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In Chen Xiang's impression, the Devil-killing Summit should be an invincible existence. The white and holy light that the entire enormous mountain emitted made him feel a kind of reverence, and today, it had all become black.

"Do you know why the Devil-killing Summit was turned black?" Chen Xiang frowned, he wanted to ask Bai Yaowei and Lv Zhen about the situation, they were all from the Devil-killing Summit.

"I'm not sure. In short, many of the Nine Heaven World's Transmission array s that lead to Di Tian have been shut down to prevent the Night Devil from invading this place, and only the Transmission array built within many great powers are still in use. In these nine days, all those great powers have large areas of influence. Long Huishan said: "It's just that I don't know when that group of Night Devil will erupt."

Chen Xiang had already realized that the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor knew that the plan of the five Sky Region Emperors had failed and did not start a large-scale war.

Some of the Night Devil s were not controlled by the Demon Emperor, but it seemed like they were going to ally with the Five Great Heavenly Regions. This made Chen Xiang a little confused, as he had been wanting to capture all those Night Devil s and bring them back.

"We have yet to confirm if the Five Great Heavenly Regions and the Night Devil are really allied. Right now, we are only guessing, because they have already teamed up once before." Long Huishan patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

Previously, there had been a large number of Night Devil outside the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

Yes, continue your investigations. Night Devil h.e.l.l has always been suppressed by Devil-killing Summit, and now that Devil-killing Summit has only turned black, it does not mean that it has been annihilated. If Night Devil really leaves Night Devil h.e.l.l, it would be very hard to control them. Chen Xiang replied, "When the time comes, they will probably counterattack together."

Long Huishan nodded his head: "After a while, Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable will gather all the leaders of the major powers, and they will probably discuss about this matter."

"The elders are all here. I need to go talk to them."

After Long Huishan left, Dongfang Jing sighed: "It's about to be a fight again, I don't like it at all."

"Me too." Shen Lingling said.

"Don't worry. When the time comes, I won't let you go on stage. You just need to stay here and be responsible for refining." Xue Xianxian laughed: "I don't really like fighting or killing, but Youlan and Qianxiang should like it."

Liu Meng'er walked over to Chen Xiang's side and softly said, "If you have something to say, then go and busy yourself first."

"I'm not busy. I'll accompany you for a few days before leaving." Chen Xiang smiled.

Chen Xiang accompanied Xue Xianxian and the others at the Ice Dragon Villa for a few days before returning to the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

"You're back so soon. Why don't you accompany them for a while?" Long Xueyi smiled ambiguously: "Looks like you've been living quite happily these past few days huh."

Long Xueyi wrinkled his nose and laughed, "Xianxian and Meng'er have the heaviest fragrance …. This master and disciple pair has been taken care of by you. "

Chen Xiang did not waste time speaking with her, and said: "Devil-killing Summit has turned black, Night Devil h.e.l.l is very unstable at that place, isn't h.e.l.l Devil Emperor unable to control that place?"

"Devil-killing Summit has turned black." Long Xueyi was in disbelief: "Devil-killing Summit should be very powerful, turning black means that the place has already been contaminated by the strong demon's power."

"There's a gap in Night Devil h.e.l.l's base. It's very difficult to capture those vengeful spirits that escaped from there, and the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor can't leave h.e.l.l himself, so he can't be bothered with that place. However, the Infernal guards under his command can, but those Infernal guards are still quite powerful."

"Even if the Infernal guards are powerful, it would still be difficult to tame those powerful vengeful spirits that escaped. Especially after training, they would become stronger, and some of them would even become stronger than some of the Strong of Lord Stage s."

Chen Xiang asked: "So you're saying, the Night Devil h.e.l.l and the Five Great Regions won't join hands?"

Long Xueyi thought for a moment, then shook his head: "That's not necessarily so, as long as there's enough profit to drive them, the devils in charge of Night Devil h.e.l.l will definitely be willing to do so. Qi Shi, the White Tiger's revival, and the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's incredible strength;

"There's still no movement from there, right?"

"Not yet. I will ask elder sister about the situation regularly." Chen Xiang said: "Right now, I need to find Lv Qilian and have her pa.s.s on the Alive Slain Method's cultivation experience to me. Also, I need to ask her and see if she can find out anything."

Just like last time, Chen Xiang only used a strand of his soul to find Lv Qilian, and that way, he could go there quietly and not be discovered by others. If he went to Lv Qilian openly, it would be rather troublesome, and he was worried that Lv Qilian would not see him.

Chen Xiang's strand of soul was only left after being lightly touched by the array formation, but he had used the power of s.p.a.ce to go through the array formation and the array formation, allowing his soul to easily enter the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

However, not long after he entered the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, he felt a strong surge of spiritual energy attacking him.

"Sister Qilian, it's me. Please have mercy." Chen Xiang anxiously used his Spirit Qi to send a message. If a strand of his spirit was destroyed, that would consume a lot of his Spirit Qi. It would be best to avoid it.

"You're always sneaking around. Aren't you in the Ice Dragon Villa? If you were to personally come, you would die." Chen Xiang's delicate voice came from within Chen Xiang's mind.

"I'm in the Heavenly Dragon Realm, I think this is good, I don't need to see each other to communicate." Chen Xiang laughed: "Your cultivation in the divine way is increasing quite quickly, you've discovered me already."

Lv Qilian was silent for a moment, she knew clearly that the reason she was able to improve so quickly was because of Chen Xiang, but at that time, she had cultivated the G.o.ds join method with her, causing the relationship between her and Chen Xiang to become extremely subtle. That kind of mental integration, made it difficult for her to differentiate between real and fake, causing her to have a complicated feeling towards Chen Xiang that was hard to describe.

"This is all thanks to you." Lv Qilian sighed: "You're afraid that I won't meet you."

Chen Xiang was indeed worried, he had forcefully cultivated the G.o.ds join method with Lv Qilian back then.

Seeing that Chen Xiang did not answer, Lv Qilian asked again, "You think I hate you?"

"That's right." Chen Xiang replied.

Lv Qilian sighed: "Why are you looking for me?"

"When I was learning the Alive Slain Method, I encountered many difficulties. I was unable to comprehend them in a short period of time, so I wanted to seek your advice." Chen Xiang said.

"Enter my Divine Sense Sea." Chen Xiang had helped her many times, saved her life and Little Lizhi's life. As long as Chen Xiang asked her for help, no matter how much she hated Chen Xiang, she would not reject him.

Chen Xiang only used that wisp of his soul, it was extremely weak, and entering Lv Qilian's Divine Sense Sea like this made Lv Qilian feel at ease.

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