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Peng Renyi released his hand, and did not press down on Chen Xiang's shoulder anymore, revealing his att.i.tude.

"I've said it before, you can't steal the divine money because only the master can use the divine money after it has been transferred to the blood! However, silver coins are different. Silver coins can be used! " Peng Renyi chuckled: "I have already arranged for people to come from the native bank. Once you enter, as long as they cooperate with me, they will help me steal a large amount of silver! Of course, you can't take too much at once. You can only take it a little at a time.

Chen Xiang frowned: "Why are you looking for me? Are you not afraid that I will tell the master of the native bank? "

Peng Renyi said: "I believe in my judgement of others, you are a little brat who accidentally barged in, moreover, you are in a hurry to leave, if you want to earn money quickly, you can only work with me! If you tell native bank's Villa Master, he won't be able to give you much! I don't know what kind of world is outside of you, but you should know very well, the masters of places like native bank are mostly miser or miser. "

Chen Xiang said with a look of despise. "You said before that this place was a place with love, I thought it was really that harmonious!"

Peng Renyi chuckled: "Didn't I trick you to come here? However, this Bane 1 is really not bad. Besides, wherever there were people, there would be darkness and rules. Wasn't this normal? The human heart is not the same, even the G.o.ds are the same. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a guy like the G.o.d of Fortune. However, those guys have the strength to set the rules, so they don't have to work so hard. If there comes a day when the rules don't work out well for them, they will make new rules. "

Chen Xiang interrupted him and said, "Cut the c.r.a.p, tell me the specifics! If I am caught, what will happen to me? "

"If you are caught, you will most likely be chopped off, and then beaten up and thrown out. Your little life will usually be fine." Peng Renyi laughed: "Don't worry, if your hands and feet are chopped off, I will use pills to help you recover them."

"If I were to cooperate with you, how much would I get?" Chen Xiang was more worried about this, if he was to buy more pills and earn more money, he would not even bother taking this risk. Although Peng Renyi had only said that he would get his hands chopped off, he might even lose his life, this was a place where G.o.ds were locked up, with his little strength, he was just a piece of trash here.

"If you cooperate well, it'll cost you a million silver a month." That is one of the Four Great native bank s, and the owner of the native bank is a disciple of the G.o.d of Fortune. In the end, the silver coins from the native bank will enter the G.o.ds Realm and become the G.o.d's money for the G.o.d of Fortune's disciple. " Peng Renyi said.

A month's worth of money, that gave Chen Xiang a big shock!

"Isn't this courting death? If we were to steal the native bank opened by the G.o.d of Fortune's disciple, how can we be discovered and only have our hands chopped off? " Chen Xiang said in shock.

"Actually, the Four Great native bank s were opened here by the G.o.d of Fortune's disciples, and these disciples have many other disciples, all of whom are responsible for forging G.o.d's money. The G.o.d of Fortune's entire family is the richest in the G.o.ds Realm, and all of the G.o.d's money comes from here." Peng Renyi said: "For example, the speed at which G.o.ds Realm consumes G.o.d's money, it would cost at least 10 billion or so per year!"

"With more and more divine money, wouldn't that mean that the divine money is getting more and more worthless?" Chen Xiang was curious about how the G.o.ds Realm's G.o.d's Money System operated.

"That's not true. After the divine money has circulated for a round, it will usually return to the hands of the G.o.d of Fortune, or be in the hands of other G.o.ds who are powerful enough to borrow the divine money. The majority of the divine money will also be used to make divine weapons, and the black sacred iron refined silver money is also a good material for refining divine weapons. Peng Renyi said.

From this, it could be seen that in the G.o.ds Realm, it was also a very complicated world, and there were words to speak with one's fist. If the G.o.d of Fortune was not powerful, then who would use the G.o.d's money that he made?

"Hehe, in the G.o.ds Realm, there are some people who, in order to obtain divine money, can mortgage their Divine Deity to borrow divine money to buy things. Sometimes, in order to obtain the Divine Deity, the native bank who lent out the divine money would send people to secretly obstruct others from earning divine money. Peng Renyi laughed.

Peng Renyi started up the flying disc again, and brought Chen Xiang down to the vast land below.

"Stealing a million silver a month, won't that cause any detection?" Chen Xiang was still a little worried.

"That won't happen. You'll know when the time comes. Disciples of the G.o.d of Fortune rarely come to this d.a.m.n place. As long as the amount of silver that is handed in every month is enough, we will just take away the excess." Peng Renyi laughed.

In the distance, there was a huge city, with a large number of tall and grand stone buildings. The city didn't have any formations protecting it, and waves of bandits' auras were emitting from time to time. There were many experts gathered inside.

"There are quite a few people, and it's not as few as the 500,000 you mentioned!" Chen Xiang said.

