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Chen Xiang laughed heartily: "If I were to escape, you wouldn't be able to see me at all. I just want you to take advantage of this situation to take a look at this world and talk a bit more.

Jiang Shijian laughed out loud: "You're really arrogant, but since you got the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor to issue such a wanted poster to you, you shouldn't be as weak as you look."

"Arrogant. Same here." What Chen Xiang said just now was the truth. The previous Thunder Emperor was so fast that they couldn't even take him down, and Long Xueyi had long discovered him. At that time, Chen Xiang would be able to leave.


Jiang Shijian suddenly snorted, the sword in his hand had already pierced towards Chen Xiang like lightning, the calm surface of the sea had suddenly surged, and following the thrust of the sword, a huge wave that was over three hundred meters tall suddenly rose.

He was previously laughing and talking, but in the blink of an eye, his sword was already as vicious as Li Ao's. If not for Chen Xiang's hundred battles, being able to avoid the attack when he sensed the sudden burst of killing intent, his body would have already been pierced through by the sword, and even if Chen Xiang had profoundwu diamond armour s, he would not have been able to withstand it.

After Chen Xiang dodged, he kept his distance from Jiang Shijian at the same time. The sword in the hands of the Leader s in front of him was not a holy sword, it was not as ordinary as it looked. In that instant earlier, Chen Xiang clearly felt how terrifying that sword was.

"It's Dragon Slaying Qi, what a powerful Dragon Slaying Qi. That sword should be a divine sword that has ma.s.sacred many powerful dragons and beasts. If you use it well, the profoundwu diamond armour you're wearing might not even be able to withstand it." Long Xueyi said in a shocked voice, "No wonder I could sense this guy just now, it's because the sword in his hand is too powerful."

"To be able to dodge my sword strike, not bad, not bad, you are worth a Divine Deity. It shouldn't be just your abilities." Jiang Shijian looked at Chen Xiang who had suddenly flashed far away.

"Your sword was given to you by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, I'm afraid this is something only the G.o.ds Realm has." Chen Xiang said. The Dragon Slaying Qi was something that could only be acc.u.mulated by killing powerful Sky Dragons or G.o.d Dragons. Otherwise, Long Xueyi would not be so afraid.

Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and said to Long Xueyi: "Lend me your power, I must take care of this guy."

"You must be careful. When the time comes, neither of us will have much strength left. We must successfully kill him." Long Xueyi immediately channeled the power of Sky Dragon into Chen Xiang's body.

When Jiang Shijian saw Chen Xiang's Qi suddenly increase dramatically, he frowned, and slashed at Chen Xiang again from afar. This sword was even more terrifying than the previous sword, a large part of the sea was pressed in all directions by the aura from the sword, the waves seemed to rush up to the sky, engulfing the entire sky.

The sky was overcast with thick clouds, rolling thunder, and dense lightning. It was very scary.

Later on, he fused his Divine Deity and became even more powerful. Even if he did not receive the power that Long Xueyi had channeled into him, he could still withstand a few blows from Long Xueyi, or at least not be defeated by him with just ten swords.

The churning ocean wildly roared, and huge waves over three hundred meters surged. This was caused by the power produced by Jiang Shijian when he struck with his sword.

The force of his sword burst out with an extremely violent power. The powerful divine power condensed at the tip of his sword was used to stab at Chen Xiang, causing s.p.a.ce to ripple and distort as it pierced through. When Chen Xiang saw this, he couldn't help but feel fear in his heart, and he did not dodge this time.

There was no need for him to dodge. G.o.d Power, Divine Deity, combined with Long Xueyi's Dragon G.o.d's power, combined with the Azure Dragon Demon G.o.d Slaying Blade.

Jiang Shijian thrusted from afar, but the sword did not come over, it only released a strong sword force that was able to destroy the heaven and earth, it was extremely terrifying.

"Break." Chen Xiang brandished his blade and the green light of the divine blade shot out in all directions, releasing a burst of light that covered the entire body of the blade, congealing an extremely terrifying Qi, from the divine blade, it suddenly shot out, transforming into a green coloured dragon. While roaring, it danced towards the incoming sword attack.

The green dragon pierced through the surging sea of anger, causing the sea to surge even more ferociously as it ferociously charged towards the incoming huge wolf made of swords.

In the sea, there were two giant waves, one was formed by a murderous sword, the other was formed by a giant green dragon. Dark clouds covered the sky and lightning flashed. The two furious waves clashed with each other.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound wave resounded in the sky, causing the sea water in the western sea to undulate up and down nonstop. The sound wave spread out in all directions, setting off a true berserk tide that engulfed countless islands.

The aftermath of this fierce clash was enough to destroy dozens of huge cities.

The force of the blade and sword fiercely clashed against each other. Jiang Shijian's Dragon Slaying Divine Sword trembled, giving off a crisp humming sound, as it shook within the surging waves and the roaring thunder sea. Following the shock wave from before, it once again wreaked havoc in all four directions of the ocean.

On the other hand, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in Chen Xiang's hands were very stable, it was not affected in the slightest.

"You've already unleashed your second sword strike. I'd like to see if you can take me down within the ten sword strikes." Chen Xiang let out a cold laugh as he suddenly teleported next to Jiang Shijian and struck him with his deranged blade.

Just as Jiang Shijian sensed the movement in s.p.a.ce, Chen Xiang appeared beside him and instantly slashed down. This was done in an instant, he had no time to dodge at all, the huge green dragon that Chen Xiang slashed with his blade roared in his ears, an extremely berserk blade force enveloped him, and the large blade slashed straight towards his neck.

In the end, Jiang Shijian was still a Sword Saint after all. Although he did not manage to avoid the blade in time, but with his rich battle experience, he subconsciously blocked with his sword.

With a crisp clank, Chen Xiang's divine blade fiercely slashed onto the Dragon Slaying G.o.d's Sword. This was the first time Jiang Shijian had exchanged blows with Chen Xiang head on.

The power carried by Chen Xiang's divine blade was true divine strength that had been baptized by Divine Deity, and Long Xueyi's Dragon G.o.d power had also been tempered by the Supreme Dragon blood, so it was the most terrifying divine strength. Adding to that, the terrifying weight that erupted when Chen Xiang's physical body and divine blade absorbed the divine strength, caused the divine sword in Jiang Shijian's hand to almost fall out of his hands.

However, he still withstood Chen Xiang's blade strike. However, the explosive power of the blade, and the terrifying impact it produced, still knocked him down from the sky and into the ocean.

had already realized how powerful Chen Xiang was at this moment, especially the powerful Dragon G.o.d's power and divine power that came from Chen Xiang's body. Just now, he could clearly feel that there were two types of strong and special divine powers colliding with each other on Chen Xiang's body, producing an extremely terrifying power.

Jiang Shijian who had sunk into the Divine Sense Sea felt fear in his heart as he fiercely jumped out of the sea. He looked at the sword in his hand, and saw that there was actually a small hole on it.

"You are far inferior to the Nine Heaven World's Sword Emperor. You want to be called an emperor with your level?" Chen Xiang mocked and ridiculed him, what he said was the truth, because the Sword Emperor was extremely powerful, Long Xueyi had very high opinions of him, much more powerful than the person in front of him, only his whereabouts were unknown.

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