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Chen Xiang had previously drawn up a map for the Life Forest, and with Dongfang Xinyue's guidance, his journey to the Life Forest would be much faster and much smoother.

Although the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor could control the change in Chen Xiang's position and inform the Sacred Masters in time, those people couldn't instantly reach Chen Xiang's side. Therefore, even if they had a profound concealment method, they wouldn't be able to catch Chen Xiang that easily.

As long as Chen Xiang did not stay in one place for too long and continued to travel through s.p.a.ce, it would not be so easy to be caught. Right now, he had to go to the Life Forest to search for the Vermillion Bird.

Chen Xiang arrived at a city on the surface of the water. There were no Transmission array s here, so the group of Thunder Emperor s wouldn't have arrived here so quickly.

"Warm Moon, I heard that the inside of the Life Forest is an extremely dangerous place. How did you find the Vermillion Bird?" Chen Xiang entered this small city. As he walked, he rested and traveled through s.p.a.ce many times. He was also quite tired.

"It was indeed very dangerous inside, and I met danger quite a few times. Luckily, Ancestor Vermilion Bird just happened to be out for a walk, so I was able to see her. Otherwise, I would have given up even then." Dongfang Xinyue said, "The Vermillion Bird Ancestor said that the Life Forest is more mysterious and she has never gone in to see it herself."

"The various elemental energies in the Nine Heaven World come from these Endless Heaven Realm s, and the energy in these Endless Heaven Realm s come from other places as well. As the source of life energy, the inside of the Life Forest is not simple."

Chen Xiang said: "I had thought that the Hou Clan controlled the entire Life Forest, I didn't expect that it was just outside the Life Forest."

"With their strength, not to mention the inside of the Life Forest, even the more external Purple Leaf Forest s would not dare to casually sneak in." Dongfang Xinyue snorted: "When I crippled whatever young master of the Hou Clan, a few Hierarchs came to chase me down. After I entered the Purple Leaf Forest, they no longer dared to continue chasing me."

"Purple Leaf Forest, how powerful is this place?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious, there were many secrets inside Life Forest, he wanted to investigate them thoroughly.

"The plants and trees in that area are all purple in color, so they're called Purple Leaf Forest. The things in this area are all very strange, like bird beasts or insect, most of them are purple. The more powerful parts of Purple Leaf Forest should be the sacred beasts inside."

"Saint Beast. A human with the strength of a Saint realm expert. Isn't it easy to deal with Saint beasts?" Chen Xiang had met many Holy Beasts. Although their strengths were not bad, they were all weak in the face of a Holy Human.

"The main reason is that there are a lot of Saint Beasts inside, and they are very small in size, making them easy to attack in groups. The scariest part about these purple Saint Beasts is their strange purple Saint Force, which can easily break through the defense of others and then launch fatal attacks. The Saint Masters should be afraid of this." Dongfang Xinyue explained.

"Warm Moon, are you not afraid of that place? How dare you barge in." Long Xueyi asked.

"Of course I'm not afraid. I have the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird in me, and the aura I emit would cause the Saint Beasts inside to mistake me for the Vermillion Bird Ancestor. The Vermillion Bird Ancestor is also quite formidable." Dongfang Xinyue said: "Purple Leaf Forest is just the outermost barrier of Life Forest, and the second barrier is Cold Wind Forest. That kind of wind is extremely cold, and the majority of the Holy Beasts that live here understand profoundhan poison, so I don't dare to enter here by myself.

This Life Forest was not as simple as Chen Xiang had imagined, just the two protective barriers outside were already so terrifying.

"Then where is the Vermillion Bird located in the Life Forest?" Long Xueyi asked.

"The next barrier in the Cold Wind Forest is called the Divine Fire Forest. The trees inside are all special and can continuously burn all year round, releasing very strong flames. Only the stronger holy beasts in the Cold Wind Forest can walk in this area, and even the Purple Leaf Forest's holy beasts don't dare to enter as they please. The flames in that place are extremely terrifying." As Dongfang Xinyue spoke of the flames there, his voice revealed a trace of fear, "Fortunately the Vermillion Bird Ancestor brought me in. If I had entered by myself, I would have been burnt to ashes."

Chen Xiang was not afraid of fire, he was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

"What about the areas after Divine Fire Forest?" Chen Xiang asked. To him, Purple Leaf Forest, Cold Wind Forest and Divine Fire Forest didn't have any challenges.

Dongfang Xinyue shook her head, "I am not too sure. I asked the Vermillion Bird Ancestor and she only said that it was in the Dark Forest. I asked if she had been there before and she did not answer me directly.

Long Xueyi laughed, "The Vermillion Bird is a very spicy guy, even she wouldn't dare to enter such a place, it must be very powerful."

After Chen Xiang rested for a while in the small city, he stood up and headed towards Life Forest. Not long after he left, Thunder Emperor and the rest arrived.

The h.e.l.l Devil Envoy that followed Thunder Emperor to this place had also just received news from him.

"Chen Xiang has already left this place. It looks like he is going to the Life Forest." The h.e.l.l Devil Envoy said.

"Life Forest." The person who asked was the new Evil Emperor from Heavenly Evil Realm. His face was full of seriousness: "I heard that place is very strange, if Chen Xiang escaped inside, it would be very troublesome."

The h.e.l.l Devil Envoy nodded his head, "The Great Emperor said earlier, he will teleport some Demon Generals from h.e.l.l to stop Chen Xiang for a period of time. We need to catch Chen Xiang before he enters the Life Forest, otherwise we will be in big trouble."

… ….

Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi also came to the city. Thunder Emperor and the others had also just left.

"We know where this place is. If that brat really runs away, then we old bones would almost be crushed by him." Jiang Sheng sighed.

"Let's just wait here for Master to come over for now. He might have a way to catch up to the little ghost." These past few days, Qi Shi had been chasing after him and felt very helpless. Originally, they were somewhat worried that Chen Xiang would be caught, but now, their worries were unnecessary.

Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng were in an empty pool, waiting for the White Tiger.

"The water has turned black." Jiang Sheng suddenly shouted in alarm. Just as he and Qi Shi were about to dodge, the black pool of water suddenly spewed out a ball of black Qi, which then quickly condensed into a person.

"Master." Qi Shi anxiously shouted.

"Big flowery cat, you don't have any Killing-G.o.d heart, you're still that strong." Jiang Sheng was extremely shocked when he saw the hand the White Tiger had shown him.

"This is all thanks to Chen Xiang." The White Tiger laughed. The fact that he could obtain the Darkness Rule spiritual bead and control the power of the Darkness Laws had caused his current strength to be even stronger than before.

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