"I already said that it was a lie, G.o.ds Realm is the world that first possessed life, it has existed for many years, and the people that were originally imprisoned in the Divine Prison were all sent here. Just in these million years, every year, there are dozens of people sent here, and there are a lot of them." Peng Renyi said: "G.o.ds Realm is an extremely huge world. Every year, there are many people who break the rules and get caught."

Peng Renyi brought Chen Xiang and entered the city. The city was very old, and the buildings there seemed to be very old and full of history, but they were extremely st.u.r.dy, and had not rotted even after so many years.

Arriving at Bane # 1, he could actually see sunlight here. If it was night time, he might be able to see the sky full of stars, but he couldn't see the other eight Bane Stars that were very close to him.

"Do you sell supreme dan beads here?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked.

"No, because those who can afford it are not here, and those who can concoct the divine pellets are even more unlikely to be here!" Even the weakest of the divine pellets is selling for millions of dollars. With this much divine money, we can leave a long time ago. " Peng Renyi said. He had spent more than a hundred thousand on fifty gold coins.

"Where's the Divine Weapon?" Chen Xiang asked again. He was shocked by the price of the Divine Pills, and it was the worst kind.

"There must be low-grade Divine Weapons, usually less than fifty Divine Coins. However, none of the new ones are used to it and they are all second-hand. When you are used to living here, you have no choice but to sell your Divine Weapons in exchange for comfortable days." Peng Renyi sighed: "If I had thought like that, I could have very comfortably stayed here for many years."

Chen Xiang really wanted to know more about the G.o.ds Realm from Peng Renyi, because that was the place that he would need to conquer in the future.

"Old Peng, why do you say that G.o.ds Realm has Divine Deity to sell too? "What's the price?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The ones that are formed are usually around ten million, and there are even some that are better, but the ones that are better are fewer, because those with good Divine Deity are all very strong. They don't need to be treated as divine money, they can be earned a lot by relying on their strength." Peng Renyi replied, "What? You want to buy it? "

Chen Xiang shook his head, then asked: "If it's the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, if he wanted to buy four Divine Deity pellets, would that be a lot of pressure on him?"

Peng Renyi frowned: "Why are you asking about this?"

The news of h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's bounty for him did not come here, which made Chen Xiang heave a sigh of relief. This was the G.o.d of Fortune's territory after all, and the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor did not dare offend the richest man in the G.o.ds Realm.

"Nothing, I'm just asking." Chen Xiang said.

"h.e.l.l Devil Emperor mainly relies on selling souls to earn divine money. Four pieces of the cheapest Divine Deity is nothing to him, his wealth is only at the bottom of the list, but he still has several billion divine coins." Peng Renyi said.

Right now, Chen Xiang understood that these four Divine Deity s were nothing to the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. However, they could make the Nine Heaven World and the top rankers of the Endless Heaven Realm go up and down the mountain of flames to chase him down.

"Shouldn't the wealthiest be a pill refiner?" Chen Xiang asked: "The divine pellets must be selling very expensive!"

"There aren't many people that can refine divine pills on top, and most of them are people that can refine high quality divine pills. Alchemist s who know how to refine divine pills will earn a lot of money from others as well, otherwise, who would be able to afford to refine pills?"

Peng Renyi laughed: "You aren't planning on getting rich by concocting pills are you?"

"Are we almost there?" Chen Xiang only refined pills to make himself stronger, or to exchange for more things that were useful to him. He was not interested in grasping a large amount of divine money, unless Liu Meng'er and the others needed divine money to refine.

Peng Renyi pointed to the signature. Although it was short, it was still a huge building.

"It's there, called Feng Shen Native Bank, Feng Shen is the G.o.d of Fortune's third disciple." Peng Renyi said before he sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "You'll know how exactly you need to steal the money once you get in. Someone will teach you.

"Just 200,000 silver?" Chen Xiang replied.

"Isn't that enough? "Every year there are at least 2.5 million. Two hundred years is 500 million, and that's enough for five divine coins. Two thousand years is fifty. I only managed to get fifty in a hundred thousand years." Peng Renyi said snappily: "Little guy, you're too greedy."

Chen Xiang calculated that if he were to go at this speed, it would take him at least tens of thousands of years to get a thousand gold coins. He couldn't stay here for that long. Even staying here for a hundred years already made him depressed, let alone tens of thousands of years.

Peng Renyi brought Chen Xiang into the Feng Shen Native Bank, and the person who came out to welcome him was the manager of the native bank, a tall and skinny middle-aged man. He was very familiar with Peng Renyi, and the moment the two met, they chatted for a while.

The manager of the native bank looked at Chen Xiang and nodded in satisfaction: "Not bad, your body is very strong, he is a material for working. Ten years, twenty thousand silver! "

The shopkeeper gave Peng Renyi twenty thousand silver coins, then said to Chen Xiang, "Lad, you just came in. Since you can come here to work, it can only be said that you are lucky, other people wouldn't be able to come even if they wanted to. Work hard for ten years, and get to know this place well.

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