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Yan Clan was currently hostile to Super Holy School because Super Holy School was very powerful. Originally, many forces with good relations with Yan Clan had no choice but to distance themselves from him, and some even sided with him to prevent him from destroying them.

But now that Chen Xiang had come to do business with the Yan Clan, it made the upper echelons of the Yan Clan greatly value him. The person who came out to discuss with Chen Xiang was the patriarch of the Yan Clan, a st.u.r.dy old man with a scar on his face.

"I am the patriarch of the Yan Clan, Yan Qi." Although Yan Qi had a serious face, he was extremely polite and gave a gentle smile to Chen Xiang.

"I am Chen Xiang, and have heard of patriarch Yan's great name for a long time." Chen Xiang cupped his hands, and smiled: "Long story short, I have some Liuyuan azure Dan, you should know why I'm here right?"

Yan Qi nodded and asked, "How many Liuyuan azure Dan do you have?"

Chen Xiang replied: "Fifty-five pills."

Hearing Chen Xiang say this number, Yan Qi was surprised, this was not a small number.

"Even though we need Liuyuan azure Dan, we don't need that many. Furthermore, the price of Liuyuan azure Dan are very high right now, so you should be clear about this." Yan Qi said. He wanted to buy these fifty-five Liuyuan azure Dan.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Clan Chief Yan, I am still looking for you to do business in your Yan Clan given the current situation. Naturally, I am not planning to earn your Holy stone s, the other places have thirty to forty million s for one pellet.

Yan Qi was curious about why Chen Xiang would come to find his Yan Clan before this. Now that Chen Xiang had said it this way, he knew that Chen Xiang had other motives for coming here.

"Do you need anything from our Yan Clan, or do you have other goals?" Yan Qi directly asked.

"Because we have a common enemy and our relationship is not bad. I feel that your Yan Clan should have a good talk with him now, and perhaps you two might be able to become allies in the future." Chen Xiang said.

It's just that I don't know what Divine Feather School's final att.i.tude will be. If Divine Feather School also defends himself with Super Holy School, then we might be set up by Divine Feather School. At this time, Yan Qi was looking at Chen Xiang with a vigilant expression. He was worried that Chen Xiang was sent by the Super Holy School.

Chen Xiang took out a box of Liuyuan azure Dan and said: "You guys should have heard about the matter of Super Holy School's visit to the Holy Beast Mountain Range a while back … …"

Yan Qi was shocked. He said, "Not long ago, two great events occurred in the Sacred Beast Mountain Range. Eagle Emperor and a mysterious person battled in the Sacred Tree, and after that, Super Holy School and two Beast Emperors went to capture Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er. However, they did not manage to catch them.

The Yan Clan had sent people to thoroughly investigate and finally discovered some clues. They knew that Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er had gone there to buy Liuyuan azure fruit s, and now that Chen Xiang had sold so many Liuyuan azure Dan s, Yan Qi only needed to think for a moment to know that Chen Xiang was related to this matter.

"Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er are my friends. At that time, I offended the Eagle Emperor and the Leader so they wouldn't let me off. Chen Xiang sighed.

"In that case, you are the one who wielded the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and wanted to cut down the holy tree." Yan Qi asked with a surprised expression.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and laughed, "That's me, clan leader Yan probably doesn't need to doubt me now, right? I truly wish to join hands with you two, in the future when we go against Super Holy School, you guys won't be so willing to surrender to it, right?"

"You said that your relationship with Divine Feather School is not bad." Yan Qi asked again.

"You should know that Feng Yujie is a Pill Saint, so we have a good relationship." Chen Xiang said.

"Well, I'll talk to her." Yan Qi laughed, "Just now, you said that there was a Liuyuan azure Dan weighing ten million kilograms. Is that still true?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course, how much do you need?"

"Ten is enough."

Chen Xiang handed over the box of Liuyuan azure Dan, allowing Yan Qi to choose ten of them. This showed that he was extremely confident in Yan Qi.

"This is a one hundred million kilogram Holy stone." At this time, Yan Qi's impression of Chen Xiang was very good, and when he looked carefully at those Liuyuan azure Dan, his expression revealed a trace of surprise.

"Who refined these pills? They are all of high quality and of the same standard. Their control over them is extraordinary." Yan Qi praised.

As the patriarch of the Yan Clan, he was very familiar with the art of pill refining and was a very knowledgeable person.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I refined it."

Yan Qi was shocked. "I thought that Feng Yujie had refined it. This level of refining is already close to that of a Pill Saint."

"Right now, I can only refine Liuyuan azure Dan."

Yan Qi took a deep breath. "In that case, these are all your masterpieces."

The fact that his training was so good was enough to shock Yan Qi.

"It can't be considered practice. I've always been like this when I'm refining pills. I only want the best." Chen Xiang laughed, "I still have forty-five pills left. I wonder if Clan Leader Yan can arrange a place for me to sell all of these pills."

"Do you want to sell it in Yan City?"

Only selling that many Liuyuan azure Dan at once would definitely attract many people. The reason Chen Xiang was selling them in Yan City was to alleviate the desolate situation in Yan City.

"That's right, all the pills are now under the control of Super Holy School, I want to do some pill business here and see how Super Holy School will react." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Right now, there are many empty shops in Yan City. I'll give you one, and I'll arrange for a butler to take you there. In addition, I'll send someone to spread the news that you have Liuyuan azure Dan s that are selling here, and their prices are much cheaper than elsewhere." Right now, the Yan Clan did not sell any pellets. If Yan City became lively, then their Yan Clan could just collect and rent many Holy stone.

"I'll wait for one or two months before I start. I don't have many pills on hand right now." Chen Xiang never thought that Yan Qi would be that easy to talk to. He had originally only planned to sell Liuyuan azure Dan s, but when Yan Qi said this, he wanted to sell even more immortal pills to fight Super Holy School.

"Alright, come find me when you're ready." Yan Qi said.

Chen Xiang hurriedly left Yan City and headed towards Super Old Sacred City, then to Divine Feather School.

She also knew that Chen Xiang had a huge battle with Eagle Emperor. Now that Chen Xiang had come to look for her, it just so happened that she had the same intention as well, because she also wanted to see Chen Xiang.

"Aunt Feng, you're being too polite." Chen Xiang was invited to a beautiful living room, where a table was filled with spirit fruits. Chen Xiang unceremoniously ate the spirit fruits, and then stealthily pa.s.sed them to Long Xueyi.

Feng Yujie gracefully sat there. At this moment, she had just taken over the Divine Feather School from before, and was wearing a set of clothes.

"Why have you come to find me? You You You and Meiyao did not come out of seclusion that quickly. I have already told you this before."

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