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The people of Super Holy School would appear here, and also come at Chen Xiang and the others. Just by thinking about it, one could tell that it was the frog King who was laughing merrily just now that had done such a good thing.

"Don't worry, they won't dare to act rashly on this holy tree." Hong Xia sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, telling him not to attack.

Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er had already changed their appearances, it was just that the frog King, who was watching them from inside the wooden tower, pointed out the change in Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er's appearances.

Even though such a thing had happened, Boss Li did not show any reaction, as if he had already predicted it. This caused Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er to feel extremely furious in their hearts.

"It seems that Boss Li is interested in the bounty money." Chen Xiang transmitted his voice to the two girls and followed behind them as if nothing had happened. The three of them calmly walked towards the teleportation area.

The purpose of this group of people was obvious. They had just received the Frog King's sound transmission and knew that the two girls in front of them were Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er. Twenty to thirty people rushed forward and surrounded Chen Xiang.

"What are you guys doing?" Hong Yun said in a low voice: "Aren't you afraid of offending the Eagle Emperor?"

The young man leading the group of Super Holy School laughed sinisterly: "A small fight will not alarm the Eagle Emperor, could it be that the two of you can cause a ruckus?"

Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud were very strong, but the people from Super Holy School believed that as long as they could catch them in an instant and prevent them from making too much of a noise, they would not disturb the overlord of this holy tree.

Chen Xiang rubbed his fist and laughed coldly: "Seems like you guys are still afraid of Eagle Emperor. Since that's the case, let's fight to the death and bring that Eagle Emperor out."

When Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er heard Chen Xiang's words, they immediately had a bad premonition.

When the people of Super Holy School felt that Chen Xiang's body was constantly being used with terrifying coercion, they were greatly shocked in their hearts. They did not expect that the two women, Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er, would actually find such a powerful helper so quickly.

Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea surged unceasingly, waves of divine power following his will and turned into an incomparably hot divine power of fire.

"Quick, take him down." The young leader of Super Holy School shouted in shock.

Those experts of the Super Holy School were all G.o.ds with decent strength, so they were very clear on the terrifying nature of that power. But if they did not stop Chen Xiang, with his berserk Flame power at this moment, he would definitely be moved to the top of the holy tree.

The experts of Super Holy School all brandished their Saint Weapons, just as they were about to attack Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang's body suddenly exploded out with a burst of flames, and disappeared.

Just as everyone was startled, a wave of extremely hot Qi suddenly surged from not too far away. Turning their heads to look, they saw that the top of the wooden tower was burning with gas. Chen Xiang had actually attacked the wooden tower first.

Boss Li was originally gloating, but now his face was filled with anger as he rushed towards the burning wooden tower. This tower was the work of him.

There were around a hundred thousand people on this branch. Seeing the wooden paG.o.da ignited due to being attacked, they all ran away in fear. One of the elderly shouted, "Eagle Emperor hates it when people use fire here.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the people from Super Holy School hastily ran away. Just as they were about to step forward, a majestic pressure suddenly enveloped them, causing them to instantly kneel on the ground as if they were carrying a mountain of ten thousand kilograms.

"Don't even think about leaving, you were the ones who wanted to capture us. If the Eagle Emperor appeared, someone else would have to be responsible for this." Chen Xiang's cold voice sounded, and at the same time, a ball of fire flew over.

The ball of fire crashed into the Super Holy School's group. It was a man who was struggling and howling due to the holy fire.

The one who was burned by the sacred fire was the frog king.

Chen Xiang used his spatial energy and came over in an instant. He looked at the Frog King with an ice-cold face: "Don't think that we didn't know you called these guys over."

"Ah... Ah... Boss Li, quickly save me … Hurry up and save me, you have a snitch too. "Ah …" The frog King roared loudly.

The flame Chen Xiang had released was a strong sacred fire, and in just a moment, it had burned the wooden paG.o.da. At this moment, thick smoke surged and continuously soared into the sky, and when some of the branches in the distance saw the situation here, they were immediately filled with fear.

On one hand, they were shocked by Chen Xiang's strength. On the other hand, they were very afraid in their hearts, and had even forgotten to urge Chen Xiang to leave this place quickly.

Chen Xiang suddenly stared at Boss Li who was far away, he grabbed at the air and grabbed onto s.p.a.ce, grabbing onto Boss Li, then grabbing him from a distance, he threw him towards the frog King who was rolling on the ground, spitting out a ball of flame, striking towards Boss Li.

Boss Li was also set on fire by the terrifying holy fire released by Chen Xiang, screaming and rolling about.

"All of you are courting death. You can't blame me for this."

Chen Xiang's voice that was filled with killing intent caused the experts in the Super Holy School to feel a chill down their spines. Although they were all holy immortals, they were all suppressed by the invisible pressure released by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang walked towards a middle aged man and sneered: "You are all Super Holy School's men right? Don't worry, I won't kill you.

After he finished speaking, he quickly waved his hand, only to see the middle aged man screaming miserably, his face becoming extremely pale. In Chen Xiang's hand, a bright golden bead appeared, this was the Heavenly Pill that the middle aged man condensed in his dantian, it was actually instantly taken out by someone.

That middle-aged man did not have a single wound, and his Heavenly Dan seemed to have been taken out of his body through the air.

This was precisely the spatial power Chen Xiang had used. The spatial Rule spiritual bead he had fused with previously would display its true power with his current strength.

Chen Xiang kept the Heaven Pellet and looked at the rest of the people in the Super Holy School. His cold and fierce gaze made the group of experts in the Super Holy School shiver.

If the Heaven Pill was taken out, it would be equivalent to crippling the body. Unless there was a supreme divine pill, otherwise, it would take a long time for it to recover.

"Return to the Super Holy School and tell your Leader that if they do not withdraw their bounty soon, there will be a day when I annihilate the entire Super Holy School."

Chen Xiang's hands suddenly danced in the air, and the group of Super Holy School people started to scream out. He had already taken out the Heaven Pills from their bodies at an extremely fast speed, to these experts, it was even more brutal than death.

Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er were already drenched in sweat from Chen Xiang's actions. They seemed to think that their Heaven Pills would be taken out by Chen Xiang anytime soon, but they felt an inexplicable sense of excitement in their hearts. They who originally had no one to rely on, were no longer afraid of being bullied by others.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to attack the Frog King and Boss Li, an ear-piercing scream came out like thunder. The sound made everyone's heart feel as if something had ruthlessly struck their hearts, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

"It really is this guy. This is the big bird that borrowed my Tianlong sword." Long Xueyi scoffed, "Today, I must make him return the Tianlong sword, or else I must pluck all his bird feathers."

Hearing this voice, everyone knew that the Eagle Emperor had appeared. Many of those who did not come to teleport away had a desperate feeling that the end of the world was coming. They were worried that the Eagle Emperor would get angry and kill them all.

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