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Chen Xiang once again dodged the attacks from the Thunder Emperor and the group of Holy Saints. Not long after coming to the North Sea, he sensed the presence of the Holy Sage approaching him.

"There's only one guy." Just as Chen Xiang was about to dodge, he did not sense any of the other Saint Rulers' auras.

"Should we get rid of him?" Long Xueyi laughed: "There's only one. Even if I don't act, you can probably take him down using the Super Old poison."

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "It hasn't been used for a long time, I'm almost unaccustomed to it."

He took out a jade box that was meticulously packaged. After opening it, there were many small transparent granules inside, these were all refined from Drunk G.o.d magical poison and the other box had a small transparent pellet that was refined from Magical corruption gas.

To Alchemist, refining a large amount of poison into such small pellets was extremely easy, not to mention Chen Xiang. For a Super Old poison to refine such a pellet, the poison power could be imagined, but Chen Xiang felt that it was still not enough to deal with a Saint.

"I need at least a dozen pills before I can put them down." Chen Xiang quickly threw over a dozen of these transparent pellets into the Yanlong furnace. Just like that, he floated in the air above the ocean, refining these Drunk G.o.d magical poison and fusing them into a small pellet, convenient to poison.

He finished it very quickly. That Saint would need some time, enough time for him to finish several rounds of refining.

Not long after, he quickly refined several Magical corruption gas s.

The Saint had already arrived. It was a bald old man who looked very old. The wrinkles on his face were so numerous that they almost covered his entire face.

"You are Chen Xiang. Thank you for allowing me to obtain a set of Divine Deity." This old man was extremely excited, he looked at Chen Xiang as if he thought that he would be able to obtain Divine Deity soon.

In just a blink of an eye, he was already enveloped by the black Qi. He felt that all around him, there were thick walls formed by the black Qi, and the worst thing was, the black Qi had a very pungent smell, causing him to almost vomit.

Chen Xiang immediately sealed his sense of smell, and something that made him alarmed happened. The black Qi that surrounded him suddenly pressured down, he anxiously released a Demon Suppression Barrier, but the strange black Qi actually directly penetrated the Demon Suppression Barrier and quickly adhered onto his body, went through his nose, ears, eyes, and entered his body. In that instant, a large amount of black Qi completely entered Chen Xiang's body.

At this time, Chen Xiang's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth were releasing that black aura, looking extremely terrifying.

"Haha, you're dead for sure. Even if a G.o.d appeared, he wouldn't be able to cure you of this poison." The bald old man laughed out loud. He felt that he was just too amazing, he had taken down Chen Xiang who Thunder Emperor and the others could not handle even once.

"What poison is this, a Super Old poison?"

At this time, Chen Xiang took advantage of the situation and used his spatial energy to secretly put a refined Drunk G.o.d magical poison pellet into the throat of the bald old man by teleporting through s.p.a.ce. The laughing bald old man didn't even notice that the pellet had entered his throat.

"Super Old poison, that's out of date. It's not as powerful as this new poison …" Before the bald old man finished speaking, he felt that something was amiss. When Chen Xiang spoke just now, he was very spirited, there were no signs of poison.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Really?"

"Impossible, why are you fine." The bald old man was extremely astonished. Just as he wanted to release the second round of poison gas, he felt his body go weak and he couldn't use his divine power. As a powerful Saint, divine power was the protection of his strength.

Even if he had a powerful body, he would still have to kneel in the face of the attacks of a large number of Drunk G.o.d magical poison.

"Is your body very soft? Hehe." Chen Xiang laughed, "Just now, you were struck by a Drunk G.o.d magical poison that wasn't ranked among the top few. Although it isn't as strong as your new, strange poison, it's still enough to poison you."

"You … When did you poison it? " Without the control of the G.o.d Power, he was just a piece of trash. Facing Chen Xiang who had Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s, he could only die.

Chen Xiang took out a flying disc, causing the bald old man, who had lost his energy, to land on it.

"Your poison skills aren't skilled at all, so you should be able to poison silently so that the other party won't notice." Chen Xiang laughed, looking at him, he was not in a hurry to kill.

It was precisely because of this that the bald old man was even more afraid. Right now, he only hoped that Chen Xiang would be more straightforward and kill him with one slash.

"The reason you came to kill me so quickly is because there is a h.e.l.l Devil Envoy nearby, right?" Chen Xiang's palm had already pressed down on the old man's bald head, as he started to circulate his Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, searching through his memories.

The bald old man immediately cried out in pain. When he was awake, he was searched with Soul Absorbing Devil Spell.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang found out that there was something related to the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy, and it was indeed in the Northern Sea.

"Hehe, you can die in peace now." Chen Xiang used his strength to pinch the old man's head, and at the same time using Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, he activated Devouring magic kungfu and swallowed his opponent's powerful soul.

"Ah... My soul, you son of a b.i.t.c.h … " The old man roared.

"Do you really think that you won't die just because you worked hard for the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor? Now, I won't even let you have a soul." During the process of devouring, Chen Xiang felt a resistance; this was the power of the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor.

Last time when he killed Jiang Shijian, he let his soul escape, this time he would definitely not let this old man enter h.e.l.l.

"Die." Chen Xiang channeled his Soul Absorbing Devil Spell with all his might, using it to the extreme, slowly devouring the old man's soul.

After a while, Chen Xiang's head was in pain. Even though his Divine Sense Sea was very strong, but to be able to devour such a strong soul, he had been swollen to the extreme.

"I need to hurry up and refine it." Chen Xiang threw the old man's body into the Demon G.o.d Slaying Tower to feed the King of h.e.l.l, he planned to refine it after he fattened up this King of h.e.l.l.

The soul that was devoured, was actually absorbed by the Divine Deity not long after it had entered the Divine Sense Sea. Upon closer inspection, Chen Xiang discovered that after the Divine Deity devoured the soul, it actually refined quickly, causing the Divine Deity to shine and release waves of pure divine power, strengthening his Divine Sense Sea.

"This Divine Deity is so powerful, it was instantly refined." Chen Xiang exclaimed: "I basically don't need to circulate Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra."

"Divine Deity were originally condensed from cultivation techniques. He himself was an intelligent cultivation technique, and after absorbing it, he could use it on his own. There's no need for you to focus on it." Long Xueyi laughed: "If you devour more souls, maybe you can make your soul stronger, and at that time, you can get rid of the curse h.e.l.l Devil Emperor placed on you."

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