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Chen Xiang left the Flowing Water Tower, and when he walked out, he saw the Floating Life Inn. In order to see the people from Hou Clan, he could only stay here temporarily.

Just as he entered the inn, the shopkeeper smiled and asked, "May I ask if you are Shen Dafei?"

"I am." The shopkeeper knew that he came, so he was not surprised. It must have been the Water Instant Tower that notified him.

The shopkeeper called for a waiter and arranged for Chen Xiang to stay in a very luxurious room upstairs. This was provided by the Water Instant Tower for free and could last for 10 days.

Issuing a bounty order was enough to enjoy such a good treatment, which gave Chen Xiang a good impression of the Floating City. This was also because he had one billion Holy stone.

To release the bounty tokens and attract attention, Chen Xiang would need to wait for around three to four hours at the fastest. During this time, Chen Xiang could only wait for the people from Hou Clan.

"This inn should be the best inn here, quickly order some delicious food." Long Xueyi quickly urged Chen Xiang on.

"Don't you have a lot of Golden jade fish to eat inside?" Chen Xiang laughed: "It couldn't have been finished by you, right?"

"How could there be such a delicious dish? How could it be eaten in an instant? The pearl and little peac.o.c.k also ate a lot." Long Xueyi scoffed: "Hurry up and get all the delicious delicacies here, you have too many Holy stone s to spend all of them."

Chen Xiang very quickly brought over a large table, which filled up the hall's round table.

Just as the person who brought the food over left, Long Xueyi appeared and sat on the chair. Her delicate hands were already holding onto something as she quickly stuffed it into her mouth.

Kong Bailing and the pearl also came out from the ring. The pearl was the same as Long Xueyi, it wolfed down food like a tiger, and it did not look like a girl that should eat at all. Kong Bailing who was at the side had always been graceful and gentle when he was eating, it looked like a type of enjoyment to him, a sharp contrast to the two evil spirits beside him.

"Little Peac.o.c.k, don't try to imitate them in the future. Just keep doing this." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Elder Brother Shen, are you not going to eat?" Kong Bailing smiled sweetly to Chen Xiang and picked up an exquisite fish for him.

"Thank you." Chen Xiang laughed.

Most of the dishes on the table were fish. There was very little land here, and even if there was land, there were very few beasts on the table.

After eating their fill, when Chen Xiang paid the bill, the inn actually did not want his Holy stone, and said it was free.

"We just ate over a hundred thousand Holy stone, for this inn, it's definitely not a small amount. If we ate that much every day, it would be over a million Holy stone in ten days. I had them issue a bounty order, it's only eight hundred thousand Holy stone." Chen Xiang knew immediately that this inn must have some other purpose for doing this.

Long Xueyi laughed: "Free is the best, then I will not be polite even more, tomorrow we will continue, the old man inside the Flowing Water Flowing Tower must have informed the boss earlier, it must be due to the orders from above, that they should properly receive you."

"This kind of advantage, I'll just take it for granted."

Chen Xiang felt that he wouldn't stay in this place for too long. As long as he could find Dongfang Xinyue, he would immediately leave this place.

Only more than two hours later, Chen Xiang's bounty was announced, and it caused a huge uproar. By now, the entire Floating City already knew about the high bounty.

It was the same situation when the Hou Clan had released the bounty. However, it was only a short while since the last time someone had issued such a large bounty and it was still targeting the same person.

Dongfang Xinyue had already become a famous person in the Floating City. Although she had never appeared here before and no one knew her name, her beautiful appearance was deeply engraved in many people's minds, especially those hunters.

At this time, all sorts of fake information about Dongfang Xinyue were spread widely, and there were many versions.

Chen Xiang was resting on the bed when he suddenly heard someone knocking on the door.

"A Saint Lord? Judging from his aura, he isn't any ordinary Saint Lord. He's rather powerful." Long Xueyi said.

After Chen Xiang opened the door, he saw a young man dressed in a black robe. He had a resolute face with a confident smile, his eyes shone with a sharp light.

Just as Long Xueyi had said, he was not an ordinary Holy Lord.

"I'm Hou Zhongming." The man smiled at Chen Xiang: You are Shen Da Fei, right?

Hou Zhongming gave Chen Xiang a good impression, but if Hou Clan wanted to kill Dongfang Xinyue, then it meant that he was Chen Xiang's enemy, but there were no conflicts right now, so Chen Xiang would not rush to make a move.

"Tell me inside." Chen Xiang invited Hou Zhong Ming inside.

"Long story short, why did you capture this woman alive?" Hou Zhongming took out the portrait of Dongfang Xinyue, "I've already heard it, and you also want to know the reason why we killed this woman."

"That's right, I really want to know why you want to kill her. She is very important to me, and she definitely cannot die." Chen Xiang said, "Can you tell me why you want to kill her?"

This was the reason why the Hou Clan sent people to discuss the matter so quickly. The fact that eight hundred million Holy stone were going to capture Dongfang Xinyue meant that Dongfang Xinyue was extremely important to them.

"Because she crippled the future successor of our Hou Clan, we must kill her." Hou Zhongming said with a trace of killing intent in his eyes, "And I am the person in charge of this matter."

Chen Xiang was not too surprised. Although Dongfang Xinyue looked as gentle as water, but he was not a pushover when it came to heart. He was definitely the future heir of the Hou Clan, who was overbearing and forceful enough to be killed by Dongfang Xinyue.

I never thought that it would be like this. Your Hou Clan's successor has been crippled, this should be a huge matter. Chen Xiang was curious, if it was kept a secret, Hou Zhongming would not reveal it.

"This was over half a year ago, and now the young master has completely recovered. Before this, he was unconscious all the time, so I don't know who was the culprit. When he woke up a while ago, we found out about the culprit." Hou Zhongming calmly said, "I hope that you can keep this a secret for us."

"Definitely." Chen Xiang smiled apologetically, the successor of the Hou Clan was crippled, this was not a glorious matter.

This Hou Zhongming called the future successor as young master, showing that Hou Zhongming did not possess the Hou Clan's bloodline, and was only loyal to the Hou Clan.

"Then why did you capture this girl alive? How much do you know about her? We are willing to exchange our Holy stone for her." Hou Zhongming said.

"To be honest, she is my slave. She stole something that is very precious to me, so I want to capture her alive so that she can return that thing." Chen Xiang said: "I understand her very well. Although she is usually a little mischievous, she would not casually hate someone;

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