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The moment Chen Xiang came out, the Eagle Emperor s, the Profound Frost Evil Emperor s, and the Black Poison Python Emperor all rushed over. The aura Chen Xiang revealed was very obvious, it was difficult to not discover him.

"Chen Xiang, have you thought it through and come out to die?" Eagle Emperor laughed sinisterly: "If you hand over the Azure Dragon Sword, I might be able to let you die a little faster."

As he was speaking, Chen Xiang had already sensed two formless cold Qi attacking him, which instantly pierced through his body, causing his entire body to turn cold. These were extremely powerful profoundhan poison.

The Black Frost Evil Emperor and the Black Poison Python Emperor were indeed very strong, and they did not make a sound when using the poison. If he did not possess the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, he would have been poisoned to death a long time ago.

The sky was covered with thick clouds, and a light snow was falling. Although the cold wind blew gently, it was extremely cutting, and the towering trees in the surroundings were covered in a thick layer of ice. The white birds stood on top of the ice, chirping non-stop, looking down at the monster emperors whose killing intent was colder than the cold wind.

Chen Xiang stood there without moving, and looked at the Profound Frost Evil Emperor and the Poison Python Emperor with a smile. He used a smile to tell them, that such a powerful profoundhan poison had no effect on him.

"Green Hawk, where's your fox friend? I think he's more useful than these two guys." Chen Xiang smiled and said: "Oh right, you should be with the Super Holy School s of Super Holy School. Why didn't he bring you to capture me?"

Eagle Emperor's face immediately turned green. His strength was limited, he had not pa.s.sed Super Holy School's test before, and his concealment technique was not in place, so he was kicked out. This made him very angry, fortunately he found two good partners here.

"Is it useless? Then let's do it."

When Eagle Emperor spoke, he had already thrusted out hundreds of times towards Chen Xiang. When he stabbed the sword, it was extremely light, and did not cause too much fluctuation.

"Black Frost Seal." The Profound Frost Evil Emperor bellowed, the temperature suddenly went cold, the s.p.a.ce immediately became extremely st.u.r.dy, Chen Xiang tried, but was unable to teleport.

Previously, Dongfang Xinyue had said that the strong warriors in the Cold Wind Forest would only know how to use cold energy to seal s.p.a.ce.

"Be careful, there is a White Dragon following him. What I told you before, do not be careless." Eagle Emperor shouted, he did not dare approach Chen Xiang, although his cultivation was much higher than Chen Xiang.

"The s.p.a.ce is already sealed. We can deal with him slowly." The Black Poison Python Emperor said coldly, "Attack from afar."

The three of them surrounded Chen Xiang, and in the blink of an eye, they released all kinds of attacks that covered the sky. Eagle Emperor used a type of sharp black feather to attack Chen Xiang, and rained down on him.

The Evil Emperor used a very strong type of Frost Poison Needle. Tens of thousands of them, its penetrating power was extremely strong, and the Black Poison Python Emperor's attack was extremely disgusting.

"Ten Thousand Dragons Slaughtering the Heavens." While defending against the attack, Chen Xiang released one of the strongest Heavenly dragon seal, the Myriad Dragon Slaughtering the Heavens.

The moment the roar of the ten thousand dragons came out, just the sound wave alone was enough to put an enormous pressure on everyone. The shock wave that was created was like a web that split the ground, causing the shattered ice to shatter, and along with the wind brought by the sound wave, it blew in all directions, forming a terrifying blizzard. In the blink of an eye, it covered a radius of a hundred miles, and all the trees and short mountains that the storm pa.s.sed through were flattened.

This was just the prelude to "Ten Thousand Dragons Slaughter the Heavens".

When Chen Xiang, who possessed Divine Deity, used it, it displayed boundless power. It was extremely frightening.

Roar, roar, roar.

The Myriad Dragon Qi roared and shook continuously. As Chen Xiang released his Divine Sense Sea's power, the golden clouds in the sky became denser and denser, rolling and surging forward, glowing with multicolored light.

"Take this." Chen Xiang spread open his arms and roared explosively. In an instant, tens of thousands of dragons roared with all their might, as if they were going to destroy heaven and earth, and crazily rained down from the sky.

When the ten thousand dragons descended, the spatial seal that was sealing Chen Xiang became extremely weak. When the three Eagle Emperor s were enraged, they had already been engulfed by the tornado, and now, ten thousand dragons descended. In order to prevent themselves from getting injured, all of them resisted.

"Let's go." Long Xueyi's Dragon G.o.d power suddenly rushed into Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea and merged with his divine power in an instant.

Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and yet another world-shaking dragon roar exploded outwards.

"Lightning Cut." Chen Xiang used all of his strength to strike the most violent lightning strike within the Dragon Slaying Seven Slaughtering Slash. This was the first time he was using the Seven Slaughtering Slash since he had entered the sacred realm.

It was a blur within the snowstorm but Chen Xiang knew where the Black Poison Python Emperor was and he teleported behind it to slash at it with Lightning Strike.

With a thunderous rumble, the entire ground seemed as if it would tear apart at any moment.

"Ahh …"

In the midst of its panic, the Black Poison Python Emperor was struck by Chen Xiang's lightning strike, causing its body to split apart. Worse, Chen Xiang had even quickly scattered some Peac.o.c.k Powder on his wound, instantly petrifying it.

The snowstorm stopped, and Chen Xiang stood beside a small, painful looking old man's stone sculpture. Beside the stone sculpture, more than half of his body was dripping with blood, and the arm around his body was still wiggling.

Within this spatial seal, there was still the Eagle Emperor and the Profound Frost Evil Emperor. However, they were currently standing there with fear written all over their faces, because there was someone at their side.

Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng's sneak attack just now was a success.

Eagle Emperor's body was pierced through by Qi Shi's palm, the back of his head had a large hole in it, he no longer had the strength to fight.

Although Jiang Sheng usually looked like a handsome man, and was a little mischievous, his methods were extremely ruthless. The profound cold Evil Emperor was already smashed into pieces by Jiang Sheng's divine hammer, and what caused others to be terrified was that after being smashed to such a state, he was still alive and still able to move.

"I want their souls." Chen Xiang pulled out the divine soul of the Black Poison Python Emperor, then quickly swallowed the villainous Evil Emperor, and in the end, arrived at the Eagle Emperor that Qi Shi had subdued with difficulty.

"Wait." Long Xueyi shouted as she came out of the ring.

Long Xueyi laughed coldly at the Eagle Emperor: "d.a.m.ned Green Haired Eagle, back then I kindly lent you the Azure Dragon Sword, and you actually went back on your words and fought against me in the end. Don't think that you can live forever just by being a dog for the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, don't even think about it."

"Devour his soul." Long Xueyi fiercely kicked Eagle Emperor.

Originally, he thought that even if he died, with the help of the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, he would be able to revive. However, with his soul being devoured, it was equivalent to his soul being destroyed, unable to enter h.e.l.l in one go, and unable to revive.

Chen Xiang smashed Eagle Emperor's head with all his might, pulling out his soul, then threw his corpse into the Demon G.o.d Slaying Tower to be fed to the h.e.l.l King.

Just as Chen Xiang and the others were about to leave, the surroundings suddenly became pitch black.

"What an evil power. Is it the Primordial Evil Lion?" Qi Shi looked at the flashing red lightning in the sky with a serious expression.

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