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The appearance of the Eagle Emperor caused everyone to feel anxious. Only now did Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er react and send a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, telling him to leave quickly.

"You guys leave first, it's still too late. I still have some matters to attend to here." On the contrary, Chen Xiang urged them to leave quickly.

Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er hesitated for a moment, seeing that Chen Xiang was not joking, they anxiously rushed towards the teleportation area. With Chen Xiang's current strength, there was no need for them to worry.

A gust of wind accompanied by a strong pressure descended from the sky in a grandiose manner, causing even Chen Xiang to feel quite a bit of pressure.

When the gale appeared, the flames had already been extinguished. A black-faced man wearing a black feathered robe descended slowly from above, exuding a powerful pressure.

This man's eyes were extremely sharp, like that of a falcon's. When he looked at the man, he felt like a prey. He felt like he was at the mercy of others.

"That's right, it's this guy. He's a Green-furred Eagle, why is he wearing a black robe now? Could it be that this guy dyed himself black?" Long Xueyi had already ascertained that the big bird who had borrowed her Tianlong sword back then was this Eagle Emperor before his eyes.

Eagle Emperor looked around him, then looked at the man lying on the ground and moaned in pain. Seeing that Chen Xiang was not afraid at all, he already knew who was doing it.

"Don't you know the rules here?" Eagle Emperor looked at Chen Xiang and his cold voice carried a clear killing intent. It could be seen that he was extremely angry at this moment, because someone actually disregarded his dignity.

Chen Xiang said: "I was also forced to do nothing, they were the ones who started it, you don't believe me to ask them, if I encounter something like that, can't I resist, in the end it's still your problem. As the owner of this tree, I can't get any guarantees for my safety, you can't blame me for that."

When the Super Holy School and the rest initially saw how furious the Eagle Emperor was, they secretly rejoiced in their hearts, thinking that Chen Xiang was really unlucky. Who knew that Chen Xiang's guts were far beyond their imagination, and actually said such arrogant words.

The Eagle Emperor frowned, because what Chen Xiang said was not without reason, if it was him, he would definitely resist too. In this kind of situation, whoever had some sort of rule, to protect themselves was the king, and the person who dared to make a move, was indeed his responsibility, and this was something he did not manage properly.

"All you need to do is answer me, whether or not you are threatening him first." The Eagle Emperor swept his cold eyes across them and looked at the group of people from Super Holy School. Those eagle-like eyes made the group of people forget about their pain.

"We're just following orders …" Just as one of them answered, the black feathered robe that Eagle Emperor was wearing suddenly shot out a black feather that flew towards the person who answered just now. After that person was. .h.i.t by the black feather, he instantly turned into a pile of black powder.

Seeing this scene, the rest of the Super Holy School felt a sense of despair, and their bodies immediately turned cold. Fear spread to their entire body, and that kind of feeling was even worse than death for them.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "They are Super Holy School's people, they are indeed just following orders, it's just that they are small. You are a dignified Eagle Emperor, what meaning is there to kill these small fry, the reason they dare cause trouble in your territory is because they think that their Super Holy School is much stronger than you."

As long as they weren't deaf, they would be able to hear it. However, he was speaking the truth, with his ident.i.ty as a Eagle Emperor, dealing with these small things would only bring him down the price. He should go to the Super Holy School to seek an explanation.

"You are just a human, at most you are just a little stronger. Do you think I will be led astray by your nose?" The Eagle Emperor was a little angry, and Chen Xiang kept talking to him as if she was instructing him.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I don't need to do what I say, but as the master here, if others come to your place to cause trouble, you will only eliminate a few small fries, and will not let the people here feel at ease, so the Super Holy School will underestimate you."

Eagle Emperor laughed coldly, "You don't need to say it, I already know this. Even though you were forced to take action, my rule is that no one is allowed to make a move on my territory. Not only did you make a move, you even set a fire, so you will still be punished."

Originally, Eagle Emperor thought that Chen Xiang would be afraid.

"Before I get punished, I have to get something back." Chen Xiang suddenly became serious. He had already confirmed that the Tianlong sword was lent to this Eagle Emperor at that time.

"Stop being long-winded. You'd better obediently accept the punishment. That way, I will spare your life." Eagle Emperor's face turned ice-cold.

"Is the Tianlong sword still with you? I'm here for a friend." Chen Xiang did not dawdle and directly asked for the Tianlong sword s.

Sure enough, when Eagle Emperor heard the three words "Tianlong sword", his expression suddenly changed.

"Your friend is still alive." Eagle Emperor's face turned serious, but at the same time, he was shocked. He had thought that Long Xueyi had already died.

"That's right, she's still alive. The Tianlong sword lent it to you for so long, you should have returned it already, right?" Chen Xiang said.

Eagle Emperor sneered: "On what basis should I believe you unless she appears herself?"

After saying that, a white light flashed by Chen Xiang's side, and a beautiful white clothed female appeared. Seeing the beautiful face of the lady, Eagle Emperor's face became extremely ugly.

"I've appeared, quickly return the Tianlong sword to me." Long Xueyi stretched out her hand and pouted slightly. It was obvious that she was dissatisfied, because the Tianlong sword had been in Eagle Emperor's hands for a long time, so she had clearly lost a lot.

The Eagle Emperor looked at Long Xueyi carefully. His eagle eyes gave off a green glow and when he saw the green glow in his eyes, Long Xueyi's face turned cold.

"Are you looking at my strength? If I wasn't too strong, I wouldn't have returned it." Long Xueyi said coldly.

Eagle Emperor smiled slightly: "Your Divine Deity is really gone. Sorry, I still have something to discuss today."

With that, the Eagle Emperor turned into a gust of wind and disappeared, causing Long Xueyi to become extremely furious. He shouted at the Eagle Emperor: "Stupid Green Hair Eagle, you actually dared to act shamelessly, just you wait, I'll give you three days, if you don't return my Tianlong sword, I'll chop off your broken tree."

"If you can cut it off, then please do so. But if you really can cut it off, then I don't need to return you the Tianlong sword."

Eagle Emperor's words made Long Xueyi fl.u.s.tered and exasperated. She activated her Heaven tour method to look for traces of her Eagle Emperor.

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