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Chen Xiang had initially thought that the nine Bane Bane Stars were energy ma.s.ses, but he never thought that they were actually real stars. Furthermore, they were extremely huge, and were currently rotating slowly on their own, emitting a blood-red colored light.

Peng Renyi's disc flew extremely fast, and in an instant, was close to the first calamity fiend.

"Brother Peng, your magic treasure is quite powerful. If I were to fly at full speed, I would be far inferior to your flying disc." Chen Xiang carefully looked at the Spirit grain on the surface of the Frisbee and discovered that they were all extraordinary, just like the one in the "Divine Book".

"I'm a businessman, I often have to run around. I have something fast that will save me a lot of trouble! If you want one, I can get one for you. Peng Renyi laughed: "The flying discs below my feet are worth two divine coins, they were given to me by others."

Although it was only two pieces of divine money, Chen Xiang knew that it was not easy to obtain divine money, hence he knew that it was a large amount.

"So, this thing is a G.o.dly weapon?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course it is. A treasure that is worth a fortune is a divine tool, but there are both good and bad. In the G.o.ds Realm, there are divine tools that are worth millions of divine coins." As he spoke till here, Peng Renyi's face was filled with longing: "If there was a divine tool of that level, it would be quite impressive in the G.o.ds Realm."

A G.o.dly weapon that was worth tens of millions! Chen Xiang did not dare imagine what would happen. In short, these two flying discs with divine money were very powerful.

"How much is a blade like mine worth?" Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

After Peng Renyi received it, he almost let go because it was too heavy.

"Not a bad knife. I didn't expect you to have such a good item. I think it should be worth at least 10 G.o.d's Coins!" Where did you come from? It is reasonable to say that this kind of divine tool should not appear outside of the divine realm. " Peng Renyi was a little surprised. He looked carefully and said: "There should be someone who wants twenty gold coins."

In the Nine Heaven World and the Endless World, this Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was a very powerful Divine Blade, but in here, it was only a little more than twenty thousand dollars. On the other hand, in the G.o.ds Realm, aren't Divine Weapons that are worth millions stronger than Green dragon demon-slain broadsword by many times?

Chen Xiang started to admire Jiang Sheng even more. As expected of a Divine Artisan, without Divine Deity, he was actually able to refine such a powerful Divine Weapon.

"How long does twenty dollars usually take to earn?" Chen Xiang asked: "The rate at which ordinary people earn money."

"I've managed to get more than 50 of them over the course of 100,000 years. This is pretty good! If it's an ordinary person, they would need at least a hundred thousand years to get twenty. " Peng Renyi thought for a while, "It's not easy to get ahold of G.o.dly money, there are a lot of people here who don't even have enough to spend."

"The money needs a large amount of Dark Saint Iron to make it. Is the Dark Saint Iron here ownerless?" You can mine as you please, but won't there be a conflict or something like that? " Chen Xiang asked, he also wanted to try and make some money, or perhaps give it to Dongfang Xinyue and the others, as they were experts in this area.

"If it was only the first Bane, there definitely wouldn't be any conflicts. The first Bane has its rules, so you'd better stay in the first Bane. The other eight Bane's are not harmonious." Peng Renyi said.

Chen Xiang knitted his eyebrows, feeling cheated: "Didn't you say before that there was love here?"

Peng Renyi coughed dryly a few times. "I am only talking about Bane 1, I can guarantee that you will not have any trouble staying in Bane 1. As for the other Bane … "It's hard to say."

"d.a.m.n fatty, what are you hiding from me? I feel like I'm going to be sold by you. " Chen Xiang glared at Peng Renyi.

The Frisbee had already flown into the red gas shield of Bane One. From the air, one could see a large ocean. On land, there were many patches of green, most likely plants.

"Well, I do want to sell you. But don't worry, I have a good conscience. I will sell you for a good price and split half of it with you. You don't have any money. " Peng Renyi patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, and laughed: "Am I righteous enough!"

"Mercy, righteousness, your grandpa!" Chen Xiang really wanted to kick this guy out and sell him off, yet he acted so boldly and boldly, thinking that he had helped someone else out greatly.

"I'm leaving, I'm not selling it for you!" Just as Chen Xiang was about to leave, he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He was immediately unable to move, as Peng Renyi's strength had far surpa.s.sed his.

"Little brother, you don't have to worry too much. I sold you out because it's good for you!" Peng Renyi's face turned serious.

"This is the worst and funniest reason I've ever heard. Why don't you just say that you sold me out? That was a blessing I earned from three lifetimes of cultivation." Chen Xiang curled his lips and said.

"I was going to say that!" Peng Renyi laughed, "Alright, I will tell you the truth, I will sell you to a native bank, there, I will specialize in producing silver, and I will sell you there, you just need to work there, and you won't be abused, and you will be paid for it."

Peng Renyi suddenly lowered his voice. "Actually … "If you are nimble and can steal some money, this is a great opportunity. Even though you look like you're better at cooking, you are still quite amazing. I believe that you will be able to get a lot of money there."

Chen Xiang lowered his head and thought. If he could send him to a native bank, it would indeed give him a very good opportunity to get a large amount of silver.

"Actually, I didn't sell you out, I only recommended you to work there, and those kinds of jobs are rarely done by others, so they would give me some recommendation fees, a total of twenty thousand silver coins, I'll give you ten thousand." As Peng Renyi said this, he took out a Storage bag and pa.s.sed it to Chen Xiang. "Look, this is the money.

Chen Xiang took out a few that were shining with a silver light.

"Wait, didn't you say that you could only get one silver coin per month? If you give me 10,000, then I will need at least ten thousand months to work in that native bank? "

Peng Renyi said: "That is only when a person uses his channeling power to search for the Black Sacred Iron. Only when that person uses his channeling power to create one, would he need a month to do so. But the native bank is different, it is a large group of people.

"Then how long do I need to work in the native bank?" Chen Xiang really wanted to go to native bank.

Ten years, and every year there will be a thousand silvers, and every ten years there will be 10,000 silvers. Adding on the 10,000 silvers I gave you, this will be 20,000 silvers, and after ten years of coming here, you will be able to get your hands on 20,000 silvers. You should know that for many small fries with your strength, it's only a few dozen silver coins a year. " Peng Renyi still pressed down on Chen Xiang's shoulder, not allowing him to escape.

Chen Xiang snorted: "It requires a hundred million silver to exchange for that kind of G.o.dly money. If I were to refine pills, it would be faster than going to native bank to work."

"Alright, I will tell you everything then. I have another reason for selling you in the native bank! I only let you partic.i.p.ate because you are more trustworthy. I know that you are not a simple brat, or else you wouldn't have that Divine Blade. " Peng Renyi retracted his smile, and revealed a stern expression.

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