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Being mocked by Chen Xiang, Jiang Shijian became furious. She bellowed, holding her sword, she angrily rushed towards Chen Xiang, her body surging with terrifying killing intent, the Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword that had a gap in it released an even more intense killing intent that soared to the sky.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang laughed coldly, the powerful Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword started to spew out a black Evil Qi, which seeped into the ocean water and dyed it black.

"Sure enough, you did not even have a good ending when you made the deal with the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. The sword in your hand is filled with dense baleful aura." Chen Xiang originally thought that they would have to fight bitterly, but who knew that at this time, the other party would be infected by this kind of evil baleful aura. Towards him who had cultivated the Devil-suppressing kungfu, the current Jiang Shijian was simply too easy to deal with.

"As long as I can kill you." Jiang Shijian's eyes turned red, the Sword Qi became extremely berserk and filled with hostility, this was the sign of one falling into evil.

Chen Xiang suspected that the Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword was something that the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had used before, and there was definitely a large amount of evil power hidden inside it. Sensing the evil power that was hiding inside Jiang Shijian's heart, Chen Xiang felt that Jiang Shijian, who had been trampled on by Chen Xiang's dignity, only wanted to kill Chen Xiang, so he lost his focus and was infiltrated by the evil power inside the Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword.

"With your current condition, it's even more impossible for you to kill me." Chen Xiang laughed out loud, Jiang Shijian had already swung his sword over, the sword force was extremely tyrannical, bringing with it a black mist, it rippled the water surface, which was dyed black.

A burst of golden holy light appeared on Chen Xiang's body, and the Dragon Slaying Divine Sword hacked down onto the light barrier that had just appeared on his body. This was an energy barrier formed by the Devil-suppressing qi array, and it contained Chen Xiang's powerful Devil-suppressing magic power.

"Let's end this quickly." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang because she and Chen Xiang were using up all of their energy and there were a lot of experts chasing after him.

When Jiang Shijian saw that not only did his attack have no effect, it had even bounced him off, he was even angrier in his heart. Even though he was unstoppable in the Southern Sea with his sword arts, a fierce attack was not able to hurt him at all.

Such an obvious difference in strength caused Jiang Shijian to roar wildly. Black aura surged from his body, as if he was a berserk devil ignited by black flames.

Chen Xiang never thought that the Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword would be so powerful, able to turn a Saint into a demon so easily. If Jiang Shijian didn't use this Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword, he would have to bitterly battle for a while before being able to take him down.

"Go meet your master in h.e.l.l." Chen Xiang took out the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and threw it out, it was as big as a small mountain, shining with a golden light, looking like a meteor as it pressed down towards Jiang Shijian.

The Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword that was releasing the Evil Force directly collided with the Holy Devil-suppressing seal's solid surface and was directly smashed into pieces by the divine force.

The moment the Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword was destroyed, Jiang Shijian suddenly became clear-headed, but it was already too late, the evil energy in the Dragon Slaying G.o.d Sword immediately rushed into Jiang Shijian's body, causing Jiang Shijian's body to turn pitch black, black spikes emerging from his body, layers of black scales appeared. He looked extremely sinister, the evil energy was actually able to turn him into a terrifying demon.

"Subdue." Chen Xiang shouted in a serious tone, because Jiang Shijian had suddenly become very powerful, both palms holding the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, ready to lift it up.

Chen Xiang had no choice but to use an even stronger Devil-suppressing magic power to make the Holy Devil-suppressing seal even stronger. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to suppress this Jiang Shijian.

The Holy Devil-suppressing seal became even heavier. Jiang Shijian, who could still hold on, was suddenly pressed down, and the instant he quickly fell, the Holy Devil-suppressing seal released a gold light. The word "suppress" appeared, and pressed onto Jiang Shijian's body.

The moment his body was destroyed, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that evil spirit escaping from within, he anxiously used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, wanting to completely destroy it, but who knew that in that short moment, the evil spirit disappeared.

As long as you stay in h.e.l.l for a while, you will be able to revive him. You must know that his soul has already been sold to the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, and the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor will not let him be destroyed so easily. Long Xueyi said in an extremely displeased tone: "This is the benefit of working hard for h.e.l.l Devil Emperor."

Chen Xiang looked at the gradually dissipating black baleful qi, and sighed: "I never thought that G.o.ds Realm had dragons too, and even more of them! Just now, that sword was able to kill quite a few dragons, which was why it was able to condense a large amount of Dragon Slaying Qi."

"If there isn't a single dragon with Divine Deity, or if there isn't a single Supreme Dragon blood, then it shouldn't be an issue at G.o.ds Realm. If we go up without a single bit of foundation, we'll definitely be bullied." Long Xueyi said.

Long Xueyi's strength withdrew out of Chen Xiang's body. Chen Xiang's body only experienced pain for a while, and there wasn't any major problems, unlike the excruciating pain from before, when one wished to die.

"Another person has come. This is really annoying. I wonder when he will be able to break free from the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's curse on me." Chen Xiang could sense the auras coming from all four directions. They were all the powers of the Saint Ruler and the Thunder Emperor that was running in front of them the fastest.

"Jiang Shijian has already been killed by me, I don't have the energy to play with you now, see you next time." Chen Xiang shouted loudly, the sound resonated in all directions, shaking the entire ocean, following that, he took a step in the air and disappeared.

Chen Xiang's Qi suddenly disappeared, Thunder Emperor stopped in his tracks, and said coldly: "Chen Xiang, you will never be able to escape, you should take the chance and come out."

As long as the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy continued to give them Chen Xiang's position, they were confident that they could catch him, just like how Jiang Shijian was.

It was just that since Jiang Shijian had been killed, the Sacred Masters realised that it would not be easy to obtain the Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang was still in the Nine Spirit Heavenly Sea, but he had already left the Western Sea.

Many of his pursuers were Sacred Masters in the Western Sea and it would not be easy for them to pa.s.s through the East Sea if he suddenly appeared. Especially since his location was very far away from where the Transmission array was, he had to fly there directly.

Chen Xiang was on a small island in the East Sea. This place did not have any immortal medicines or else there would definitely be a strong sea beast guarding this place.

"I can't go on like this. I can't even do things in peace. As long as they come, I'll have to run." Chen Xiang cursed under his breath: "If I had the power of the Saint Ruler right now, then I would be the one chasing after these guys."

Long Xueyi said: "They all found out about your location from h.e.l.l Devil Envoy, there should be several h.e.l.l Devil Envoy here, we just need to deal with them."

"Sigh, I've thought before, h.e.l.l Devil Envoy is the best choice. I used the Devil-suppressing kungfu and Holy Devil-suppressing seal to suppress one of them, but it would not be easy to find them. These guys are probably scared to death of me." Chen Xiang sighed helplessly: "Is there really no way to break this d.a.m.n curse?"

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