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Nine Heaven World was surrounded by the endless Heavenly Regions and he was just one of them. However, he did not have any thoughts towards Nine Heaven World, unlike the other five Heavenly Regions, where Great Yan Jing had already sold his soul to him.

"Just based on this, you can determine that the Vermillion Bird Grandmaster is inside." Chen Xiang felt that it was a bit unreliable: "Don't tell me we are going to enter the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm."

"I'll go in. You just need to help me enter. I'll take care of myself there. There's something wrong with my Vermillion Bird bloodline. Only the Vermillion Bird can help me." Dongfang Xinyue said: "If I had come here myself, it would not be that easy for me to enter the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm from that source."

Chen Xiang said: "How can that be? It's too dangerous for you to go alone. I'll accompany you."

Dongfang Xinyue shook his head, "No, accompany Meng'er and the rest. If they know that I took you away, they would scold me."

"No, how can I let you go to such a dangerous place by yourself? You haven't been to those Heavenly Realms, right? There are a lot of Saint Beasts inside." Chen Xiang was very determined: "How about we go back now and greet them? They will definitely agree."

"No need, I saved them very quickly. Rest a.s.sured." Dongfang Xinyue suddenly pouted: "Master, please, let me go alone, please."

Dongfang Xinyue hugged Chen Xiang's arm in a spoiled manner, seeing her like this, Chen Xiang sighed, drooped his head and hugged her tightly to his chest, picking up that sweet tongue of hers and twisting it around her.

Seeing Chen Xiang take the initiative to kiss her, Dongfang Xinyue's face was filled with joy, and he also took the initiative to kiss Chen Xiang. She seemed to have waited a long time, the unrefined her seemed a little rough …

The sandstorm stopped and the two of their lips parted. Dongfang Xinyue's beautiful eyes were filled with gentleness and charm as she chuckled, "Master, wait for me to come back. "With Xiangyue."

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. These two beautiful female slaves were too nice to him at the moment, and he couldn't take it anymore.

"Take these. Be careful when you get there." Chen Xiang took out a jade bottle. "This is a bottle of Biyuan Dan, this is a Jade Dragon Flower, and this jade tablet also contains a strand of my soul. If you encounter any danger, you can practice with me in time.

Dongfang Xinyue's cheeks flushed red, she was a little excited, she never thought that Chen Xiang would give her so many good things.

"If I don't need it, I'll return it to you." Dongfang Xinyue happily accepted these things. At this moment, she could feel the deep love Chen Xiang had for her.

"Give me another kiss, we're leaving soon." Dongfang Xinyue squinted his eyes, and pouted slightly, making Chen Xiang unable to let go of his words, he immediately moved his mouth closer to her.

The two of them left the cave and walked towards the huge mountain in front of them.

"How are you going to get in?" Chen Xiang asked: "Do you have any plans?"

Dongfang Xinyue said: "Directly entering Mount Sha would cause no small amount of trouble, let's enter from the river."

"Let's go."

Chen Xiang pulled Dongfang Xinyue and took a step forward using his Shrinking step. At the same time, he used his spatial footwork and arrived at a large river that was flowing very quickly. The great river surged forward in an overwhelming manner, and it was not easy to go against the current and enter the source.

"The current is very urgent." Dongfang Xinyue exclaimed as he looked at the waters of the river that continued to gush out from the gigantic mountain of sand.

"Don't be afraid, leave it to me." Chen Xiang chuckled as he jumped into the river while hugging Dongfang Xinyue. After entering the water, he was not washed away by the river water because he had used the power of s.p.a.ce to create a spatial barrier and isolate himself from the water currents.

It was pitch black below him. Dongfang Xinyue held onto Chen Xiang's waist with one hand, and took out a Night Light Pearl with the other, looking around.

"The amount of life force in this water isn't much. Could it be that it was all absorbed by the Vermillion Bird?" Dongfang Xinyue frowned: "This has been created by a dead desert, maybe the source has a strong suction force that is devouring the life force."

Chen Xiang also noticed this point. This water had just come out from the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, it's life force was very weak, there was not even a little bit of Holy Spirit Qi in it, it was as if it had been filtered out.

"Let's go in." Chen Xiang carried Dongfang Xinyue and walked a few steps in the water, quickly entering the desert. Although he couldn't see it, Chen Xiang used his divine power to feel it, there was a bottomless black hole in front of him, and it wasn't the kind that went deep underground. It was the type with a large opening in s.p.a.ce, where water gushed out from.

Just as Dongfang Xinyue had guessed, the water in this large river came from another dimension. It had been like this for many years, where the majority of Di Tian's water came from.

"Let me in." Dongfang Xinyue wanted to struggle free from Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang held onto her tightly, "I'll bring you in, then I'll come out again."

Previously, he said that Dongfang Xinyue would enter by himself, but after arriving here, seeing that the entrance was such a dangerous place, Chen Xiang did not dare to allow Dongfang Xinyue to enter by himself.

Chen Xiang, who could control the power of s.p.a.ce, was the safest and most convenient person to enter the Heaven Realm. He jumped into the entrance, and after traveling through s.p.a.ce a few times, he arrived at a stretch of water.

"Is this the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm? Look over there." Dongfang Xinyue and Chen Xiang were inside the same Qi barrier, isolating the water outside.

Chen Xiang looked in the direction Dongfang Xinyue pointed. There was a gigantic black hole there, and a large amount of water was gushing towards it.

"We'll talk about it from here." Chen Xiang felt a weak suction force. If he did not isolate s.p.a.ce, perhaps they would have been sucked in long ago.

After a few spatial jumps, Chen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue finally arrived at the sh.o.r.e. Here, they were on a small island with boundless water as far as the eye could see.

"It's just like what I imagined. There's water everywhere. I didn't expect there would be an island." Chen Xiang sat on the sh.o.r.e and threw a rock far away.

"Aunty, you train in fire. In this sort of place, you are really dangerous." Chen Xiang said.

"Quickly go back. I really can handle it. I'm thinking of ways to find the Vermilion Bird. I'll see if I can use my Vermilion Bird bloodline to detect her existence." Dongfang Xinyue sat on top of a rock with his eyes closed.

Chen Xiang walked over, kissed her lips, and said: "Then be careful."

"Got it." Dongfang Xinyue opened her eyes and pouted.

Chen Xiang sighed, and immediately teleported back to the Ice Dragon Villa. As long as he had been to the Heaven Realm before, he would subconsciously sense the s.p.a.ce there. Next time, he wouldn't need to record down the location, he could teleport through the spatial teleportation.

When they returned, the sky was already bright. The few women had already woken up and were looking at the messages Chen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue left them in the hall.

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