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Chen Xiang and the others were shocked that the dark area of the Life Forest was actually a G.o.d Realm punishment grounds. Now that they had barged into this place and were unable to leave, and the punishment energy had not disappeared, it meant that the punishment energy would continue. As long as there was a creature inside, it would be activated.

Chen Xiang tried to use his spatial energy, but it was completely useless. The s.p.a.ce and time here were extremely strange, and the spatial laws he mastered were not applicable here at all.

"If you want to die, then don't resist the poison in your body. Just let the poison spread and you can die." Chen Xiang was calm, but he used his divine power to support his body and slowly moved towards h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians.

"This won't do. If those strange poisons destroy my body, then a power will be born here. It will invade my body to restore my body, and my soul will also be forcefully pulled back into my body by that power to continue bearing the punishment." h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians snorted: "Even if you wanted to kill me now, you wouldn't be able to."

"There is another power in this place that can revive dead people. Otherwise, the Life Forest outside would not have been so strange, it would have been affected by the life force here."

Chen Xiang laughed, "I can't kill you? If I kill you, don't regret it …. Of course, the dead cannot be regretted. "

"Come at me!" h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians was very confident that Chen Xiang wouldn't be able to kill him.

All of the bones in Chen Xiang's body had been broken, and his muscles had been severely injured. However, his divine power was very strong, he could use it to attach to his four limbs, and then use it to move his limbs.

"Then I'll thank you first!" Chen Xiang snickered and took out a special wooden box. After opening the wooden box, there was some white powder.

"Thank me? What is that thing in your hand? " The h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians frowned. Chen Xiang had many kinds of strange poisons in his hands, he thought that this might be a very strong poison.

"Something that can take your life!" Chen Xiang poured the powder from the wooden box onto h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians's body. "This thing is called G.o.d-eclipse powder, you should …"

"Ah — —" Before Chen Xiang could finish his words, the h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians let out a wild roar. His body was emitting mist and was being corroded.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Thank you for your divine soul. To be able to obtain such a powerful divine soul like yours, my injuries are worth it!"

He channeled his Devouring magic kungfu and the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, quickly extracting the h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians's soul from it, then devouring it into his own Divine Sense Sea, before placing it into the Divine Deity.

h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians's body had already turned into mist and dissipated. His soul had also been swallowed by Chen Xiang and had already died!

In Chen Xiang's eyes, this place that punished the G.o.ds was not as scary as what the h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians had said.

After entering and killing the h.e.l.l Prince, he had gained the h.e.l.l Prince's Divine Deity and divine soul, as well as the Eagle Emperor's three beast emperors' divine souls. Furthermore, he had also obtained the h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians's divine soul, so his harvest was extremely bountiful.

"Start to heal, then properly digest the soul that has been devoured these days! If only these souls could be moved. " Chen Xiang wanted to give these divine souls to Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian.

"That's not good. It's better for the soul to cultivate it itself, or to use other methods to help it grow. For example, the methods in the Divine Devil Cult, using someone else's soul as the base of their soul is not good." Long Xueyi said: "Other people's soul is only suitable for cultivation."

Chen Xiang said: "When the Divine Devil Cult's Sect Leader's memories were searched, I know that they have cultivated the secrets of the G.o.d Soul. Once I leave this d.a.m.ned place, I will return to the Nine Heaven World and help Xianxian and the Elder Sister Meng'er develop their G.o.d Soul."

"Hurry up and refine the s.p.a.ce black iron. If you want to return to Nine Heaven World, you will need to rely on the artifacts refined by the s.p.a.ce black iron to be safe."

Liu Meng'er and the other girls were busy inside the ring, understanding that the presence of so many s.p.a.ce black iron was a huge project. If they were to do it in the Divine Fire Forest, with Jiang Sheng's help as a Divine Craftsman, it would be much easier.

Chen Xiang started to cultivate. Since the nine blood colored Bane Stars in the sky did not make any movements, it meant that there would not be any danger for the time being.

"Using the Heavenly Alchemy to refine those divine souls should be a lot faster. When my divine soul becomes stronger, I can then refine the Divine Deity of the h.e.l.l Prince into my own Divine Deity so that my Divine Deity can become even stronger." Chen Xiang thought.

His body was extremely weak when compared to the cultivation of his soul, and looking at his current cultivation level of Divine Deity, plus the fact that he could cultivate Emperor soul s in the future, he would need to have at least the jade bones to be able to balance himself.

Cultivating the physical body was extremely difficult, and the quickest way was through high level pills, such as sacred pills!

Back then, the Pill Saint relied on eating the Holy Elixir to cultivate to become a powerful Jade Bone, Chen Xiang was very confident that he would be able to obtain a powerful physical body in the future. As long as he could refine a Holy Elixir and find a medicinal ingredient to strengthen his body, he would definitely be able to do so.

Chen Xiang had Divine Deity. As long as he could settle down and cultivate, he could quickly refine the soul that had been devoured, and make his own soul stronger.

The divine souls of h.e.l.l Prince, Dragon Emperor and h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians were all extremely strong, and were not easy to refine. Only when Chen Xiang combined with his Divine Deity, could there be any obvious progress, and even then, it still required a period of time to complete.

As he trained, he did not feel the pa.s.sage of time, especially when Chen Xiang was studying the Heavenly Alchemy and cultivating at the same time. During this time, he did not have much contact with the girl inside the Youyao ring, nor did they disturb Chen Xiang, which was why he was able to concentrate on cultivating.

It had already been a year, and in this blood-coloured starlight covered punishment grounds, only Chen Xiang was left. The surroundings were deathly still without any sound, but this place was filled with an extremely dense amount of life force.

Even if the previously heavily injured Chen Xiang didn't heal himself, he would still be able to recover quickly after lying here for a period of time. This was exactly as the h.e.l.l Suppressing Guardians had said, it would be extremely difficult for him to die here.

"I've finally finished refining those Divine Deity!" Chen Xiang opened his eyes and exhaled. There was a look of disappointment on his face.

"You haven't cultivated a Emperor soul?" Long Xueyi asked. If it was like this, she could understand Chen Xiang's disappointment.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, those fellows' souls can only absorb a little too little energy. The rest will turn into impurities and be refined away during refinement, the main reason is that these fellows' souls are not pure enough."

Although the souls of h.e.l.l Prince and the Dragon Emperor were strong, there were too many elements of evil that could not be absorbed. Therefore, although Chen Xiang had devoured a lot of the souls, although the souls were strong, only a small amount of them could be absorbed.

"Don't be discouraged, how can cultivating Emperor soul be so easy? In the past, the Strong of Lord Stage s would at least take ten thousand years to cultivate. " Long Xueyi comforted her: "Do you need my help?"

Long Xueyi's help was to cultivate the G.o.ds join method!

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