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The three fellows that Long Xueyi spoke of were White Tiger, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng. They quickly flew in the huge forest, avoiding the huge branches and leaves, and headed towards Chen Xiang.

"Run, these three guys lured the monkeys over here." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to travel through s.p.a.ce to hide, but White Tiger and the others must have come all the way here to help him, so he felt embarra.s.sed and decided to just run.

"Chen Xiang, quickly use your spatial energy and bring us away. This group of purple monkeys is too troublesome to deal with." The White Tiger had already sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang from very far away.

Chen Xiang took a small breath and channeled his spatial energy. At this moment, he could already see White Tiger and the other two, releasing his spatial energy to envelop them.

The White Tiger and the others sensed that Chen Xiang was releasing the spatial energy, but did not resist. Instead, they relaxed.

Qi Shi saw Chen Xiang and laughed. He patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and said, "It's good to be able to grasp the spatial laws, you really can run. Even h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's h.e.l.l Devil Troop can't do anything about you."

Just as Qi Shi finished speaking, Long Xueyi flashed out from within the Serenity Ring. He glared fiercely at Qi Shi and said angrily: "Hurry and repay me with my Divine Deity."

Qi Shi was very calm, because he had already expected such a reaction from Long Xueyi. He laughed: "There definitely isn't any Divine Deity, but there is one that can kill you, if you want it, you can have it."

"This life of yours, what use is there for me to come here? How can it be as precious as this old lady's Divine Deity?" Long Xueyi grabbed Qi Shi's collars, she was extremely furious, when she mentioned this matter with Chen Xiang, she did not have such a reaction, but now that she saw Qi Shi being such a rascal, she was even more angry.

"Bai Long, forget it." He would have expected such a thing to happen.

"How can we let it go like this? We must get him to compensate us." Long Xueyi snorted and released Qi Shi. He placed his hands on his hips, "You can't give me back my Divine Deity, there's no other compensation."

Seeing Long Xueyi like that, Chen Xiang shook her head and laughed. Long Xueyi had a Supreme Dragon blood, it was the same as Divine Deity. Furthermore, her Emperor soul's sleeping ability can allow her to easily condense her Divine Deity, so she did not put Divine Deity in her heart right now.

"Okay, this is for you." Although Qi Shi was thick-skinned, he knew that if he lost someone's Divine Deity, he still had to compensate them. He took out a large box, and after he opened it, a pale white glow immediately shone from inside, bringing along the scent of fresh fruits.

This was actually a big box of green fruits, looking sweet and tasty, Long Xueyi almost couldn't hold it in and wanted to jump over to eat it happily.

"This is the Holy Snow Pear, but Old Jiang and I went inside the profound Cold Ancient Realm to find it. There are a hundred of them, that should be enough compensation right?" Qi Shi still understood Long Xueyi very well, as long as he could get the delicacies to stop Long Xueyi's mouth, he would be able to turn the small issue into something small.

"It's barely enough." Long Xueyi snorted and quickly kept the box. She loved to eat Holy Snow Pear the most, it was sweet, crisp and fragrant.

The White Tiger laughed, "Bai Long, you're still the same as ever."

Long Xueyi scoffed, "The reason you hid so many things from me before was because you were worried that I would bring this kid to h.e.l.l to search for Divine Deity."

The White Tiger nodded its head: "That's Divine Deity, so it's very important to you, and I'm very worried, it's normal. Even if Chen Xiang has cultivated a Emperor soul, it's still not enough to rush into h.e.l.l."

Long Xueyi laughed: "Big white cat, you are underestimating me. It's just a set of Divine Deity, I can condense it out, and I can do it again in the future."

"So you've recovered well." The White Tiger looked at Long Xueyi, but could not see anything.

Jiang Sheng laughed: "The three of you have all died before, and are now reborn. Why don't you fight a bit, and see who is stronger."

"I'm not going to fight, master has the power of the law of darkness, little crazed dragon has Chen Xiang, and it seems like she's hiding something, I can't beat them." Qi Shi immediately shook his head.

The White Tiger asked: "Chen Xiang, did you run all the way to the Life Forest to avoid being hunted down by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, or to find a Vermillion Bird?"

"Well, there are all of them." Chen Xiang said.

"Big white cat, the Vermillion Bird is here. You really dare to come. Aren't you afraid she'll beat you up?" Long Xueyi had a gloating expression.

"It was my fault. I had to apologize to her." The White Tiger sighed, "Now that everyone can be revived, let's gather together."

Qi Shi shook his head, "I don't think that the Vermilion Bird would forgive you. Even this little gluttonous dragon is easier to deal with than her."

Jiang Sheng nodded. "The Vermillion Bird entrusted its feathers to me that year, and I refined it into a Suzaku silk. Afterwards, it gave me a subtle emotional connection between the Suzaku silk and myself, so if she knew, she definitely would not have let me off."

"At most, I would just be scolded by her. What kind of consequences would there be? I'm even afraid of this." Long Xueyi laughed, "The Vermillion Bird is about to condense its Divine Deity now, the best thing is for it to scold her before she condenses her Divine Deity. Otherwise, if she's stronger than you guys in the future, it won't be scolding, but a beating."

"How do you know?" The White Tiger hurriedly asked.

"The little scoundrel's slave girl told us that the scoundrel's slave has the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird, and she's been at the Vermillion Bird's place all this time." Long Xueyi said.

Qi Shi suddenly opened his eyes wide, his face filled with admiration: "A woman with the Vermillion Bird bloodline, you actually dared to take her in as your female slave, and now you are even coming here, aren't you looking to die? If she knew that killing you would allow her to obtain two or three Divine Deity, you would definitely be out of luck."

Jiang Sheng pulled Qi Shi and laughed: "Don't forget, the fighting strength of this little gluttonous dragon is not inferior to that of the Vermillion Bird. You think that she will see Chen Xiang getting bullied by the Vermillion Bird."

Thinking about how close Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang were, Qi Shi let out a long sigh.

Jiang Sheng laughed: "This brat relied on conquering women to conquer the world. If you had done the same in the past, you might still be Ten Heavens Supreme Lord now."

Long Xueyi felt very uncomfortable when he heard this. He immediately said, "If you had conquered the Mei Emperor back then, you would have been even more powerful than a lion. The current Ten Heavens Supreme Lord might even be you!"

"Don't mention it." Jiang Sheng admitted defeat. Right now, what he feared the most was people mentioning the Mei Emperor, that was his dark history.

The White Tiger and Qi Shi both laughed, they knew about Jiang Sheng's situation.

"Although I don't want to tear apart Old Jiang's scars, I still have to say, Mei Emperor has already appeared in Di Tian. Her current abilities are even stronger than before, you guys have to be careful." The White Tiger said seriously.

"I have nothing to be afraid of. Mainly, it's Old Jiang and Chen Xiang." Qi Shi chuckled: "Especially that brat Chen Xiang."

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