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Chen Xiang was currently refining a high level immortal pill. It was equivalent to walking the stairs to the top, steadily advancing step by step.

"I didn't expect this pill to be so expensive." Chen Xiang held a cyan colored Liuyuan azure Dan, and such a small pellet could be sold for fifty million kilograms.

"This is the price that has skyrocketed by several times. If this was a normal price, many powers would be able to afford it." Long Xueyi said: "If you could sell a few pills, you would definitely be able to make a huge profit. This is all because of that Super Holy School."

Chen Xiang laughed and took out another Liuyuan azure fruit, preparing to refine medicine. When he had previously heard that Super Holy School controlled the price of medicinal pellets, he had already thanked Super Holy School in his heart. If not for Super Holy School, the current Liuyuan azure Dan would never have been able to buy pills at such a high price.

There were still nineteen Liuyuan azure fruit left. Chen Xiang wanted to turn all these immortal fruits into immortal pills, and with his experience of success, he would be able to relax a lot.

Before he was extremely familiar with refining a type of pill, it would not be an easy task. Chen Xiang estimated that if he wanted to perfectly refine a cauldron of pills, it would still take two to three days.

For him, this could be considered a slow speed, but for the other Dan Immortal s, to refine a batch of Liuyuan azure Dan, they would need at least ten days. Most of them would need at least one to two months to be able to refine a batch, thus his current speed was extremely terrifying.

Chen Xiang spent the same amount of time as before to concoct the second batch of pills in three days and three nights. But this time, he still was not able to concoct a single batch perfectly, and some small mistakes occurred during the process, which resulted in a lot of leakage of energy. In the end, he could only condense two Liuyuan azure Dan pills, and if there were no errors, he could concoct three pellets.

In order to become familiar with refining Liuyuan azure Dan, Chen Xiang didn't rest at all and stayed in the secret room to refine pills. In the blink of an eye, more than a month had pa.s.sed, he had already used 10 Liuyuan azure fruit s to refine a total of 25 Liuyuan azure fruit.

"Now we can go out and enjoy ourselves." Chen Xiang smirked and walked out of the secret room. Every time he came out of the secret room, he always had Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud, the two beauties to take care of him.

However, he was disappointed when he came out this time because Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er were in closed door cultivation, so he could only do it himself. He took out some Holy Spirit's Water and placed it in the bath, soaking himself in it, and then removing the fatigue that he had acc.u.mulated over the past few days.

"Where are you planning to sell those Liuyuan azure Dan?" Long Xueyi laughed: "Selling all of them is a huge number of Holy stone. In this Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, there are not many powers that can afford to eat all of them."

Chen Xiang was comfortably bathing in the bath; he had thought about this before.

"I don't plan to sell it to the Divine Feather School because I'm familiar with it, so it's not easy to get a high price. I plan to sell some of it and use it to exchange for some herbs needed to concoct a Grade 7 immortal pill." Chen Xiang said.

Feng Yujie was a Pill Master, her Divine Feather School must have stored all these high grade immortal medicines, they could definitely refine them themselves. There was no lack of Liuyuan azure Dan, adding on to the fact that they were familiar with each other, it would definitely not be easy to sell them to Divine Feather School for such a crazy price.

"I can only wait for those two beauties to come out." Chen Xiang walked out of the bath, put on his clothes, and sat in the hall to wait patiently. He did not want to refine pills right now at this moment, so he needed to calm down after concocting pills for more than a month.

When he had nothing else to do, he used the Heaven tour method and let his spirit wander around, looking at his surroundings.

It was dusk. He had wanted to see the sunset, but as soon as his soul left the cave, he realized something was wrong.

"Why are there so many bats?" Chen Xiang frowned: "These bats are no ordinary bats. In the past, there aren't any here, and moreover, there is a very evil energy in their bodies."

Long Xueyi said: "I'll go out and take a look." She also used her Heaven tour method to look at the bat that Chen Xiang was talking about.

"This type of bat should be from h.e.l.l. Its name is h.e.l.l Devil Bat, and it's a vampire bat." Long Xueyi took a deep breath: "If there were enough of them, then if a normal Immortal met them, he would be sucked into the pit within an instant."

"In addition, this h.e.l.l Devil Bat has another ability, and that is to search for people." In addition, this h.e.l.l Devil Bat has another ability, and that is to search for people.

Chen Xiang said, "It seems like these h.e.l.l Devil Bats are used to search for us. This place is full of them, I wonder who released them, is there any way to prevent these things from being detected?"

"These things can't detect you, but it's hard to say for Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er. Even if these Underworld Devil Bats are far away, they can still smell the scent of fresh blood." Long Xueyi said: "It could be the Eagle Emperor who sent them, or perhaps they are the Leader s of the Super Holy School."

"They don't have the blood aura of those two little girls, so they shouldn't be able to find them, right?" Chen Xiang said, he was not afraid of these h.e.l.l Devil Bats.

"It's hard to say. If they used it or stayed in it, it would have left behind a weak scent of blood. As long as Master can sense it, it can reach all the h.e.l.l Devil Bats." Long Xueyi said, "You should prepare yourself. Being entangled by these Underworld Devil Bats is not a good thing."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi's souls were outside, and when the sky was completely dark, they suddenly realised that there were more and more h.e.l.l Demon Bats gathered here.

"They discovered us so quickly." Chen Xiang took out his Devil-suppressing mirror s, using the Demon Suppressing Equipment to deal with this kind of evil thing was the most effective.

Long Xueyi said: "You should wake them up first, they have already discovered us, it won't be long before those powerful fellows arrive here."

Chen Xiang nodded and rushed to knock on the door.

Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er did not stay in their room for too long, they woke up very quickly. When they opened the door and saw Chen Xiang's serious expression, they knew that something had happened.

"There's a large group of h.e.l.l's Magic Bats outside. They're like dogs that are specially used to search for people. We should have already been discovered by now. Very soon, very strong people will arrive." Chen Xiang cut a long story short.

"Then what do we do now?" She and Ji Ling'er were not nervous either, because they knew that Chen Xiang would definitely have a way to fix it.

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "I'll temporarily stay inside one of my treasures. It's very beautiful inside."

Both Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er had no objections, so Chen Xiang placed them into the ring. Long Xueyi, who was inside, also did not avoid them, but continued to brag with them.

Before Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er entered, Chen Xiang separately asked them for two drops of blood. Using his spatial energy, he placed the two drops of blood in the depths of the cave, and then used a spatial travel technique to quietly leave the cave.

Chen Xiang did not leave the place for a long time as he hid outside. He wanted to see who exactly controlled these Underworld Devil Bats.

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