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Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. The curse was all placed on his soul, because Chen Xiang's current soul was still too weak for the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, so he was trapped by the curse. If his soul evolved to be extremely strong, the curse that imprisoned his soul might be broken.

"Alright, I'll go look for the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy now. The h.e.l.l Devil Envoy is something that came from devouring a large amount of souls from h.e.l.l and was evolved from a soul body. The soul should be very powerful."

Chen Xiang had seen h.e.l.l Devil Envoy's appearance from the bald old man's memories. He was a man with a face as white as flour, riding a Black Bone Dragon.

"In the future, as long as I meet these lonely fellows, no matter what, I will devour their souls." Long Xueyi laughed, "Your soul has become stronger. I will cultivate the G.o.ds join method with you, there are also great benefits for me."

Chen Xiang was rushing towards the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy, he asked: "What is the strongest realm of the soul, compared to mine, who is stronger?"

"Of course it's my strength. I've evolved into a Emperor soul, any soul that reaches my level can be called emperor." Long Xueyi said: "If you were also a Emperor soul, you would probably be more powerful than me, because you have the shaped Divine Deity."

"Is there something special about the Emperor soul? Why haven't I seen you display it before?" Chen Xiang said doubtfully: "The Emperor soul should have some sort of special ability."

"Of course there is. It's just that everyone's Emperor soul is different, for example, my Emperor soul's ability is to eat and sleep." Long Xueyi said.

"What kind of ability is this? Everyone knows it." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Who said it? Find a Strong of Lord Stage like me that can eat. Even if they can eat, can they refine things like me after a short sleep? I can become stronger even if I sleep." Long Xueyi said.

"This Emperor soul is too inferior, to actually have this kind of ability." Chen Xiang was a little disappointed.

"I know many Strong of Lord Stage, and they have never told me the abilities of Emperor soul, not even half of them would say it if they were close to me. However, the abilities of Emperor soul are closely related to a person's personality, half of them can guess it." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of Feng Yujie and the Mei Emperor, and said: "Could the Emperor soul s' abilities be their Charm powers?"

"It's very possible. I've suspected it before, but there's no way to verify it." Long Xueyi said, "Within the Nine Heaven World, every single one of them has a very distinct characteristic."

"That's right, the Fire Emperor uses fire, the Ice Emperor uses ice, the Dan Emperor refines pills, the Divine Craftsmen forges pills … With your unique characteristics, you clearly have the ability to eat and sleep, yet you call yourself Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord or even the Great Emperor of Sleep. " Chen Xiang laughed.

Long Xueyi unhappily snorted a few times: "What do you know? Someone like me is the true powerful Emperor. Do you know the special characteristics of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the White Tiger?"

Chen Xiang replied: "Isn't it just killing."

Long Xueyi said: "That's right, with one look, I can tell that they have some of the Emperor soul's abilities, but other people definitely wouldn't be able to guess my abilities, so I am mysterious and powerful."

"What kind of logic is this?" Chen Xiang thought about it, if Long Xueyi did not tell him, he would not have been able to guess Long Xueyi's ability.

"This is the logic of the strong, do not look down on my ability to eat and sleep, as long as I can eat and sleep, I will be strong. Back then, the reason why I condensed Divine Deity was because I ate and slept for many years before I condensed it. Long Xueyi was extremely proud: "Give me some more time, and I'll be able to forge ten Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang could not deny the power of Long Xueyi.

"Then what about my Emperor soul's abilities? I keep having the feeling that the other Strong of Lord Stage's Emperor soul aren't that powerful." Chen Xiang felt that the Emperor soul was just like that.

Long Xueyi immediately refuted: "Don't say that, Dan Emperor's Emperor soul s' abilities are also very mysterious. It is said that they have already reached the state of condensing medicinal pellets, and just by staring at the medicinal ingredients, they can immediately condense a pellet. If it is not for that, Dan Emperor's t.i.tle of Pill Elder would not have been taken away by him."

There's also Qi Shi's killing Emperor soul. The killing aura that he instantly condensed can turn into mountains and rivers, and there's no need to mention Old Jiang, the Divine Craftsman. I heard that when he uses the Emperor soul's power, he can absorb the energy of heaven and earth and turn them into precious materials to be refined into weapons and artifacts.

After Chen Xiang heard it, he took back what he had said just now. This Emperor soul was actually so powerful, different Emperor soul, although their abilities were different, it was still shocking.

"Their Emperor soul is pretty cool, but yours seems to be average." Chen Xiang said.

"Didn't I say it already? I can condense Divine Deity, which is stronger than anything else, and with Divine Deity, I can grow even more powerful. I heard that if Divine Deity grows well, I can also condense the second Divine Deity, and with the second Divine Deity, I can cultivate the second Emperor soul." Long Xueyi snorted: "That's why my ability to eat and sleep is the best. This can help me build a firm foundation, and allow me to have the ability to become the second Emperor soul in the future."

Chen Xiang immediately had a whole new level of respect for Long Xueyi's Emperor soul.

"In other words, I already have a Emperor soul, so I'm already a Strong of Lord Stage. I wonder what my Emperor soul's abilities are like." Chen Xiang was a little excited.

"More or less, but your situation is a bit special. Even if you have Emperor soul s, with your current situation, you can't be considered a real Strong of Lord Stage." Long Xueyi said.

"Why?" Chen Xiang was a little confused.

"Because your body is not strong enough, your bones are at least at the purple-gold level." Long Xueyi said: "Right now, you should still have pure gold bones. There is still Platinum Gold on top of it, just Violet Gold."

Chen Xiang said: "Above purple gold is a crystal bone, and lastly, a jade bone. I am still far from that realm, what kind of bones do you have now."

"I have a purple gold skeleton now, if not for my rebirth, I would at least have a crystal skeleton now. My Emperor soul's ability is so strong that it can only be learned after eating and sleep, so if I want to evolve into a jade bone, it will happen sooner or later."

With the Emperor soul, he could use it to devour the Holy Man's soul, but if he wanted to strengthen his body, he could only do it through pills. He didn't have the same kind of power as Long Xueyi, who only knew how to eat and sleep.

The h.e.l.l Devil Envoy knew Chen Xiang's location. In order to not attract the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy's attention, he shuttled back and forth in the North Sea, making the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy think that he was searching for an island. At the same time, he also let Long Xueyi confirm the location of the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy.

h.e.l.l Devil Emperor could not come straight into the human world, so Chen Xiang was not afraid of him. After taking away Hades, he let the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor be ruthless to him. He felt that since he was already hated by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, killing another h.e.l.l Devil Envoy was not a big deal.

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