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Jiang Sheng did not hear much useful information. He only wanted to find a Skeletal Dragon Devil Envoy to kill him, otherwise, he would be laughed at by Qi Shi.

The group of Holy Knights dispersed, but they were all waiting for the Demon Generals to arrive in the city. At that time, the Holy Knights from other places would also come here to learn the concealment technique pa.s.sed down in the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor.

… ….

Chen Xiang waited for two hours, but still no Saint came over. He could only give up waiting, used his spatial energy, and teleported to the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, where he appeared on a small island.

The last time he came here, he came with Dongfang Xinyue and it was right here that he said goodbye to Dongfang Xinyue. It had been a while since then, and Dongfang Xinyue was no longer here.

Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing both had some of the Vermillion Bird's bloodline in their bodies, but the problem with Dongfang Xinyue's bloodline had caused her to stagnate. She had come here to find the Vermillion Bird.

The small island was very safe, there were no traces of a fight on it, and there were no signs of Giant Sea Beasts in the vicinity. Long Xueyi brought Pearl and Kong Bailing out.

"It really is the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, the world of water." Pearl immediately jumped into the sea, laughing and playing in the water.

Kong Bailing had initially wanted to jump into the sea and play with the pearls as well, but she was worried that the poison in her body would leak out, hence she could only stay on the sh.o.r.e. Watching Long Xueyi play with the pearls, she was very happy.

Chen Xiang took out the Demon G.o.d s PaG.o.da, holding many Holy Monarchs in it. He immediately extracted the souls of these Holy Lords who wanted to kill him, and threw all of their bodies to the Prison Emperor who was in the highest level. After he fattened the h.e.l.l King, he would refine them into a blood pill.

On the other side, there was still the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy. He pulled out the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy's soul and the body turned into black mist, being purified by the G.o.d PaG.o.da.

Chen Xiang's soul which had been devoured by the Divine Sense Sea, was trapped within his Divine Deity. Although his Divine Deity looked small, his absorbing power was extremely strong, and his refining ability was even more terrifying.

He needed some Jaded Essence Elixir, and he did not have much spirit liquid left. Now that he was also refining those souls, it was not suitable for him to start refining pills, so he could only use this time to condense some spirit liquid.

After Long Xueyi and the others got tired of playing outside, they entered the ring. The reason why Long Xueyi told them about the affairs of the Nine Heaven World was so that they could get familiar with the place after going to Di Tian.

In only ten days, a large amount of the divine soul that Chen Xiang had devoured before was completely refined by his Divine Deity and turned into divine power.

"How do you know that your soul has become a Emperor soul? I've seen your soul before, it doesn't look like there's anything special about it." Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi. He often trained in the G.o.ds join method with her divine soul and did not feel anything special about her.

It's not normal for you to not be able to sense anything, because Emperor soul normally do not have any special appearances, but when you are strong enough, you will know that you possess this special ability. With your current soul, even if it's ten times stronger, it would look the same as it is now. Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang already had a lot of spirit liquid, so when he started to copy the Jade G.o.d Lingzhi, he only made around 40, but that was already enough. If he was later to become familiar with concocting Tier 7 immortal pills, his pill refining level would be much higher.

Chen Xiang had already refined all of the Jade G.o.d Lingzhi into a Jade G.o.d Pellet. Although the difficulty of refining this kind of pellet was very high, he had still overcome all the difficulties in concocting it, and in the beginning, he had failed once, but failed with less pellets. But after that, he was able to produce three pellets per furnace, which brought him to a total of over a hundred pellets.

He ate a few pills, which still had a slight effect on the improvement of his soul, but it was not a big one. Therefore, he gave some pearls to Kong Bailing, and after they were consumed, they had a pretty good effect.

"I can concoct Tier 7 immortal pills now, let's start refining some snacks for me." Long Xueyi said pitifully: "I'm already very tired of always eating Saint Beast meat these days."

The snacks that Long Xueyi was talking about were just the Tianlong Dan and Sacred animal Dan. To Long Xueyi, the seventh grade Tianlong Dan and Sacred animal Dan were indeed just snacks.

Chen Xiang only smiled, then started to condense spirit liquid, and made some Heavenly Dragon Fruits and Sacred animal fruit. After tossing and turning it around for a month, he refined over a hundred pills, but with Long Xueyi's speed of eating, it would already be good if he could sustain it for a few days.

"Since you came to the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, you do not plan on looking for the little girl." Long Xueyi asked, "She came here to search for the reincarnated Vermillion Bird, I wonder if she found it."

Chen Xiang said: "Of course I will look for her, it's just that I don't know how to find her. She and I have Master-servant Contract s, but only when we are close by do we sense each other."

Pearl told me that there were quite a few humans here. She asked about the creatures in the water and found out that there were many humans nearby.

When Chen Xiang was refining pills, Pearl would often go into the deep ocean with Long Xueyi to play, and Pearl was originally a creature from the deep ocean, so she quickly gained a better understanding of Sacred Water Heavenly Realm.

Chen Xiang had been flying away from the island for a very long time, and all he saw was the sea. He had been flying for three days straight in the direction that Pearl had indicated.

The pearl was right, there were definitely people gathering in that direction. Chen Xiang had already found them, this was not an island but a house that was floating in the water. There were many different shapes of houses, some big and some small, floating randomly on the water.

"How strange, there is a large expanse of water here that cannot be moved. Could it be that this sort of special place is suitable for floating houses?" Long Xueyi said.

What was even weirder was not only this, Chen Xiang saw that many people could walk on the surface of the water without even needing to fly.

However, when he landed and wanted to walk on the water like the others, he found that his feet would sink into the water.

"Lil 'Bro, are you from the other Heavenly Realms? If you want to stand on the surface of the water, you have to buy a special pair of shoes. Actually, it doesn't matter if you're not standing on the water; this is just a form of entertainment for bored people." An old man from the shop smiled amiably and said, "I have some shoes here for sale. If you want to get sick of it, I can give you a pair."

It was actually free of charge, which made Chen Xiang a little incredulous. After he entered the shop, the old man brought out many different style shoes, at this time, Long Xueyi popped out and asked the elder to take out female shoes.

This old man was very good, laughing while taking out a pair of beautiful female shoes for Long Xueyi to choose from. Long Xueyi chose a pair of pink shoes, and after thanking him, he went to the water's surface to jump about.

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