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"How can I find that Evil Emperor?" Right now, Chen Xiang not only had to avoid the Thunder Emperor and the others' tracking, he also had to find the Evil Emperor.

There are two possibilities. Firstly, he gave up trying to kill you, and secondly, he has the confidence to catch you on his own. If it's the latter, then he might have a way. Long Xueyi said.

"The Evil Emperor should know that I have obtained the inheritance of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable. If he were to fight alone with me, he would definitely not be able to obtain any benefits, and even coming here to capture me under these circ.u.mstances, he definitely has some other methods. It seems that I have to be careful."

Chen Xiang was now even more vigilant, paying attention to the spatial ripples in his surroundings. If there was even the slightest movement, he would immediately hide into the chaotic s.p.a.ce to avoid the sudden sneak attack.

"Then don't enter the Cold Wind Forest first, stay here, and look for those beasts that have fought a great battle. On one hand, you need to absorb the beast spirit, and on the other hand, you need to train your ability to use the s.p.a.ce Domain. At that time, even if someone hides their presence very well, it would be hard for them to escape your senses." Long Xueyi said.

With himself as the center, it formed a very large spatial sensing domain. As long as someone stepped into this s.p.a.ce Domain, they would immediately know that if they used it proficiently, even if it was a small flying insect, they would immediately sense it.

Although Chen Xiang controlled the power of the spatial laws, no one would instruct him how to use it. He could only figure out how to use the powerful and mysterious power of s.p.a.ce on his own, and now that he had used it well, he could either teleport far away or engage in long-distance spatial slaughter. Currently, he was trying to figure out how to use the power of s.p.a.ce to form his own domain, so that he could discover his pursuers ahead of time.

The domain that he had released must have a large area of effect. If it was too small, he would have only sensed it before the others had arrived and set up a barrier to seal the s.p.a.ce.

"After mastering the s.p.a.ce Domain, I still need to learn how to break through the spatial seal." Chen Xiang said firmly. Before, when the h.e.l.l Devil Troop was besieging him and when he was being ambushed by the Thunder Emperor and the others, they were all extremely strong spatial seals.

Breaking through this kind of seal should be the easiest for him who possessed spatial energy, but he didn't know how to do it. Right now, this was his top priority, and he planned to figure out how to use the s.p.a.ce Domain while learning it.

Chen Xiang stood on top of a huge purple leaf that was a huge tree and released an invisible force of s.p.a.ce. This weak force of s.p.a.ce carried his divine power, covering an area of fifty kilometers, and then, he calmed his heart to sense any movement.

Normally, one could also use G.o.d Power to sense something like this, but the G.o.d Power only sensed through the breath, and anything would have a tiny bit of aura. Once the G.o.d Power was released, the surroundings would appear in one's mind, but the person with the ability to conceal their aura could not be detected, and they would be able to approach unknowingly.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi's concealment skills were extremely strong, so they could often sneak in close to some strong warriors and launch sneak attacks without anyone noticing.

But now, those people from the Thunder Emperor had learned some profound concealment techniques from the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, which allowed them to hide themselves well from Chen Xiang, before stealthily approaching him.

Right now, Chen Xiang was using the power of s.p.a.ce to display this kind of sensing domain. As long as he and Chen Xiang were in the same s.p.a.ce, the moment he entered his domain, he could immediately feel that even concealing his aura would not be of any use. In his s.p.a.ce, the slightest movement would produce a certain degree of spatial change, which would be detected by him.

Right now, he could very clearly feel that there were very small ants crawling on the ground. He could even feel the sand and dust that were blown by the breeze entering his s.p.a.ce Domain.

But Chen Xiang felt that it was not enough, because he had used too much spatial energy, causing him to expend a lot of energy. He had to adjust it to make use of the least amount of spatial energy to complete s.p.a.ce Domain.

His s.p.a.ce Domain did not only use a moment, but he could use it at any time, so he had to control his energy consumption.

He kept changing locations, and after using it many times, he became more and more proficient in it. Even when he was moving at a high speed, the s.p.a.ce Domain would not disappear.

In these ten days, no one from Thunder Emperor had chased after him. Perhaps it was because of the continuous change in his position, but even if he did catch up, before he could even get close to him, he had already moved on.

Although it was very difficult to catch up with Chen Xiang, Thunder Emperor and the others were already mentally prepared. They felt that spending some time to kill Chen Xiang was much better than their own painstaking efforts to condense their Divine Deity, because even if they spent a lot of time to do so, it might end in nothing. It was different from chasing Chen Xiang.

Just as Chen Xiang had guessed, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had already increased the bounty on him to three Divine Deity s, thus the experts of Thunder Emperor, Dragon Emperor and the Hou Clan formed a group and led a few Holy Masters to chase after Chen Xiang.

"It's time to test the results of my training." Chen Xiang stood on top of a leaf. He planned to stay there for a long time and wait for Thunder Emperor and the others to come. He wanted to see how well he was using the s.p.a.ce Domain.

Once Chen Xiang stopped at a certain place, Thunder Emperor and the others would receive a message from h.e.l.l, and then, they would quickly head towards that place.

Now, their Communication jade Symbol paper was trembling, with Chen Xiang's detailed location inside. When they found out, they immediately rushed over.

"He's coming." Chen Xiang waited for more than six hours, when he suddenly sensed that there were more than ten s.p.a.ce Domain s inside, and a distance away from him.

This time, he could clearly feel how many people had come in, and he could clearly sense the shape and outline of their faces.

"Very good." Chen Xiang was extremely satisfied with his s.p.a.ce Domain, so he turned and left, but just as he was about to leave, a spatial seal suddenly enveloped him.

"Just a little more." Thunder Emperor saw the undulating s.p.a.ce, which was the remnant spatial energy that Chen Xiang used to travel and leave.

"Could it be that our Concealment Spell is useless?" An old man asked. He had followed Thunder Emperor from the Heavenly Thunder Region and learned the same concealment technique.

If a person failed to master the concealment technique, they would not be able to partic.i.p.ate. Therefore, this group of people had gone through a strict examination before they chased after Chen Xiang.

The Dragon Emperor shook his head: "When we rush over, it might affect the flow of air. Chen Xiang is so vigilant, so he probably left after sensing it. A few days ago, when we were very far from him, didn't he also run around?"

All of the experts present had experienced such situations before. Sometimes, they would have to do extremely secretive things, and whenever there was such a commotion in the surroundings, they would immediately leave.

"With Elder Hou here, we still have a lot of advantages. We have to hurry and take Chen Xiang down before the other teams come over." Thunder Emperor said: "These three Divine Deity must be ours."

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