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"Wait a moment, I'll go get the chef right now." Yue Changteng anxiously took out a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper to send a message.

At that moment, Di Weidwu suddenly pushed his way through the crowd.

"Boss, why did you call us over?" Dewey shouted.

Chen Xiang knew that it was definitely arranged by Long Xueyi. It was impossible for Yue Changteng to call the two notorious people, Di Wei Di Wu, here, and Yue Changteng must have long trained them to be his subst.i.tutes. However, he never expected that Di Wei Di Wu would actually come here.

Long Xueyi had expected that Yue Changteng would find two bodies to confront the others, so she controlled Di Weidou to come over. It was because she had cast an illusion on Di Weidou that was able to control their minds.

"You all..." Yue Changteng was dumbstruck, he did not have the chance to finish asking, as Chen Xiang quickly asked: "You are the chefs in charge of making Golden jade fish."

"It's us, so what?" Dewey said.

"Your Golden jade fish is poisonous, do you guys have left anything behind? Tell me honestly." A middle-aged man beside the Lin Clan's fifth young master suddenly appeared beside Di Wei in a flash. He directly grabbed Di Wei's shoulder and asked ferociously.

"Boss …" Didn't you say that everything would be fine? " Dewey said hurriedly, in pain.

Of course, all of these were things that Long Xueyi controlled him to say.

Di Wu said, "Boss, last time, we let go of that powerless old guy, but this time we are dealing with the Lin Family's fifth young master. You are harming us."

Di Wei and Di Wu's words made Yue Changteng dumbfounded. He stood there stunned, this kind of sudden impact made him feel like his world had completely collapsed.

It had to be said that Yue Changteng's reaction was fast, seeing that the situation was not good for him, he quickly rushed out of the roof and escaped.

Di Wei and Di Wu had already been captured by the fifth young master of the Lin Family. As for Yue Changteng, he would definitely not meet a good end.

"Hmph, Yue Changteng belongs to the Yue Clan, we will go there and ask for compensation." Someone shouted. Anyone who could eat on the fifth floor had a higher status.

With regards to the compensation, Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang would not go and join in on the fun. The old man had already avenged his grudge, and even cleared his name, so it wouldn't be long before the old man's shop became lively again.

Long Xueyi got a lot of Golden jade fish and contentedly cooked in the Serene Jade Ring. Those small Golden jade fish would be selected by the pearls and raised.

Chen Xiang had already changed his appearance. He was still in the Heavenly Sea City, inquiring everywhere about the Vermillion Bird. Using a million kilogram Holy stone to issue a bounty, he managed to obtain a lot of clues in just a few days.

"There are many rumours that the Vermillion Bird is in the deepest part of Sacred Water Heavenly Realm. There is a piece of the Life Forest there and the Vermillion Bird is hidden within."

Other than that, Chen Xiang also received many maps to the Life Forest. That place must be a very dangerous place, no matter how dangerous it was, he would definitely go there because he needed to find Dongfang Xinyue.

"The revival of the Vermillion Bird requires a large amount of life energy. It seems like she is very likely in Life Forest. Long Xueyi asked.

"Wait until I organize the route. Although there is a map, it doesn't mark the city, I need to know how many big cities with Transmission array on the surface of the water so that I can get there quickly."

Chen Xiang had never been there, so he could not teleport there directly. He could only advance a little, so he needed a more complete map.

Fortunately, he had many Holy stone. As long as he took some out, he could make many people do things for him. In just a few days time, he had organized a map of the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm.

"Life Forest is actually in the periphery area, I thought they were in the middle, I didn't think that the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm's edge would be so deep." Chen Xiang looked at the map and sighed, "I don't know if Warm Moon has found the Vermillion Bird, but even if she could, she would have suffered a lot on the way here."

He blamed himself, he did not give Dongfang Xinyue any Holy stone back then, otherwise she would have been much more relaxed here.

"Definitely, she's extremely intelligent. Moreover, there's a connection between her and the Vermillion Bird, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find her." Long Xueyi said.

In the past few days, Sky Sea City was bustling with noise and excitement. The Lin Family had been looking for Yue Changteng everywhere, and because of Yue Changteng, the Yue Family had often been disturbed by people, all of this was caused by Yue Changteng himself. When he was framing others, he definitely did not expect that he would have such a day.

Chen Xiang left Sky Sea City and came to the surface of the sea. Before he left, he planned to take a look at that old man with Long Xueyi and have another taste of the Golden jade fish he made himself.

In just a moment, Chen Xiang went from the deep seas to the surface of the sea, wearing the shoes that could walk on the water surface, stepping on the seawater, he headed towards the old man's shop.

In order to prevent others from saying that he had poisoned the food, the old man did not need to fear that his skills would leak out. He directly cooked the Golden jade fish and many people came here to eat, all for the sake of the endless aftertaste, to chat with a group of friends and eat. Since the price was not expensive, it was very lively.

It was unlike the Golden Jade Inn. Although there were quite a few people, they were all aristocrats and lacked the usual bustle.

When Long Xueyi came out of the ring, she and Chen Xiang had changed into other appearances, so as to not be recognized and cause trouble for the elders. However, they were both wearing shoes given to them by the elders.

The old man saw their shoes and immediately recognized them, but he didn't say much and only looked gratefully at Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi. He obviously knew that the lesson Yue Changteng and his two disciples had received was only because of the help of the two mysterious people in front of him.

There were a lot of Golden jade fish here, so it was very easy to catch them. Therefore, they were very cheap, and were not as expensive as the Golden jade fish.

The people who came to eat, were all just preparing their own wine, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were the same, they patiently waited for the elder to serve the dishes, because there were a lot of people, they needed to line up.

At night, the number of people lessened, but Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang were still here. Long Xueyi was unwilling to leave, and continued to eat.

"Old grandpa, are you going to drive late at night as well?" Long Xueyi asked with her greasy little mouth.

"If you want to eat until dawn, I'll be there." The old man knew that Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were trying to hide their ident.i.ties, so he didn't talk much with them.

Long Xueyi laughed, "Then give me another fifty."

"Alright, I'll be there right away." The old man chuckled.

Just as the old man arrived at the stove, a slightly chubby middle-aged man suddenly appeared at the door. Behind him were two menacing men.

It was actually Yue Changteng and Di Wei Di Wu. They were forced to leave the Sky Sea City, and seeing the old man's shop being so lively, they wanted to vent their anger here.

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