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"Having Divine Deity does not necessarily mean they are divine beasts. For example, those old Sky Dragon and Dragon Emperor who s.n.a.t.c.hed away the Ice Dragon Supreme Dragon blood all have the same thing as the Divine Deity. I still have an entire Supreme Dragon blood and you also have the Divine Deity, but none of us can be considered G.o.ds." Long Xueyi said.

"But that Fire unicorn is really powerful, I feel like that guy is much stronger than the Dragon Emperor." Chen Xiang asked: "Why is he here?"

Long Xueyi pondered for a while, then said: "Back then, this guy disappeared a long time ago. It seems like he was condensing his Divine Deity right now, not only did he succeed, he also possessed the power to enter the G.o.ds Realm. This Heavenly Dragon Realm was originally called the Heavenly Beast Domain, but it was taken over by those dragons, so he changed his name."

"I think that my Dragon Soul was born here, and entered the Nine Heaven World at the end." Long Xueyi said: "So, it's best for beasts to come here to cultivate."

The sky turned bright, and the cave became even brighter. There was no uncomfortable light that was reflected from inside, and it was actually very comfortable inside.

"These white mountains are very similar to the Devil-killing Summit. What exactly is going on?" Chen Xiang lied on the soft and comfortable beast skin carpet and praised in satisfaction as he looked at the white rocks on top of the stone room.

Long Xueyi said, "I'm not too sure either, but Youlan and I will still be here for the time being, until we help Youlan develop the White Dragon's Supreme Dragon blood."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I will stay here to accompany you all … Oh right, my master is still in the ring. "

Huang Jintian stayed very comfortably in the ring, and Chen Xiang let him out.

When Leng Youlan saw Huang Jintian, he respectfully saluted him. respected his elders' words very much.

"Little girl, your hair is turning black. That means you can already control the powerful White Dragon's power." Huang Jintian chuckled, then looked towards Long Xueyi: "You are that Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord."

"Old man from the Undead Race, I have always been curious how long you have lived." Long Xueyi asked.

"Well... "I'm not too sure either." Huang Jintian shook his head and laughed.

"From what I know, the Undead Race should be the earliest human. When I was wandering in the Nine Heaven World, I only knew that there was one person left in the Undead Race, and he was much older than me." Long Xueyi looked at Huang Jintian: "Even if Undead Race is heavily injured, he still won't die, and it's hard to erase his soul. At most, he will lose his memories and be reborn, and will never die."

"I heard that in order to prevent their memories from disappearing, the Undead Race had a type of thing that specifically preserved their memories, fusing with their souls."

Chen Xiang poked Huang Jintian: "Master, that ancient book of yours should be that kind of thing."

Huang Jintian curled his lips: "I'm not too sure either, I just think that I've died a few times, and that it's probably the same as what you said."

"Master, I'm going to stay here for a while. If you want to go back, I'll send you back." Chen Xiang said.

Huang Jintian lowered his head and thought for a moment: "I better not go back, it's not easy to come to this Heavenly Dragon Realm, I want to stroll around here."

"Weren't you scared to death when you came here before? Why are you wandering around here now?" Chen Xiang looked at him contemptuously.

"How could I be scared to death? I'm not going to die, I'm going to die." Huang Jintian laughed and patted Chen Xiang's head: "It's daytime now right? I want to try and see just how powerful these white mountains are."

"This is for you. When you guys are about to leave, send me a message." He handed over a Communication jade Symbol paper to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang and the other two sent Huang Jintian to the entrance of the cave and warned him repeatedly to not go near the territory of the Heavenly Dragon Race or to look for the Fire unicorn.

The matters regarding the Evil Dragon Graveyard had already been resolved, and the other great emperors of the Heaven Realm didn't dare to act rashly. Chen Xiang now had the time to cultivate the Alive Slain Method and condense spirit liquid that could help him replicate even faster.

Long Xueyi was cultivating in that place just like before. She was separating a little bit of Supreme Dragon blood s, so it wouldn't affect her, but after fusing with Leng Youlan, it would be extremely useful to him.

Leng Youlan, on the other hand, was on patrol outside the cave and occasionally trained. She was the same as Long Xueyi right now, she had become fond of eating those high ranked immortal fruits.

"Xue Yi, how was Dan Emperor's strength back then?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this, because the path of the Dan Emperor was his future path.

"Very strong. Otherwise, he wouldn't be the Dan Emperor's Senior Dan. That guy was extremely rich back then, refining some high level sacred pills in exchange for a large amount of precious items from our hands." Long Xueyi said: "Forget about back then, even now, there are not many Alchemist that can refine a Holy Pellet, so if you can, there will definitely be a place for you in the new Great Emperor in the future."

Long Xueyi also hoped that Chen Xiang's pill refining skills would reach the standard of the Dan Emperor. At that time, she would be able to eat a lot of Holy Pills, but with her current strength, the Immortal Pills were only sugar beans to her, it would be fine to use them to satisfy her craving. But using them to increase her strength would have no effect.

"You trained in the Alive Slain Method, but did those creation divine liquid improve?" Long Xueyi asked: "Your strength is already so strong now, you should have improved a little, right?"

"No, not as good as Lv Qilian. If I were to consult her and let her share of my cultivation experience, she might have a big breakthrough." Chen Xiang sighed: "No wonder Ten Heavens Supreme Lord didn't practice this Alive Slain Method much back then, it's so difficult."

"Oh right, did you take Lv Qilian in as a female slave?" Long Xueyi suddenly laughed lightly and looked outside the cave. Leng Youlan had already gone out to patrol.

However, I did cultivate the G.o.ds join method with her, and just after cultivating for a short period of time, she was able to suddenly soar in power. After a few months, she has already become extremely powerful. " Chen Xiang had an expression of disbelief.

"Hmph, I didn't think that you would be using the G.o.ds join method with another woman." "She might have been stuck in the divine way for a long time, unable to break through any bottlenecks, and just so happened to be able to help her pa.s.s through the G.o.ds join method when you were cultivating with her, thus she advanced by leaps and bounds. Many experts in the later stages of the Divine Path are stuck in the divine way because they all have to walk the divine way in the end."

Chen Xiang suddenly laughed sinisterly: "It's been a long time since we've trained with the G.o.ds join method, now that we're all so strong, how about we give it a try?"

"Sure." Long Xueyi was also very curious as he said excitedly: "But you have to stay in that corner, we cannot get too close to each other, or else you will act recklessly, it would be bad if you were seen by You Lan."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi sat in separate corners, respectively. Then, they began the process of soul fusion, causing their bodies to be surrounded by a faint silver glow. The energy within the white mountain was swiftly being absorbed by them …

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