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It was not unexpected that Yue Changteng was able to escape, but the two Di Wei and Di Wu brothers should have been captured, and now they appeared together with Yue Changteng.

Before entering, Yue Changteng had already scanned the people inside the shop, and realised that the strongest was only a Holy Lord, so he was very relieved to have entered with Di Weidou.

Chen Xiang could not tell at all. He did not notice that there was someone stronger than him who dared to come in and cause trouble, so he vented his anger on the old man.

Yue Changteng and Di Wei Di Wu could no longer stay in Sky Sea City. Di Wei Di Wu, who knew how to cook Golden jade fish, was Yue Changteng's tool to earn Holy stone.

Yue Changteng was not stupid, he knew Di Wei Di Wu very well, he knew that they would definitely not do such a stupid thing. After that, he had talked to Di Wei Di Wu to prove his idea, that Di Wei Di Wu had been controlled by someone else with a very clever method, even they themselves didn't know what was going on.

With their current strength, it was not an easy feat for them to escape the Sky Sea City. It could be seen how capable Yue Changteng was.

"My good master, your business is not bad." Di Wei Yin sneered and said, "We just collapsed and you already started fighting with us. Did you invite some expert to fight back against us?"

Yue Changteng grabbed onto the old man's collar fiercely and shouted: "If you tell the person who plotted against me about it, I will spare your life, if not I will let you live a life worse than death."

When Long Xueyi saw that Yue Changteng and Di Wei Di Wu had appeared, she knew what would happen. She slammed her hand on the table and said angrily: "Let go of old grandpa, I was the one who did this, didn't you want to find me? Just come at me."

When she spoke, she had changed back to her original appearance. Seeing her face, Yue Changteng's expression became extremely ugly.

However, his shop had been destroyed by Long Xueyi, so he had to take revenge today no matter what.

"d.a.m.ned girl, so it was you. Today, I will skin you alive." Di Wu's face was filled with anger as he roared at Long Xueyi.

Just as he finished shouting, he noticed that Chen Xiang had disappeared.


After Chen Xiang disappeared, he suddenly appeared beside Yue Changteng. In his hand was a black dagger, which cut off Yue Changteng's arm, causing him to scream miserably.

As a member of the Yue Clan, and also because he had made a lot of Holy stone with the help of the Golden Jade Restaurant for many years, and also got the attention of the Yue Clan, Yue Changteng was not weak in the slightest. However, his arm was cut off in the blink of an eye, which could only mean that the person who cut off his arm was much stronger than him.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was so powerful, Yue Changteng and the other two were extremely afraid. The imposing aura that they sensed from the fierce Evil Barbarian just now had disappeared, and their legs were already trembling.

"Originally, I only wanted you all to receive a lesson, but your deaths have not changed. It seems that I have to give you all an even more painful lesson."

The three people in front of Chen Xiang were like ants. He took out the Demon G.o.d's Suppressing PaG.o.da and stored the three of them inside, making them suffer and kill them immediately. If he did that, it would be letting them off too easily.

She and Chen Xiang bade farewell to the old man and quickly left, bringing trouble to the old man in the future.

Leaving the floating city, Chen Xiang followed the route he had plotted and headed to the next floating city.

In the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, generally speaking, only those cities like the one in the depths of Haiti could be considered the strongest city because it was not easy to build such a city.

However, the surface city that Chen Xiang was going to next, could be said to be the largest city in Sacred Water Heavenly Realm. It was because there were a lot of Transmission array s above it, if he wanted to go to other cities, he would usually go to this city for a transition.

"Elder Brother Shen, I have finally learned how to refine Peac.o.c.k Powder." These days, Kong Bailing had been focusing on refining these Peac.o.c.k Powder. Chen Xiang had only placed his experiences into an Inheritance Orb for Kong Bailing to learn on his own.

Kong Bailing was able to use decent flame, and it was enough to create Peac.o.c.k Powder, but he was not as proficient in it as Chen Xiang.

"Pill refining is indeed very difficult. It is only because I have a very deep understanding of my own feathers that it is very easy to refine the peac.o.c.k powder." lamented. Because she asked for some low level immortal pills from Long Xueyi, she tried to concoct some immortal pills, but failed in an instant.

Long Xueyi laughed, "Being able to refine Peac.o.c.k Powder is good enough. In terms of refining pills, this little scoundrel is enough."

Kong Bailing pa.s.sed the refined Peac.o.c.k Powder over to Chen Xiang. When using this kind of transparent powder, it was difficult to imagine that it was something that only existed within Super Old poison s for a long time.

Chen Xiang followed the map and conducted the phase of spatial travel. After several days, he finally arrived at the largest city on the water surface, the Floating City.

The large and small buildings of this city were all neatly arranged, and one could see a very neat "waterway". It was unlike the messy city from before.

The streets of the city were filled with water, and they were very wide, causing the streets to be filled with boats. Of course, there were also some people who wore special shoes, allowing them to walk on the surface of the water.

The Sacred Water Heavenly Realm's surface cities were not everywhere, because only a specific place could construct these cities, these places were usually free of wind and waves, even if there were strong winds or waves in other places, when they charged here, they would be stopped, and these waves were a natural force, because of this place's natural barrier, it was suitable to build these cities.

Without the protection of this natural power, there were too many storms in Sacred Water Heavenly Realm. Even if a city like this could be built every day, it wouldn't be able to withstand the storm.

Chen Xiang put on his specially made shoes and walked on the water's surface, while walking towards the place set up by the Transmission array, and listening to the idle chatter of others, he could hear many interesting stories about the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm.

"As expected of the largest city in the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, there is actually a Tier 6 immortal pill like the Liuyuan azure Dan. However, it's still too expensive, actually selling for fifty million kilograms of Holy stone per pellet." Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by a pill shop, went in to see, and this made him suddenly want to refine some pills here to sell. As long as he sold them at half the price, he would earn a lot.

However, he did not lack Holy stone s right now, and there were no immortal medicines that he wanted to buy.

"Actually, there are more Holy stone in the water than on the land, especially this Sacred Water Heavenly Realm. Because the difficulty of mining the Holy stone is very high, a large number of them are only controlled by a small number of forces." Pearl said: "When I was at the bottom of Nine Spirit Heavenly Sea all those years ago, I had encountered a large scale Holy stone mine, but it was then occupied by the Super Holy School."

"This Super Holy School will not be for long." clenched his fists. Super Holy School was currently a great threat, if he could stay in the Sacred Region and then focus on attacking Di Tian, the consequences would be dire.

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