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Yue Changteng was overjoyed. She did not expect the opportunity to present itself at her doorstep so quickly.

"This is great, the unlucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d appeared so quickly." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "We just need to wait here for the Lin Family's Fifth Young Master.

Chen Xiang asked: "Prepare what?"

"Hehe, just watch. We will soon be able to avenge that old grandpa." Long Xueyi took out a small black bottle and waved it in front of Chen Xiang.

"What the h.e.l.l is this?"

Just as Long Xueyi wanted to answer, Yue Changteng hurried in and shouted: "The Lin Family's Fifth Young Master is here, these are his orders, you all must prepare well, don't let him find trouble."

"Boss, don't worry. It's been so many years, do you still not believe in our strength?" Long Xueyi smiled very confidently, which immediately made Yue Changteng feel a lot more at ease.

Yue Changteng nodded his head: "Then the Lin Family's Fifth Young Master will always be opposing me t.i.t for tat, I do not wish for him to cause trouble here."

"I won't disturb you guys. Do your job well."

Yue Changteng handed the menu over to Chen Xiang and left in a hurry.

Long Xueyi looked at the menu, and said disdainfully: "Just a little bit, and you still want to curry favor with me? Since this guy hates Yue Changteng so much, I will give him a chance, and give him a chance to take action."

Chen Xiang laughed: "What is in that black bottle, did you kill him?"

"Ga Ga …." Long Xueyi laughed sinisterly, both Yue Changteng and the Lin Family's Fifth Young Master were definitely going to be in for a lot of trouble.

"This is a type of thing that can make Golden jade fish suffer a lot. It's extremely powerful, so much so that people can't even open their eyes from the pain … Even the Saints are unable to hold back, haha. "

Chen Xiang watched from the side as Long Xueyi made Golden jade fish. When she put in the poison, she felt that it was a bit of a waste for these Golden jade fish.

Long Xueyi made a few different Golden jade fish very quickly. Although she had added something, it did not affect the smell, and it would not be seen by others. Even if she ate it, it would not flare up for a while.

After these Golden jade fish had been carried away, Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Let's go to the fishery together, and take away all the Golden jade fish inside."

She had Chen Xiang use his spatial power and bring the sleeping Di Weidou back to his room. Then, she directly teleported to the bottom of the fishery and captured all the Golden jade fish in the pond.

In order to not be discovered so quickly, Long Xueyi used his transformation technique to turn some of the stones into Golden jade fish and roamed around the fish farm.

After finishing everything, Long Xueyi laughed: "Come, let's go to the Golden Jade Inn to watch the show."

Long Xueyi returned to his original appearance. Just like yesterday, he entered the Golden Jade Inn with Chen Xiang.

When they entered the hotel, Chen Xiang saw that it was still quiet, so he sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Are the things you added useful?"

"Of course it's useful. Just watch and see. It will take effect very soon. I've already calculated everything."

Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang had already reached the third floor, but at this moment, they suddenly heard some noises upstairs. Long Xueyi immediately became excited and used the Heaven tour method to send a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Hurry up and use the Heaven tour method to see what is happening."

Chen Xiang's soul thought had always been on top of it, so at this moment, a private room's door was wide open, and waves of painful groans came out. On the ground beside a large round table, a blue-clothed man had both hands covering his stomach as he howled.

This man was the Lin Clan's fifth young master.

Yue Changteng had already rushed over, his face was covered in perspiration. He had already warned him a thousand times, but such a thing still happened.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi arrived at the fifth floor, and headed towards the private room. At that moment, all of the customers in the fifth floor were alarmed by the voice, and walked over to take a look.

"What's going on? How can someone just quietly eat when it's so noisy?"

"Isn't this the Lin Clan's fifth young master? What happened, was he poisoned?"

Everyone began to discuss with one another.

"I've been poisoned. I've been poisoned when I ate here." Long Xueyi said as he frowned, causing everyone to be shocked, they immediately surrounded Yue Changteng, the boss.

The Lin Clan's fifth young master, who was in great pain, suddenly sucked in a deep breath. Judging from his expression, the pain had lessened significantly and he was gradually recovering.

"This thing of mine is only giving me a little bit of pain. It will be fine very soon." Long Xueyi whispered to Chen Xiang as she giggled.

The Lin Family's fifth young master was able to sit up by himself. His face was very pale and looked as if he was fine. His face was pale from the pain and he was currently filled with anger. The crowd quickly retreated, worried that he would suddenly make a move.

"Yue Changteng, how are you … What exactly is inside this Golden jade fish. " The voice of the Lin Clan's fifth young master quivered in anger.

"This... Impossible, for many years our Golden jade fish never had any problems, you must be trying to frame me. " Previously, when Yue Changteng saw the Lin Family's Fifth Young Master's pained expression, he was so fl.u.s.tered that he did not think about it too much. However, now that he thought about it, if there really was a problem with the Golden jade fish, his shop would have collapsed long ago.

In the past, nothing had happened to Lin Family's Fifth Young Master the moment he arrived. Yue Changteng thought that he was going to get hurt intentionally.

"Didn't you know from a single bite? That kind of thing is not extremely poisonous, but it can make people feel excruciating pain. If you dare to try it, don't try." The Lin family's fifth young master pointed at the remaining two basins of fish on the table.

Yue Changteng laughed coldly: "Maybe you put something down yourself."

In order to calm the crowd, Yue Changteng said to the rest of the people: "Everyone, this Lin Family's Fifth Young Master and I have a personal grudge, this is a matter that everyone knows, our Golden jade fish has no problems, he was the one who framed us."

At this time, Chen Xiang said: "That may not be true, there is a shop on the surface of the water that specializes in selling Golden jade fish. Back then, there was also an incident that caused a large group of people to be poisoned.

"That's right. I remember that old man saying that he was wrongly accused. His disciple framed him, but no one believed him."

"Have those two cooks come over and ask them if they know soon." Long Xueyi said coldly, "I ate quite a bit yesterday, if there's really a problem … Hmph hmph, you have to return the Holy stone to me. "

Hearing Long Xueyi's words, everyone followed him and shouted, because they had all eaten Golden jade fish before.

Chen Xiang had searched the memories of Di Wei and Di Wu before. Because of their bad reputation, Yue Changteng didn't dare to let them meet with the crowd, otherwise, it would affect the reputation of this hotel. If he called Di Wei and Di Wu out now, it would be even harder to explain.

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