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The current Chen Xiang did not look like he was going to fight, but the energy that was gushing out from his body was extremely powerful, and those Demon Generals were unable to approach him.

When Thunder Emperor, Dragon Emperor and the rest arrived, Bai Hu, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng followed closely behind.

"It's all of you." Thunder Emperor saw Qi Shi rushing over. He was not a White Tiger, but he recognized Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng as two familiar faces.

On the other hand, Dragon Emperor was staring at the White Tiger. He remembered the aura on the White Tiger, he never thought that after the White Tiger revived, it would become so terrifying.

"Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, haha... You are just a joke, the real Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord is fighting against a million h.e.l.l Demon Generals inside, yet you are acting like a lackey of the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. " Jiang Sheng laughed unrestrainedly, causing the Dragon Emperor's expression to turn ugly.

Qi Shi did not care about them, he punched the red enchantment, causing a huge lion head to burst out, the roar shook the air, causing the Qi and blood of some of the young Holy Masters to churn, this Ten Heavens Supreme Lord who had been reborn, although not as strong as back then, was still very powerful. Seeing his punch, Dragon Emperor, Thunder Emperor and Evil Emperor all three of them secretly wondered if they were Qi Shi's opponents.

"How could the Spirit Formation laid by the Ten Kings be so easy to destroy?" A h.e.l.l Devil Envoy sneered.

Qi Shi snorted, he looked around: "If it was only the combined power of the ten kings, I might be able to break through, but right now there are not only the ten kings that are secretly setting up a barrier, right?"

Jiang Sheng laughed: It seems like there are quite a few Demon Masters, these fellows are still the same, and do not have much confidence in themselves.

Right now, the three of them have no time to fight with Thunder Emperor and the rest, and Thunder Emperor and the rest did not want to fight with them either. Although they have a lot of people on their side, if they were to fight, it would be a tough battle.

The White Tiger arrived in front of the Spirit Formation and slightly raised its hand. Suddenly, his arm became a lump of black gas that permeated into the Spirit Formation.

"This …"

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned. Not only had they never seen a White Tiger's ability before, but they had never even heard of it.

Just as the White Tiger was about to enter the barrier, a bolt of red lightning struck down from the sky, striking the White Tiger's body. The White Tiger instantly turned into a ball of black fog and disappeared, appearing above the barrier.

"Law of Darkness, I never thought that you would actually grasp the Law of Darkness." A middle-aged man wearing a blood-red cloak appeared. His two tightly clenched fists were covered in a layer of flowing, blood-colored liquid. It seemed to be an extremely fresh blood.

"Move out of the way." If he didn't quickly enter the barrier, and the ten kings finished their barrier, Chen Xiang would be in deep trouble.

There were not only ten powerful Demon Kings here, there were also several powerful Demon Masters. These Demon Masters were the overlords of a region in the Infernal Realm, and their strength was above that of the Demon Kings. They were the right-hand men of h.e.l.l Devil Emperor.

The Demon Lord also felt a lot of pressure when facing the White Tiger. However, he didn't need to defeat it. All he needed to do was to stall for time.

"Leave this kind of stuff to me." Qi Shi shouted, and was about to fly up, but Thunder Emperor and Dragon Emperor suddenly stopped him.

The remaining Jiang Sheng, on the other hand, was facing the Evil Emperor and a large group of Holy Master.

"Hmph, you won't have a chance." A h.e.l.l Devil Envoy said, but his voice sounded very familiar to Qi Shi. This was his h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's voice, and he was speaking through this h.e.l.l Devil Envoy.

Just as the White Tiger and the rest were a little nervous, they were suddenly enveloped by a white light, which was being emitted by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and the multicolored light emitted from his body enveloped countless demons and h.e.l.l Demon Generals. After a few laughs, the white light turned into a large expanse of flames.

"It's the Heavenly Alchemy." The White Tiger frowned.

"That's right, but I've never seen that move before. This kid's comprehension ability is much higher than mine, and he came up with so many different techniques." Qi Shi laughed and said to the Thunder Emperor: "You guys be careful, this brat is even more crazy than me, don't be eaten by him like a pill."

Qi Shi had also done this back then.

What was funny was that the blood-colored barrier that sealed Chen Xiang had now turned into a gigantic pill furnace. Those h.e.l.l Demons and powerful Demon Generals were currently being burned by the flames that Chen Xiang had released, crying miserably over and over again.


Chen Xiang shouted. The millions of demons that were not very strong suddenly turned into pitch black charcoal, with red flames burning on top of them. Waves of purifying powers floated out from the red flames, and gathered above Chen Xiang's head.

"Fuse." When Chen Xiang said the second word, all the h.e.l.l Demons instantly turned into black ashes, and only white energy mist remained. This energy mist slowly floated into the air, and converged into a huge white ball of light above Chen Xiang's head.

All of the flames were concentrated on their bodies, burning until pieces of blood-colored objects fell out of their bodies. The strong evil energy in their bodies, when being burnt by Chen Xiang using the Heavenly Alchemy, turned into extremely pure energy and floated in the air.

"Ning." Chen Xiang suddenly roared out, the struggling Demon Generals suddenly disintegrated and turned into energy, gathering into the gigantic ball of white Qi above Chen Xiang's head.

The ball of air rapidly rotated and became very small in the blink of an eye. It actually condensed into a white ball in such a short amount of time.

They thought that Chen Xiang would still need a period of time to complete the barrier enchantment, even if he lost the Underworld Demon Generals and those millions of demons, they would still be able to complete it. But as long as the Demon Lord made a move against them, even if White Tiger and the others were here, they would still be able to take Chen Xiang down.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly, he had just refined a pill and ate it, white flames instantly spouting out of his body, making him look extremely powerful. The moment he consumed the pill, he used its power to rush towards Life Forest.

He could clearly sense that there was a Demon King of h.e.l.l there.

Following the burst of a dragon's roar, the instant Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword appeared, it fiercely chopped down towards a hidden Demon King of h.e.l.l.

As the saber slashed down, one side of the crimson barrier suddenly vanished.

"Quick, stop him!" The h.e.l.l Devil Envoy that was being controlled by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor roared, causing the few Demon Masters to rush over, but Chen Xiang had instantly disappeared into the s.p.a.ce.

"Let's go, we will enter the Life Forest as well." The White Tiger laughed loudly and turned into a ray of black light, shooting towards Life Forest.

Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng cursed the White Tiger in their hearts and hurriedly ran away. There were a few Demon Masters, ten h.e.l.l Demon Kings, Thunder Emperor and the rest of them.

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