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"Let's go out together. It's not good to stay in this ship, it's too restrictive. Especially in this Divine Fire Forest, we cannot immediately sense anything approaching us." The White Tiger said.

The group left the living room of the ship and entered the blazing forest.

"The flames here are really powerful!" Chen Xiang came to the side of a small flower as the flower heart burned with an intense flame. He stabbed his finger deep into the flower heart, and actually felt a slight burning pain.

He had always been a fire expert, and his physical body was also extremely powerful. Even a small flower was enough to burn him to a crisp, causing him to sigh in amazement.

"As long as I strip it off, it won't burn!" Chen Xiang pulled out that small flower and carefully observed it. He discovered that this small flower contained a special energy, as long as it fused with another flower's energy, it would ignite into flames.

"Life Forest is indeed not simple!" Jiang Sheng also carefully observed the plants that were burning in flames.

The first barrier was the Purple Leaf Forest, and the purple colored plants were also very special. The cold energy in the Cold Wind Forest was able to give birth to a large number of strong Poisonous beast that possessed the Profound Frost Evil Emperor, and this Divine Fire Forest was even more special.

Just the flames released by any one of these little flowers or gra.s.ses was enough to burn a Immortal-becoming realm Ranker to death.

"The mischievous spirit has appeared. You guys be careful. Although this thing isn't strong, it's very troublesome. If you don't pay attention, you might even get injured." The White Tiger frowned.

Chen Xiang and the others did not realize, but after the White Tiger gave the order, they looked around. On the branches of the trees, there were things about the size of human beings, their bodies burning with flames, almost like human beings.

"What is this?" We didn't discover anything. " Chen Xiang said.

"Fire Demons. Because they are born from the flames here, their auras are one with the environment here. It's definitely not easy to discover them." The White Tiger said, "Don't bother with them. Let's leave quickly. This should be their territory."

Chen Xiang and the rest followed closely behind, but before they could take more than a few steps, the Fire Demons had already pounced down from the trees, covering the sky with their attacks.

Chen Xiang punched in the air, releasing a rippling force that brought along a burst of gales, with which one punch scattered dozens of Fire Demons.

However, his attacks didn't have much of an effect. The scattered flames quickly regrouped, especially those that fell to the ground. After transforming from a new Fire Demon, they continued to charge towards them.

"So hot!" Jiang Sheng shouted. He took out a Jasper gourd, which produced a strong suction force that instantly sucked the dozen or so Fire Demons that were flying over.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang anxiously took out the Demon G.o.d's Suppressing PaG.o.da and stored the Fire Demons inside.

Jiang Sheng had the most magic treasures, and in order to quickly deal with these Fire Demons, he took out the divine furnace to collect more Fire Demons. However, the number of Fire Demons decreased by a lot in an instant.

"Alright, now we can leave quickly!" The White Tiger said, "We just need to pay attention to one thing and not enter the territory of some powerful individuals. We won't encounter any battles."

The White Tiger was more familiar with the Divine Fire Forest. Ever since he met the Fire Demons, he became more cautious, avoiding the powerful fire beasts and rushing straight towards the Vermillion Bird's territory.

The Vermillion Bird's territory was a very large short mountain. She lived in the belly of the mountain, and this mountain was filled with small trees, all of them burning with fire.

There was no such fire in the cave, but there was still an uncomfortable heat.

After arriving here, Chen Xiang released Dongfang Xinyue. The reborn Vermillion Bird was very strong, it might even have Divine Deity. After arriving here, everyone felt much more relaxed, even if the Arrogant Wolf G.o.d appeared again, they would no longer be afraid.

Inside the mountain was a small palace, and inside it was the Vermillion Bird itself. She was already sitting in the hall waiting for Chen Xiang.

The Vermillion Bird was a bold woman, Chen Xiang had known this before. However, he didn't think that the Vermillion Bird would actually look like a cute, round-faced woman, and it even looked a little soft.

"It's good that you didn't die." The Vermillion Bird laughed lightly, she anxiously walked over and looked at Dongfang Xinyue, worried that he was injured, then she frowned and looked at him.

The Vermillion Bird was wearing a red skirt, its face was round and sweet and beautiful, and it didn't look as spicy as Long Xueyi had said. At least, she gave Chen Xiang a good first impression of it.

"You are the one who overturned Endless Heaven Realm and Endless Heaven Realm, Chen Xiang." The Vermillion Bird circled around Chen Xiang once, then laughed sweetly: "You're out of the blue and you're out of the blue. You're even better than Qi Shi!"

Long Xueyi laughed complacently: "That's for sure, go and see who is guiding him from behind. Little Fire Bird, we haven't seen each other for so many years, you seem to have gotten fatter. "

The Vermillion Bird patted Long Xueyi's towering chest and said, "Same here!"

Jiang Sheng chuckled, "Lord Vermilion Bird, I am only halfway through the task you entrusted to me, please forgive me!"

