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Lv Qilian placed the pearl in her palm and creased her eyebrows, carefully observing it. At this moment, she was still quite excited, because the "Spirit Liquid" that had solidified into a solid was definitely not an ordinary one. She and Chen Xiang had been pestering each other for a long time before being able to produce this thing.

"Sister Qilian, how should we use this thing? Based on your experience, what kind of effects do you think it would have?" Chen Xiang did not understand much about this, but he knew that this pearl was very powerful.

Lv Qilian exclaimed: "Unbelievable, I never thought that fusing them in this way would actually be even more powerful, could it be that the Alive Slain Method's final profound meaning is the fusion of Yin and Yang?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course, the continuation of life, is always like this."

Lv Qilian nodded, she thought so too. When she was training with the Alive Slain Method, she had never thought of this question, she did not expect that by chance, she would discover the greatest mystery of the Alive Slain Method.

"How are the effects of this pearl?" Chen Xiang was very curious, "What do you want to try? This is not a liquid, it can't be dropped into the medicinal herbs, right?"

Lv Qilian said: "Based on the energy I feel, I think I can replicate at least five Sacred Heart fruit."

"Take a basin of water, and then release the Holy Spirit Qi from the Holy stone and merge it with the water, turning the water into the Holy Spirit Water." Lv Qilian said: "I have already tried this method before, it is one of the methods to quickly duplicate a large amount of medicinal herbs."

Chen Xiang took out a square jade box that was as big as a washbasin, and took out a jade bottle. He poured some Holy Spirit Water inside.

"I got this Holy Spirit Water from the Sacred Domain. Can you use it directly?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Sure." Lv Qilian took out the Sacred Heart fruit that Chen Xiang had just gifted her, and evenly cut it into six pieces, and placed it inside the box that was filled with the Holy Spirit Water.

Chen Xiang knew what Lv Qilian wanted to do and said excitedly: "You want to soak this pearl in the water and melt it?"

"That's right." Lv Qilian placed the Spirit Orb into the water and when the Spirit Orb entered the water, after sensing the Sacred Heart fruit that was cut into six pieces, it started to release a silver light, and the Spirit Orb slowly became smaller and smaller. The silver light flowed into the Sacred Heart fruit fragments.

In the blink of an eye, the six pieces of Sacred Heart fruit meat inside the jade box had actually grown at a rapid rate, turning the six pieces of meat into six pieces of Sacred Heart fruit.

Previously, when they were fusing the spirit liquid, they already felt that it was very fast, but now, the speed at which the spirit pearl was replicating was even more terrifying.

Lv Qilian anxiously fished out the six Sacred Heart fruit s from the water, then cut another one into half and threw it into the water.

The two halves of the Sacred Heart fruit quickly became two. It turned out that the healing life energy inside the halves had not been used up completely.

"Here, you can use this water again and again." Lv Qilian placed the copied six Sacred Heart fruit s into a jade box and handed it over to Chen Xiang.

"You don't want it?" Chen Xiang took it, and exclaimed as he looked at the Sixth Brother's popping and jumping Sacred Heart fruit.

"I don't need it right now. When I need it, I can also condense the spirit liquid and duplicate it myself." Lv Qilian said softly, "Next … Should we continue? "

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course we have to continue, this will save us a lot of time. We can get twenty out of it in ten days, which is enough for me to use for a long time."

"Ten days in a row." Lv Qilian let out a faint sigh, and with slightly red cheeks, she softly replied. "Alright, but we can only condense one every day. We'll do our own for the rest of the time, it's not good to be like that all day long."

The two of them had originally planned to rest for a while, but they were not tired at all. When they used the Alive Slain Method together, not only would it remove their fatigue, it seemed that it would also bring them benefits, just like dual cultivation.

Ten days later, Chen Xiang had fifteen of those kinds of pearls in his hands. As Chen Xiang's usage of the Alive Slain Method increased, he and Lv Qilian could condense these kinds of pearls in only six hours while cultivating.

However, Chen Xiang felt that his greatest gain was the relationship he had with Lv Qilian. Although they did not say it out loud, they knew very well that their relationship had already been solidified here.

"When are you going to Heavenly Dragon Realm?" Lv Qilian asked, she did not know why Chen Xiang was going to the Heavenly Dragon Realm, but she was sure it was because there was something important.

"Wait a moment." Chen Xiang giggled, "Could it be that you can't bear to part with me?"

"No, if you're going to the Heavenly Dragon Realm, it would be best if you came back to visit Di Tian after a period of time. The current situation is unfathomable." Lv Qilian said.

Chen Xiang took out a few jade boxes that contained Blood ginseng s, Tianshan holy fruit s, phoenix fruits, and Blood Exquisite Fruits.

"You should have the holy lotus seed." Chen Xiang said, "Hurry up and copy all of these. If you are free, you can do it a little more."

Lv Qilian was not surprised to see Chen Xiang taking out so many Holy level s, she only exclaimed in her heart. Indeed, it was as she had guessed, Chen Xiang had already grasped a lot of Holy level s.

In these ten days, after Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian condensed spirit pearls together, there was still a lot of time to condense spirit liquids. Chen Xiang also gave the spirit liquids to her, allowing her to fuse them together, which would be faster.

