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Seeing the frog King leave angrily, Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed: "This guy has quite the tone you guys have. I was wondering what kind of enmity you have with him, he doesn't look too bad."

Ji Ling'er's beautiful eyes flashed with anger, and she snorted: "Don't just think that he's a little brat, he's actually a ten thousand year old frog, and both genders eat him. Previously, he did look quite nice, but later on we found out that he's an extremely hypocritical guy, and was almost deceived by him."

"So that's how it is. It seems that after being seen through by you all, he became fl.u.s.tered and exasperated. One must be careful of this guy."

Chen Xiang was not afraid of the frog King, he was just worried that guy would use underhanded means to deal with Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud.

"Yeah, I heard that guy used a lot of insidious methods. We have to be wary of him in the Sacred Beast Mountain Range, but we don't need to worry too much. He wouldn't dare to use any of those powerful poisons in the holy tree. It would be a death sentence if he were discovered." Red Cloud smiled and took a sip of fragrant tea.

Not long after Azure Emperor left, a very amiable looking old man in grey walked in. He had a benevolent smile on his face that caused people to feel very close to him. It was difficult for them to be wary of him. This old man was the owner of this place.

I heard that you two have brought a lot of Holy stone here. If you need anything, just say it. This old man had done business with Red Cloud Ji Ling'er before, they were purchasing medicinal ingredients back then.

"Boss Li, we're here to buy Liuyuan azure fruit this time, how long will it take for you to help us get them?" Red Cloud asked.

The Six Yuan Sky Pill was a rather expensive Tier 6 immortal pill, it had the a.s.sistance of the Innate Qi and could quickly transform it into Saint Force. It was very popular among cultivators, and had a very large market, as long as there was this pill, many cultivators that had reached the ninth stage of the Immortal-becoming realm would buy it even if they went bankrupt, because it would help them become a Saint Immortal.

Boss Li did not know what they wanted the Liuyuan azure fruit for. Looking at his smiling face, he knew that the price would not be low.

Previously, the Frog King was not a good person, and Boss Li even invited him to be a head storekeeper. From this, it could be seen that Boss Li was not a good person, so Chen Xiang did not have any good feelings towards him just because of Boss Li's kind face.

"I can get it, but... You should be well aware that the Super Holy School has already controlled the high-grade immortal medicine channels during this period of time, so the price … " Boss Li revealed an awkward expression.

Ji Ling'er said: "Just state a price."

"Fifteen million kilograms for one. This is the worst kind of Liuyuan azure fruit. A perfect Liuyuan azure fruit requires twenty million kilograms."

Hearing Boss Li call out such a price, Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er frowned.

Red Cloud let out a light breath and said, "This thing was originally only a few million jin Holy stone. Now, a perfect one has unexpectedly risen to 20 million jin."

"Nothing is missing."

Boss Li shook his head and said, "It's the same if you go to other places to ask about it."

Seeing Boss Li's determined att.i.tude, Chen Xiang knew that there was no longer any room for discussion, and Ji Ling'er and Hong Xia's situation was extremely sensitive. If they ran too far, they would definitely be exposed.

Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er: "Try to use the lowest price to buy the worst one."

Red Cloud asked, "You're buying the worst, is that not a problem?"

"That's right, how do you concoct pills at the worst rate?" Ji Ling'er said: "Let's go to another place to take a look."

"Buy it. I have my ways." Chen Xiang said: "No one would want the lowest quality Liuyuan azure fruit. It might even be below five million kilograms."

Chen Xiang had intended to buy the worst kind of immortal medicine, because the spirit liquid that was condensed from the Alive Slain Method that he cultivated could revive a dying spirit medicine.

Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er were slightly unwilling. In their eyes, this was just a waste of Holy stone.

Seeing that they did not say anything, Chen Xiang said to Boss Li: "Five million kilograms of Holy stone, sell us the weakest Liuyuan azure fruit."

Boss Li was the same as the Frog King, thinking that Chen Xiang was just a follower.

"Brother, you must be joking, the current price of immortal medicine is no longer the same as before, even the weakest Liuyuan azure fruit s have been able to control the prices, you all should be well aware that with your own strength, Super Holy School has already bought many high grade immortal medicine stores …"

Chen Xiang said to Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er: "Then let's go, let's go somewhere else to take a look … …"

Just as Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er were about to get up, Boss Li anxiously shouted: "Sit down, I am not saying that there is no room for discussion. How about 8 million jin of Holy stone?

Chen Xiang laughed: "The worst Liuyuan azure fruit must have been left behind a long time ago, because they were not preserved properly, they became very poor. At that time, the price you bought from them must have been very low, giving you five million kilograms of Holy stone, that's already a very generous price. No matter if it is before or now, you guys will never be able to sell it at this price."

Ji Ling'er saw that Chen Xiang really wanted that lousy Liuyuan azure fruit, and laughed: "That's right, there aren't many idiots like us, if you don't want to sell it, then forget it, let's go."

"Boss Li, farewell. Let's work together again when there's a chance." After speaking, Red Cloud walked towards the door of the living room.

Ji Ling'er and Chen Xiang followed behind Red Cloud. When they reached the door, Boss Li just called for them, just as Chen Xiang expected.

"Never mind, I'll just sell it to you guys, sigh …" Boss Li took out a jade box and opened it. "Take a look first. If you want to buy it, don't regret it. When the time comes, I won't return the goods."

The Liuyuan azure fruit looked wrinkled and lifeless, just like a dried fruit. It was truly poor.

If Chen Xiang had not insisted on buying it, Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er definitely would not have asked for this kind of immortal fruit. Right now, Red Cloud could only take out five million kilogram Holy stone and buy this half dead Liuyuan azure fruit.

After buying the Liuyuan azure fruit, Chen Xiang and the rest hurriedly left the tower. As they walked out of the door, the wisp of Chen Xiang's divine soul floating outside saw the Frog King sneering at them from his position on the third floor.

"This fellow..." Seeing the Frog King's deceptive expression, Chen Xiang hurriedly told Red Cloud and Ji Ling'er: "We are in trouble, I suspect that the Frog King has done something good in the dark."

"Don't worry, on this holy tree, even if there's trouble, it won't be too much trouble." She had already guessed what the Frog King would do, and all of this was within her and Ji Ling'er's expectations.

As expected, when Chen Xiang and the others were about to reach the teleportation field at the root of the branch, a large group of people immediately appeared in the middle of the Transmitting Square.

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