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There were only one or two types of Tier 6 immortal pills, for example, the more common Tier 6 immortal pills were the Liuyuan azure Dan, the high Tier 1 immortal pills were very flexible, and that usually depended on the Alchemist. According to the Alchemist's experience and abilities, they could use some rare immortal medicines to concoct some useful immortal pills, which could be considered self-created.

Because high grade immortal medicines were few, they could be used to concoct pills. The uses of the immortal pills would be decided by the combination of the Alchemist s, which would test the abilities of the Alchemist.

Of course, if there were a few more Liuyuan azure fruit, the Sixth Rank Dan Immortal would not try some of the pill formulas that no one had tried before.

Right now, Chen Xiang had many Liuyuan azure fruit. If he could refine a large number of them, it would be a huge impact to the Sanctuary, especially for the medicine industry.

Chen Xiang had a lot of experience in pill refining. According to the special characteristics of the Liuyuan azure fruit, he could roughly guess the level of flame that he needed.

The Liuyuan azure Dan could be refined using only one Liuyuan azure fruit, but this was only Chen Xiang's method of refinement. If it was refined by other Alchemist s, in order to ensure its success, they would even add a few supplementary medicinal ingredients, which was also a huge expense. The supplementary medicinal ingredients used were all over ten thousand years old.

When Chen Xiang was refining pills, because he was cultivating the Alive Slain Method, he was able to infuse some of the special spirit liquid energy, which could be used as supplementary medicine.

The Liuyuan azure fruit was being burned by Chen Xiang's sacred fire inside the pill furnace. Not long later, the surface of the immortal fruit cracked, and the green energy that surged out actually burned up after touching the sacred fire, causing two types of flames to appear inside the pill furnace. One was his sacred fire, and the other was the Liuyuan azure fruit's azure fire.

"What's going on, the energy inside the Liuyuan azure fruit can actually be burned."

Chen Xiang was very surprised, but according to his judgement, if he allowed the green flames to burn again, it would consume all the energy in the Immortal Fruit. He immediately released his divine power and penetrated into the green flames to search for the burning energy, and then mixed in some divine power to change the nature of the energy, preventing it from burning again.

After controlling it, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, but not long after, the cracked immortal fruit spouted out another wave of energy, this time a mixture of green and purple flames appeared in the pill furnace.

"It's coming again, what's wrong with the Liuyuan azure fruit? It's made of fire, right? Why does it have so many colored flames?" Chen Xiang used the method just now to control it.

This kind of fruit can turn the Innate Qi into Holy Energy, so it can produce six different colored flames. These flames are all Holy Flames, but their power is very small and unique, so they can refine the Innate Qi into Holy Energy in an extremely gentle manner. "

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then stopped controlling the strange flames that were leaking out, but released a barrier inside the pill furnace instead, enveloping all of the flames inside. Even if the flames burned with energy, the final amount of energy would not dissipate.

Now, what Chen Xiang needed to do was to speed up the refining of the Liuyuan azure fruit, and let the Liuyuan azure fruit get burned by the flames, the quality would become even higher.

"Every immortal fruit costs twenty million kilograms of Holy stone. If it's a pill, the price will at least double, and that is forty million kilograms of Holy stone. We can sell it for thirty million kilograms of Holy stone and it will be sold very quickly." Long Xueyi laughed: "As long as you refine a dozen or so, and sell them all, you will have a lot of Holy stone."

This was not difficult for Chen Xiang at all, but Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er did not think so. They did not know how heaven defying the spirit liquid that Chen Xiang had cultivated the Alive Slain Method was, and felt that Chen Xiang would be able to make a huge profit just by refining one pill.

Chen Xiang's current goal was only to make a breakthrough into the Divine Pills and earn some Holy stone s as well.

"Not good." Chen Xiang who was initially progressing relatively smoothly suddenly frowned, beads of perspiration trickling down his forehead, only to see the Yanlong furnace suddenly tremble.

Chen Xiang anxiously opened the lid of the Yanlong furnace, only to see colourful flames shooting out from inside with a strong medicinal smell.

"Swallow that flame." Chen Xiang shouted to Long Xueyi.

Long Xueyi immediately appeared in the secret room, and quickly absorbed the six colored flame. After that, he returned to the Quiet Jade Ring and asked: "What's going on, I failed."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "It can only be considered a failure, I did not expect the fire inside the Liuyuan azure fruit to be so strong. The moment I was about to completely refine it, the flame that suddenly exploded out was too strong, it caught me off guard and I had no choice but to release some of it, otherwise I would have failed."

"So you can go on now." Long Xueyi laughed: "If you had let me taste one first, this might not have happened."

Chen Xiang sighed: "We can continue, but we can only condense one pill. If we don't lose those, the three Liuyuan azure Dan s will definitely not be a problem."

It was already quite good for a Liuyuan azure fruit to refine three pellets, at least not in this Sacred Domain.

The more high levelled the pellet, the more benefit it had in this aspect. Even if he did not know how to condense that type of [Heaven Defying Spirit Liquid] that could replicate medicinal ingredients, just based on the quant.i.ty of the pellet, it would be sufficient for him to be like a fish in water.

While Chen Xiang was refining the pellet, something big happened outside, but that was within Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi's expectations. The Eagle Emperor had announced that they would ally with the Super Holy School, and even though that was the case, the other big shots of the Sanctuary knew that the Eagle Emperor had promised the h.e.l.l Devil Envoy s to join them.

The strong Beast Emperor had joined the Super Holy School, causing the Super Holy School to become even more powerful. Many of the strong powers, who had not been annexed by the Super Holy School, felt a lot of pressure at this moment, because they knew very well the Super Holy School's ambition. If they did not have the strong power to stop the Super Holy School, the Super Holy School would dominate the entire Sacred Region sooner or later.

The Leader didn't give up at this moment, and continued to search for Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud. This was because Ji Ling'er knew Chen Xiang, who had the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, but Red Dawn had the Holy Spirit Fire.

Three days and three nights pa.s.sed. Originally, Chen Xiang thought that he would only need a day to refine the Liuyuan azure Dan, but when he was refining, he encountered many problems. When he was carefully processing the Liuyuan azure Dan, he needed a lot of time.

He had gained a lot in these three days. At least, he successfully refined a Liuyuan azure Dan and did not waste the Liuyuan azure fruit.

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