Chen Xiang replied, "I may have to go to that Sacred Domain. There is a very large Super Old Sacred City there, where I can obtain the high grade immortal pills that I lack. I hope that when I return, I would already be a Pill Saint."

After Lv Qilian finished copying the Holy level medicinal herbs, he nodded towards Chen Xiang: "You definitely can do it, leave this place to me. After a while, I'll go to the Ice Dragon Villa to talk to Xue Xianxian and the others, and teach them some methods to resist the Mei Emperor's Charm Art."

"Mm, I can rest a.s.sured now, thank you." Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian embraced each other. "You should be careful too, you should also be Mei Emperor's number one prey."

Lv Qilian smiled sweetly, "Do you think she can hunt me?"

"Of course not." Chen Xiang kissed her red lips, and laughed: "Because I've already killed you."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, his body gradually merged with the fluctuating s.p.a.ce behind him and disappeared.

After returning to the Heavenly Dragon Realm, Long Xueyi closed her eyes and started to cultivate. Right now, she wanted to use the power of this strange white mountain and give Leng Youlan a share of the Supreme Dragon blood.

Chen Xiang laid on the bright and comfortable stone room, gently stroking the soft carpet below. The scene where he and Lv Qilian laid on the ground, entangled with each other, couldn't help but reappear in front of him.

"Laughing so wantonly, are you thinking of something bad?" Long Xueyi laughed out loud as he pounced towards Chen Xiang, laid on his body, and smelled all over it.

"What are you doing? It's been a few days and you've turned into a puppy." Chen Xiang slapped her b.u.t.tocks. "Stop sniffing.

"Pfft." Long Xueyi scoffed, "The fragrance of the woman on your body is too strong, I just want to see who it belongs to. The smell has already penetrated deep into your skin, it seems that your, the Hundred Blossom Emperor, has developed quite well."

"Jealous, didn't you tell me to eat her?" Chen Xiang laughed and pinched Long Xueyi's chest.

Long Xueyi strongly pushed his hand away, and asked with some excitement: "You really ate her."

Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed, "Not yet, but she's already a piece of meat on my chopping block, it's just a matter of time."

"You Lan goes out to hunt holy beasts all day long." Chen Xiang asked.

"That old lunatic took her on a treasure hunt. It's boring for her here anyway, so it's good for her to follow that lunatic around." Long Xueyi said: "When you went to find Lv Qilian, other than being a lot closer to her, did you have any other gains?"

Chen Xiang pinched her face and laughed: "Of course there is.

He took two out and said: "These are all made by Lv Qilian and I. She doesn't want any of them, so you have to thank her in the future."

"Wow, how did you make so much so fast? How did you do it?" Long Xueyi carried the jade box in his arms and already picked up a Sacred Heart fruit to chew on it. It made Chen Xiang feel that it was a little strange, as if Long Xueyi was eating his heart.

"He could be considered a dual cultivator..." Chen Xiang took out fifteen of those beads, and then told Long Xueyi everything.

Long Xueyi exclaimed: "The Alive Slain Method is indeed wondrous and endless."

"Oh, right. Why don't you request a deeper level of dual cultivation with her? Body and body are fused, and the soul will merge together. When that happens, the effects will certainly be even more terrifying, wasting away a good opportunity."

"That's not the time. I did have that thought, but when I was with her, I could feel her thoughts. She still doesn't want that kind of thing to happen to me at that time." Chen Xiang said.

"On the other hand, you, I have already gotten a few Sacred Heart fruit for you. When are you going to bring those Supreme Dragon blood out? I want to go to the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary quickly and take a look at sister Meiyao and Sister You You You."

Long Xueyi said: "Soon, I will be able to make them after eating these four Sacred Heart fruit. I miss them a lot too."

Long Xueyi was quick, he waited for half a year, but he was not idle during this period of time. He condensed the spirit liquid and copied out a large amount of Sacred animal fruit s and Tianlong Dan s' medicinal ingredients, allowing him to successfully refine Immortal Grade Five and Immortal Grade Six Sacred animal Dan s and Tianlong Dan s.

"This is the Supreme Dragon blood." Chen Xiang looked at the hair like white silk in Long Xueyi's hand, and upon closer inspection, it looked very much like a dragon.

"Of course, this is the same thing as Divine Deity. You Lan, in the future, if nothing unexpected happens, the Supreme Dragon blood that has perfect condition will definitely have it." Long Xueyi said with great confidence: "You Lan, open your mouth, ah …"

Leng Youlan listened very much to Long Xueyi's words. After opening her mouth, Long Xueyi placed the Supreme Dragon blood into her mouth. The Supreme Dragon blood seemed to have a spirit of its own and entered Leng Youlan's mouth, causing Leng Youlan's entire body to instantly shine with a burst of white light.

"I succeeded, but I'll need some time to get used to it." Long Xueyi giggled, he patted Leng Youlan's shoulders and asked: "Do you feel anything now?"

Leng Youlan frowned, and shook his head: "I can't describe that feeling, it seems like the dragon vein isn't obedient."

"That's right, this is the reason that we don't have a perfect match. Stay in the Ice Dragon Villa for a while and let those old Ice Dragons help you. Your brother and I are going to a rather dangerous place." Long Xueyi said.

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