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Under Lv Qilian's guidance, Chen Xiang felt that he had arrived at a sea of flowers and Lv Qilian's Divine Sense Sea s had also cultivated up to a small world. At this moment, he had arrived at a valley that was filled with colorful plants and the surrounding mountains were filled with beautiful and dazzling flowers.

Lv Qilian's soul sat atop a white lotus in a lake in the valley. Dressed in a white dress, she seemed to have merged with the huge white lotus, making her look holy and beautiful.

"Your Divine Sense Sea is really beautiful." Chen Xiang praised, "As expected, everyone's Divine Sense Sea is different, and it has a lot to do with her soul."

"I received a lot of inspiration from your Divine Sense Sea last time, plus my cultivation with you … So, in an instant, he broke through the bottleneck that had hindered me for many years, advanced by leaps and bounds, and formed his own Divine Sense Sea World. " Lv Qilian moaned softly, her voice was gentle and light, and her expression was relaxed.

A while ago, she had truly witnessed many powerful existences in this world. Her father's strength made her feel reverence, and Chen Xiang, who was once much weaker than her, had now even surpa.s.sed her.

Towards Chen Xiang's current strength, she felt a deep reverence from the bottom of her heart. It was because Chen Xiang had once saved her when she was very weak and poisoned a Holy Beast, so the current Chen Xiang was even more unfathomable.

Lv Qilian floated gently towards Chen Xiang from atop the bead's gigantic white lotus, "Is your true divine soul still in Heavenly Dragon Realm?"

"Mm. Could it be that my current divine soul is unable to do so?" As Chen Xiang looked at Lv Qilian's beautiful face, which carried a light smile, although the current Lv Qilian no longer had that kind of arrogance, she still gave others a feeling of holiness and inviolability.

Lv Qilian chuckled: "Are you afraid that my small Divine Sense Sea World won't be able to accommodate you?"

She then said seriously, "The cultivation experience of the Alive Slain Method is extremely vast, it's difficult for your wisp of soul to be able to contain it all in one go."

Chen Xiang didn't know why, but when he faced the current Lv Qilian, he suddenly felt some pressure.

"Fine. I'll have my soul come over right away." Chen Xiang said: "Let me out first and confirm my location."

"My physical body is coming along as well..."

"Physical body." Chen Xiang immediately started to let his imagination run wild.

"Don't let your imagination run wild." Lv Qilian scoffed, "Hurry."

Chen Xiang left Lv Qilian's Divine Sense Sea. He was currently in Lv Qilian's room, in a secret room that was constructed deep underground.

Long Xueyi saw Chen Xiang open his eyes, his forehead was perspiring profusely, so he asked anxiously: "What's wrong? have been abused by the Flower Emperor. "

Chen Xiang took a deep breath: "If you mistreat me, I might feel better, but this woman is too good, and even allowed my body to pa.s.s through."

Long Xueyi immediately became excited: "Is this for me to devote my life to you? No way, I want to go with you.

"Stop bulls.h.i.tting, her father is Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, I'm just looking for death." Chen Xiang shook her head: "Don't think too much about it, she probably just wants to guide me in refining the spirit liquid."

"Running back and forth all day, how tiring." Chen Xiang once again opened up the spatial pa.s.sageway, and went to Lv Qilian's room.

Seeing Chen Xiang walk over so easily, Lv Qilian was a little surprised. "Your control of s.p.a.ce is way beyond my imagination, my father said that he wouldn't even be able to reach your level."

When Chen Xiang followed the Dragon Emperor across the s.p.a.ce to head to Heavenly Dragon Realm, many of the experts present gasped in surprise.

"Have you fused with a Rule spiritual bead and mastered the laws of s.p.a.ce?" Lv Qilian suddenly thought of something and asked curiously.

This was Chen Xiang's secret, he had never told anyone before, but Lv Qilian actually knew about it.

"How do you know?" Chen Xiang said: "Even if my control over s.p.a.ce is very strong, you probably won't be able to tell."

Lv Qilian rolled her eyes as she lowered her head and softly said, "Last time … When we were cultivating together, I could sense a lot of your things. "

Thinking about the G.o.ds join method technique, there were indeed many things that would be exposed if he practiced with Lv Qilian.

"Let's begin, your soul will enter my Divine Sense Sea." Lv Qilian came to the bedside and sat cross-legged on top of it. Seeing that Chen Xiang was standing there unmoving, she urged: "Hurry and come over."

Chen Xiang stared blankly at him for a while, then walked over and sat on the bed as well. He closed his eyes, released his divine soul, and entered Lv Qilian's Divine Sense Sea World, returning to that quiet valley.

"Your soul is powerful again." Lv Qilian could very clearly feel that even her Divine Sense Sea World was trembling, because Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea was simply too strong.

Chen Xiang immediately suppressed the power of his divine soul. Once he obtained a set of Divine Deity, his divine soul would naturally become extremely terrifying.

"Only by using this method can you quickly obtain the experience of my Alive Slain Method, and allow you to use it quickly." Lv Qilian said as a beam of white light shot out from between the brows of her divine soul, entering the center of Chen Xiang's brows. Then, she softly said, "Don't resist, I will do my best to share my memories and thoughts with you.

"Thank you." Chen Xiang was extremely grateful. He knew that Lv Qilian had sacrificed a lot like this, because this was equivalent to hiding something in his heart and opening it up to Chen Xiang without reservation.

Chen Xiang suddenly seemed to know what Lv Qilian was thinking, but Lv Qilian had controlled his thoughts very well, and appeared to be very calm.

At this time, something related to the Alive Slain Method suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's mind, as if it had fused with his memories.

Chen Xiang saw an extremely beautiful little girl, who was frowning as she faced a cliff. That cliff was the place where Chen Xiang had learnt the Alive Slain Method.

All of the memories between Lv Qilian and the Alive Slain Method could make Chen Xiang have a deeper and more thorough comprehension of this matter. Those memories flashed past Chen Xiang's mind at lightning speed, but Chen Xiang could clearly feel that the little girl had experienced an extremely long period of time. She had gone from a little girl to a slim and graceful young lady, and in the end, she had grown into a mature and charming peerless beauty.

A large amount of memories blended into Chen Xiang's sea of consciousness. That was because Lv Qilian had thousands of years of experience cultivating Alive Slain Method, and only two people with a strong divine soul could accomplish such a thing with close contact with a divine soul.

Lv Qilian's memories were very boring and dull, but later on, there was a memory that left a deep impression on Chen Xiang. It was when Lv Qilian had kissed him in the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, when his creation divine liquid and Lv Qilian's spirit liquid had fused together, and the two of them operated the technique to condense spirit liquid. They had kissed for a very long time, and Lv Qilian had actually tried to try to do it a few times after that.

"Alright, how much you can harvest will depend on you." Lv Qilian's face was a little flushed, because she didn't expect herself to not have hidden that memory of hers, allowing Chen Xiang to see it.

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