the future."

After Steward Tai left, the man from the Feng Shen Sect walked over and handed over a basket of Storage bag to Chen Xiang.

"You don't have any Storage magic treasure on you, right?" Although that person asked that question, he still used an extremely sharp gaze to sweep up and down Chen Xiang's body. Without waiting for Chen Xiang to reply, he nodded.

As long as there were no Storage magic treasure, it would be difficult for him to steal the money from here, so he was not too worried about anything else.

"There are fifty Storage bag here, and each Storage bag is worth ten million silver. Don't count them wrong!" Then, he showed Chen Xiang around. Taking out the Storage bag, he released his divine power and a large amount of silver coins floated up. After a while, he took out 10 million silver coins and the silver coins flew like water into the Storage bag.

"You should know what to do now!" After that, the man walked to a distant corner and laid on the couch. He didn't need to do anything now, as long as he looked at Chen Xiang and didn't let him steal the money.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly in his heart: "This way, this guy will be lazy. There's no need to do anything else.

Long Xueyi laughed. "Peng Renyi, this fatty has underestimated you. He didn't know that you have a powerful Serene Jade Ring."

This warehouse was extremely huge, with over a hundred holes all around, silver coins that would fall from the ceiling at any moment to enter. There was even a huge pile of silver coins here, and the silver coins were uncounted, making it very easy for Chen Xiang to steal the silver coins.

"Why aren't you starting? You have to finish packing these fifty bags today." The person at the corner shouted. His tone and att.i.tude were not good, but Chen Xiang did not care, because he was the one who made the biggest profit.

If he really wanted to do it, he could have filled all fifty bags in one go. But now, he purposely slowed down a bit, so that he could have a good look at this place.

After he had packed a bag, the man walked over and counted the silver coins inside. He nodded his head and said, "You can go out and rest after packing 100 bags every day."

Chen Xiang spent more than six hours to fill fifty bags. The man was relatively satisfied, and then, he took the Storage bag and left the warehouse with Chen Xiang.

This storehouse that stored silver coins was tightly wrapped in all sorts of barriers. Even Steward Tai didn't have the authority to open it, only the person sent by Feng Shen.

Chen Xiang was brought to a villa in Feng Shen Native Bank. He had a very small house here, and not long after he sat down, Steward Tai came over.

"This is the detailed information about that person. Take a look first, we'll discuss the details later." Steward Tai transmitted his voice to Chen Xiang, but on the surface, he was asking about the work, in order to prevent others from overhearing and suspecting him.

Chen Xiang looked at the information of the person in charge of the warehouse, and was shocked, that person was actually a capable subordinate of one of Feng Shen's disciples, called Yu Fan, who was extremely powerful, possessing Divine Deity, but he was not a G.o.d yet.

"I don't have any Storage magic treasure on me. Yu Fan had previously checked on me, and he kept a close eye on me." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Steward Tai.

"He told me that you did well, better than the others." Steward Tai laughed, "Those people were also brought over by Peng Renyi previously, but they were all clumsy and were chased away by Yu Fan before they could even make a move! "Right now, you have left a good impression on him. If you do a good job in the future, you will definitely be able to earn quite a bit of money."

Steward Tai gave Chen Xiang a storage ring and sent a sound transmission to him, "This is a Storage magic treasure that Peng Renyi and I have purchased at a high price. It can hide our bodies and not be discovered by Yu Fan.

Chen Xiang took the storage ring, and looked at the s.p.a.ce inside it. It was a lot smaller than the ring, but it could still fit in a hundred million silver coins.

"Take your time. We have time!" Steward Tai was extremely satisfied with Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang received Yu Fan's praise and could stay there to work for a long time.

When Chen Xiang put the ring on, he couldn't help but to admire the equipment forger who made the ring, but he couldn't believe that Yu Fan didn't see through it.

"You have a day each month that you can leave Feng Shen Native Bank. At that time, you can go for a walk. I believe you won't give up on the good work here, right?" In order to have Chen Xiang help him and Peng Renyi steal the money, Steward Tai generously gave Chen Xiang a hundred thousand silver coins.

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