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It was foreseeable that there would be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle here. The purple monkeys looked small, but their nails were very sharp. When they bared their fangs, they showed a cold glint. It was obvious that they could easily tear apart a thick layer of tough skin.

"The number of wild boars are few, and their agility is inferior to those monkeys. It seems like this group of wild boars is going to be out of luck." She, Pearl and Kong Bailing could all see the situation outside from the inside.

The purple monkeys were all on the trees, hundreds of thousands of them, surrounding the wild boar in a circle, baring their teeth and shouting. The group of wild boars let out deep roars, causing the fangs to emit an intimidating purple light, one could tell that the battle strength of these wild boars was very strong, even though it was only 50,000 or 60,000 berserk beasts, it didn't seem like they would lose.

Chen Xiang was hiding up there, while the Purple Monkey and Wild Boar below him were not aware of him, not to mention that they were all shouting and yelling, how could they care about anything else?

The battle had not yet begun, and both sides were shouting to increase their momentum.

Suddenly, a purple light flashed, and a tall man with a purple cape that fluttered in the wind appeared. He held a purple spear in his hand, and with a loud roar, he raised it high up into the air.

"This should be the monkey emperor of the Purple Monkey. It's strength is indeed very strong." Chen Xiang frowned, he had previously planned to take advantage of something, but the kings of the beasts were all extremely strong, so even if a strong Ranker like Thunder Emperor came, he would not casually fight with a beast emperor.

The emperor of the wild boars also came out, it was a middle-aged giant man wearing a purple armor. The monkey emperor was already majestic enough, but this wild boar emperor was two heads taller than his opponent, and the weapon in his hand was also very domineering, it was a huge sword as wide as a door.

With the appearance of the two beast emperors, their killing intent skyrocketed. This battle was unavoidable.

"Kill!" The wild boar emperor was the first to shout. After a loud roar, the monkey emperor also roared and turned into a purple light, soaring high into the sky. The wild boar emperor did the same, flying high up into the sky to fight the monkey emperor.

In the blink of an eye, a wave of pressure descended upon the two beast emperors. The two beast emperors had already clashed, and the violet monkey and wild boar below were engaged in battle as well.

"These guys, why are they fighting? There is no lack of resources in this place, so there is no need to engage in such pointless battles." Chen Xiang frowned as he looked at the tragic and b.l.o.o.d.y scene. He shook his head.

The Vermillion Bird Ancestor was also very curious about this sort of behavior. After many years of research, she found out that most of the beast emperors here fought their battles and that it wasn't that difficult for the beasts here to grow into Saint Beasts. It was just a matter of time before they stopped growing up. Dongfang Xinyue said.

Chen Xiang had already guessed something, and said: "Although it is only in the Purple Leaf Forest, many of the Holy Beasts here are ambitious. Later on, they would definitely discover a way to break through the bottleneck."

Dongfang Xinyue nodded his head, "That's right, it's eating flesh and blood, but it's not always effective when eating, it's only effective at a specific time. This should be a cycle, when the time comes, these sacred beasts will consciously gather together and have the Beast Emperor command them to go around killing each other."

Long Xueyi said: "In that case, after this period of time, the ones that can survive will all have eaten the most, and be the strongest."

Chen Xiang had already seen a few Purple Monkeys who were fighting very fiercely. Although they looked to be about the same as the other Purple Monkeys, they were very experienced and easy to see through.

"This is a good opportunity. These guys only eat meat, there must be a lot of beast spirits." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had been paying attention since the beginning, so he did not make any moves to fear that he would attract the attention of the two beast emperors. However, he had already secretly used his powerful and formless divine power and used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell's method to release a "Soul Sealing Curse" to envelop the battlefield.

"You can start now. Those two beast emperors fought very fiercely, and they have distanced themselves from here." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang began to devour all the beast souls that were floating in the vicinity, and absorb them all into the Divine Sense Sea as quickly as he would absorb Holy Spirit Qi, then he placed them into the Divine Deity and used the Divine Deity to quickly refine them.

The people here were all Saint Beasts. The beast spirits here were exceptionally strong and most of them were very pure, much better than the demons of h.e.l.l. A beast soul of 10,000 was equal to a hundred thousand Demons.

After fighting for an entire day, a total of seventy to eighty thousand purple monkeys and wild boars died, and the two monster emperors did not manage to split their burden, retreating both parties. However, Chen Xiang's harvest was extremely huge, with such a large number of beast spirits, he quickly strengthened his spirit, he felt that if he stayed here for a while longer, and looked for a great battle like this, he might be able to use this method to cultivate Emperor soul.

"What does it feel like?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that something was amiss, he anxiously channeled his spatial energy, causing him to instantly enter the tyrannical s.p.a.ce.

Just as he entered the tyrannical s.p.a.ce, the divine soul that Chen Xiang left at his original spot saw a few people descend. They were the Thunder Emperor s, Dragon Emperor s and some other Holy Masters that he was familiar with.

"These guys really are haunting us like ghosts. Just now, it was so close, we were almost covered by them again."

Chen Xiang sighed, he had no choice but to admit that this group of people had made great progress while chasing and killing him, especially in the area of concealing auras. If not for his extremely sharp perception of s.p.a.ce fluctuations, he would have been trapped earlier and would have had to face a large group of experts.

After his previous experience of being sealed within a sealed s.p.a.ce in the Floating City, even now, Chen Xiang not only used the method of sensing auras to guard against enemies, but also the way the s.p.a.ce around him fluctuated, allowing him to release an invisible s.p.a.ce Domain. As long as someone stepped into the s.p.a.ce Domain, he would be able to detect them as long as they were able to affect s.p.a.ce in the slightest.

"Can't we stay here any longer?" Chen Xiang still wanted to stay in the Purple Leaf Forest because he could obtain a large amount of beast spirits.

Of course you can, but you have to be careful. The new Evil Emperor did not follow him, I wonder if he went back, if he was still here, then he would have killed this guy. Long Xueyi said.

Letting Chen Xiang face a few Strong of Lord Stage was not something he could handle with his current strength, but if it was against a new Evil Emperor, he felt that it wouldn't be a problem.

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