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Chen Xiang did not take them out. Instead, he took out a Tianshan holy fruit.

Long Xueyi s.n.a.t.c.hed the Tianshan holy fruit and immediately began to wolf it down. It was as if he had been starved for tens of thousands of years.

A Saint Fruit was easily taken care of by Long Xueyi, but she felt that it was not enough and looked at Chen Xiang greedily.

"I don't have that much for now, but I've decided to focus on cultivating the Alive Slain Method. You'll have something to eat then." Chen Xiang used all his strength to pinch her face, but not for long before he slapped her away.

"Where did the Divine Deity on you come from, how did you get the Sacred Heart fruit, and how did you get here?" Long Xueyi asked a series of questions.

Leng Youlan came over to the two of them and sat down, hugging her knees. She quietly listened, too.

"My Divine Deity is the Killing-G.o.d heart, the Sacred Heart fruit was given to me by Jiang Sheng. I used the power of the spatial laws to come here, and my master Huang Jintian helped me figure out the location of the You Lan." Chen Xiang laughed: "Little Naughty Dragon, I never thought that you would actually be a Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, you're really amazing."

Long Xueyi originally wanted to ask Chen Xiang a few more questions, but seeing that Chen Xiang found out that she was from Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, he suddenly said arrogantly: "Hmph, now you know how powerful I am. Kind little scoundrel, if this Dragon Emperor didn't have any ambitions back then, and if it wasn't for the fact that Qi Shi that giant lion was scolding the heavens, I stomp my feet on the ground, he would have already been scared out of his wits."

"Don't forget, you can have your day just because you want to eat and drink with me." Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"It's your honor to serve this Dragon Emperor, not to mention the many benefits I've given you." Long Xueyi glared at Chen Xiang, the hidden bitterness in her eyes suddenly became a bit tender, it could be seen that during the time she had left Chen Xiang, she was very much in love with Chen Xiang.

"Little Scoundrel, you can't leave me in the future." Long Xueyi could not control his sudden rush of emotions and threw himself into Chen Xiang's embrace, hugging him tightly.

"I'm not used to it without you." Chen Xiang laughed, caressed her back, and then looked at Leng Youlan and laughed.

Leng Youlan was not as naive as she was in the past. No matter how naive she was, she could still tell what was going on between her and her brother, the White Dragon Ancestor.

"Then hurry up and give me a holy fruit, I'm really hungry." Long Xueyi said as she looked pitifully at Chen Xiang.

"Not now, but after a while." Chen Xiang kissed her forehead.

"Hmph." Long Xueyi grunted, and then asked what he wanted to ask: "When you saw Jiang Sheng, he was the one who helped you fuse your Divine Deity."

"Xue Yi, I just answered you three questions, now you should also answer mine first." Chen Xiang said.

"Sure, ask away." Long Xueyi left Chen Xiang's embrace and went behind Leng Youlan to comb her long hair.

"Where did your Divine Deity come from, and why are you hiding here?" Chen Xiang asked: "I thought you guys would attack Heavenly Dragon Race, but I never thought Heavenly Dragon Race would bring a large group of Sky Dragons to Di Tian."

Leng Youlan and Long Xueyi both frowned.

"That dogs.h.i.t Dragon Emperor actually went to Di Tian, he wants to attack Evil Dragon Graveyard." Leng Youlan asked anxiously.

"If the attack didn't succeed, they would have run away eventually. Let me tell you about this later." Chen Xiang looked at Long Xueyi. He really wanted to know whether Long Xueyi was still going to pursue the Divine Deity that Qi Shi borrowed.

Long Xueyi said: "That's not a Divine Deity, it's a Supreme Dragon blood … The Azure Dragon, Ice Dragon and I all have this thing, but it was stolen away by the Ice Dragon, and my Supreme Dragon blood only reacted when I came here. After the Supreme Dragon blood was formed, it was more or less the same as Divine Deity. "

My Supreme Dragon blood was awakened here, and then I successfully solidified it here. I plan to give a bit to You Lan so that she can have the Supreme Dragon blood's seed. That way, it would be much easier for her to condense her Divine Deity in the future. " Long Xueyi laughed: "You Lan can now control the power of her white dragon, her hair can turn black."

"So that's how it is. No wonder you guys didn't make any move at all." Chen Xiang looked at the two girls with grat.i.tude. They were getting along really well, and there was nothing wrong right now.

"Xue Yi, I already know that Ten Heavens Supreme Lord borrowed your Divine Deity … Are you still going to pursue him? " Chen Xiang asked.

"This guy is already dead, how am I supposed to investigate?" After Long Xueyi finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something. "Wait, is he still alive?"

"Mm, he's still alive, but …" Your Divine Deity is already over, the reason he was able to revive is because of the remnant spirit he stored in the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword many years ago. " Chen Xiang said.

"Hmph, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually lost my Divine Deity, I'll definitely investigate him." Long Xueyi gritted his teeth in anger, he stood up and shouted through gritted teeth: "Come, take me to him, I want him to compensate me with Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang anxiously pulled her along: "He is poor now and his strength is not what it was in the past. Other than his life, what else do you want him to compensate you with?

That's right, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a scoundrel in the first place. To have this day, he truly deserves it. Back then, if I knew that he was courting death in h.e.l.l, I wouldn't have lent him my Divine Deity. Long Xueyi was very angry.

"He was suppressed in h.e.l.l for many years." Chen Xiang said.

"That's great, I want to throw him to h.e.l.l right now." Long Xueyi said angrily.

"He said he was going to compensate you with some of the fruit." Chen Xiang said again.

"That's more like it." When Long Xueyi heard this, his anger dissipated by a lot.

Afterwards, Chen Xiang told him about Bai Yaowei and Lv Zhen. Knowing that Bai Youyou's master was still alive, Long Xueyi was happy for them, especially for Bai Youyou, whose father was still alive.

"As expected of Di Tian, he actually gathered so many emperors in one go." She now knew many secrets. Flower Emperor's father really was the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, and there was also the matter between the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and Long Xueyi.

"Brother, Sister Xue Yi, with your current strength, are you able to deal with Heavenly Dragon Race and help Sister Hui Shan's Ice Dragon Race s.n.a.t.c.h back the Supreme Dragon blood of the Ice Dragon?" Leng Youlan asked.

Although Long Xueyi liked to brag, she wasn't arrogant. She sighed: "It's a little difficult, Heavenly Dragon Race's strength is not weak, this group of old fellows originally divided the Supreme Dragon blood between the ice dragon and helped them develop their Divine Deity. They probably worried about Qi Shi, which was why Dragon Emperor fled far away."

"This is their base camp, and a few old dragons with Divine Deity are all here. It would be difficult for us to deal with them, so I planned to let You Lan have the Supreme Dragon blood first."

"Oh yeah, I met a Fire unicorn here …" Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi how he and Huang Jintian saw the Fire unicorn.

Long Xueyi was also an ancient Holy Beast, he should know about the Fire unicorn.

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