"Don't worry, my old bones can be refined into Suzaku bow for Warm Moon and the others. "However, you are too useless. You did not die, and even after living for so long, you are still that weak." The Vermillion Bird curled its lips, "Don't be afraid of me, I won't pursue the matter of the Suzaku silk!"

Jiang Sheng laughed heartily: "About this … I never thought that after you, Vermillion Bird, were reborn, your temper would become better and your strength would become stronger. I was originally just a piece of trash, and after thinking about it for so many years, I still don't know how to cultivate Divine Deity.

Long Xueyi, White Tiger and Vermillion Bird all wanted to obtain Divine Deity. If Qi Shi didn't die back then, he would have one now.

"That's because you're useless. Senior Lu is also a human, and you can cultivate Divine Deity?" Long Xueyi laughed.

Lv Zhen laughed and said: "I think we should first discuss how to deal with the Arrogant Wolf G.o.d. This guy will most likely come chasing us."

The Vermillion Bird frowned, "You guys want to deal with someone like the Arrogant Wolf G.o.d? Do you want to join hands and get rid of him here? "

Long Xueyi nodded: "It's really so. If you had joined, then we would have definitely taken him down. This guy has my Divine Deity on him!"

"Don't expect me to make a move, Arrogant Wolf G.o.d is not easy to deal with!" The Vermillion Bird replied, "Although I have always been here, I am more familiar with the matters of the Infernal Realm and the G.o.ds Realm."

"Why? The flames here can weaken his strength! " Long Xueyi said. The Vermillion Bird's temper had improved by a lot, this was beyond her expectations, but she still did not agree.

The Vermillion Bird said, "It's not that I don't want to help you get your Divine Deity back, it's that Arrogant Wolf G.o.d isn't an ordinary guy who has been suppressed. Someone who has caused so much trouble in the G.o.ds Realm like him should have his Divine Deity removed, then his body destroyed, and his soul suppressed! But he hasn't, his physical body and soul are all here. "

"Right now, he is only supporting a body that isn't in a good condition to deal with you. He isn't being suppressed in h.e.l.l, and with his terrifying recovery speed, it won't be long before he recovers a lot of strength. The flames here can't do anything to him."

Lv Zhen took a light breath, "That's right, Arrogant Wolf G.o.d's evil reputation is very famous in the G.o.ds Realm. Logically speaking, he should be severely punished, but from the looks of it, he shouldn't be a big deal. But releasing Arrogant Wolf G.o.d now is equivalent to releasing him in disguised form. "

"The situation in the Infernal Realm is very complicated, so h.e.l.l Devil Emperor can do whatever he wants. With one Arrogant Wolf G.o.d, there will be two of them. With our current strength, even if we add all of them together, we won't be able to withstand it for long." The Vermillion Bird sighed, "If we want to kill him, it will be even more difficult to reclaim his Divine Deity."

Dongfang Xinyue asked in a low voice, "Then will Arrogant Wolf G.o.d be here soon? Ancestor Suzaku, didn't your position here already become exposed? "

"Don't worry, I've been here for so many years. I've wanted to walk around for a long time, it doesn't matter if I'm exposed." The Vermillion Bird smiled faintly at Dongfang Xinyue. She was very good to Dongfang Xinyue.

"So you're saying, we should now think of a way to get rid of the Arrogant Wolf G.o.d?" Jiang Sheng said: "I originally planned to cultivate here."

The White Tiger and Vermillion Bird looked at each other and nodded.

"The only good thing about the Divine Fire Forest is that it can prevent his Domain from being released. He cannot use his powerful strength to seal it off, so even if we meet him, we can still run away." The Vermillion Bird said.

After Chen Xiang thought about it carefully, he sighed, "Arrogant Wolf G.o.d's goal is me, so all of you don't have to follow me and take the risk.

"How can that be? You have also seen the Arrogant Wolf G.o.d. That guy is scary." Qi Shi said: "If you face it yourself, it will definitely be even more dangerous."

The Vermillion Bird said, "Arrogant Wolf G.o.d definitely has a backer, as long as he completes the deal with h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and kills you, h.e.l.l Devil Emperor will definitely help him return to G.o.ds Realm, and in order for G.o.ds Realm to help him get rid of his crimes, he will also secretly give him a certain amount of support. What you are facing right now is not only Arrogant Wolf G.o.d, but the power behind Arrogant Wolf G.o.d as well."

Chen Xiang said: "I want to enter the depths of Life Forest, the dark area behind the third barrier, but I will stay at the edge for a while. When Arrogant Wolf G.o.d finds me, I will bring him in."

"No way, this is too dangerous! That area is terrifying!" The Vermillion Bird hurriedly said, "Warm Moon is connected to you by life."

"Just undo the Master-servant Contract." Chen Xiang said: "I want to go in and take a look. If I can't get out, there's no need to worry, as long as I have sufficient strength and use the power of s.p.a.ce well, I can still get out later."

Chen Xiang felt that if he was unable to deal with Arrogant Wolf G.o.d, there would still be a Chaos fire in the end.

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