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The silver armour on Leng Youlan's body returned to her body and changed into a set of white dress. She felt that this would make Chen Xiang more comfortable to hug.

"Youlan, you've changed a lot." Chen Xiang stroked her black hair and laughed: "I feel that you still have killing intent when your hair is white."

Leng Youlan let out a few soft laughs, hugged Chen Xiang then, and muttered in a tender voice: "Big bro, I missed you a lot, it's so good to be able to meet you in this d.a.m.ned place."

"You know this is a h.e.l.l of a place. I had a hard time getting here." Chen Xiang pinched her beautiful face: "Where's that Little Naughty Dragon?"

"Brother, Sister Xue Yi is my ancestor … You can't call her that. " Leng Youlan pouted.

"This Little Naughty Dragon is something I raised. I don't care what kind of Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord she is." Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't be afraid of that little girl, she's always bragging about it."

Leng Youlan stuck his tongue out at Chen Xiang. Seems like she and Long Xueyi got along pretty well, Chen Xiang was a little worried that Leng Youlan would teach her naughty.

"Come with me, it will be very uncomfortable when the sun shines." Leng Youlan held Chen Xiang's hand and walked into the canyon, "I'll tell you later about the matter of Xue Yi and I coming here. Before we came here, I heard that the great powers were going to launch a general a.s.sault on the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

Although Leng Youlan had awakened the inherited memories of the White Dragon Clan, the momentum inside her bones hadn't changed. Chen Xiang was so powerful now, she felt that Chen Xiang had settled it.

"They didn't really fight, they just almost exploded into a super war. When that happens, forget about you, even I would have a hard time getting involved in that war." Chen Xiang patted her head and laughed: "However, if you follow that Little Naughty Dragon, you might become a Ranker of that level very quickly."

Chen Xiang followed Leng Youlan into a cave. There were many powerful formations and restrictions outside the cave, if not for Leng Youlan bringing him in, he probably wouldn't have discovered that the cave entrance was covered by some illusionary formation.

"These formations and bans were all completed by me alone." Leng Youlan laughed proudly.

"Awesome, I didn't expect a naughty kid like you to do such a delicate thing." Chen Xiang lightly scratched her nose.

Receiving Chen Xiang's praise, Leng Youlan seemed to be extremely happy. He couldn't help but kiss Chen Xiang on the cheek, and then, he skipped a beat and pulled Chen Xiang deep into the cave.

In a bright stone room, there was a pleasant fragrance coming from it. The stone room's floor was covered in soft beast skin carpets, and like Leng Youlan, Chen Xiang stepped forward barefooted towards Long Xueyi, who was sitting in the middle.

Long Xueyi's body was wrapped in a thin layer of muslin, he sat cross legged, and the snow-white skin on his body was faintly discernable, making Chen Xiang unable to take a glance at his devilish body, although he was already very familiar with Long Xueyi's body.

This jade body that he had been cultivating G.o.ds join method with often made his mind wander.

"Brother, she's cultivating." When Leng Youlan saw Chen Xiang's perverted look, he lightly spat and pinched Chen Xiang's arm.

"When will she wake up?" Chen Xiang asked in a low voice.

"I don't know, but she said she had something important to wake her up, but it's hard to wake her up." Leng Youlan said, gently pushing Long Xueyi's body, and lightly shouted: "Sister Xue Yi, my brother is here."

She shouted a few times, but Long Xueyi did not respond.

"Youlan, did she tell you about me?" Chen Xiang sat on the soft carpet and pulled Leng Youlan into his arms. Then, he caressed her face and looked at her beautiful face.

Leng Youlan looked up at Chen Xiang, stuck his tongue out slightly, and laughed: "I've mentioned it before, she said that you're her loyal subordinate and was specifically responsible for her diet. But it looks like it's not like what she said, the relationship between you two is even closer than I imagined … She can't be my sister-in-law, right? "

"This Little Naughty Dragon, my place in her heart is actually only in charge of food." Chen Xiang allowed Leng Youlan to leave his embrace, came to Long Xueyi's side, and stretched out his hands to rub her exquisite and beautiful face.

He rubbed it, but Long Xueyi still did not react.

"Looks like I'll have to use a ruthless move." Chen Xiang snickered.

Seeing Chen Xiang's mischievous smile, Leng Youlan was a little worried: "Brother, don't be reckless. If she wakes up and knows, she might get angry."

"Youlan, what are you thinking about?" Chen Xiang said snappily, then took out a jade case.

Long Xueyi's body was only covered with a thin white muslin, and the area between his chest and waist was just a few random coils of white muslin. If Chen Xiang had thought about it, Leng Youlan himself did not know what to do.

Chen Xiang opened the jade box and saw a beating silver heart inside.

"This is the Sacred Heart fruit, this Little Naughty Dragon loves to eat the fruits of this Holy level the most."

Chen Xiang laughed as he placed the Sacred Heart fruit in front of Long Xueyi's nose. The smell of the holy fruit immediately entered Long Xueyi's nose, and he saw Long Xueyi's cute lower nose move slightly as she greedily took a whiff of the Sacred Heart fruit's fruit.

Leng Youlan saw that Chen Xiang used this method to make Long Xueyi move, and it was obvious that Chen Xiang understood Long Xueyi very well, so when she saw Long Xueyi's cute and playful appearance, she could not help but chuckle.

Long Xueyi sniffed a few times, and instinctively opened his mouth wide, wanting to bite down on the Sacred Heart fruit, but Chen Xiang immediately switched to a very bitter and spicy fruit, causing Long Xueyi to take a big bite.

Seeing Long Xueyi eating the bitter fruit she loathed the most, her beautiful face wrinkled like a flower, Chen Xiang immediately laughed out loud.

"Pah pah pah..." Long Xueyi had already woken up, his face bitter and bitter, he spat out the spicy fruit flesh in his mouth. Seeing Chen Xiang laughing loudly, Long Xueyi bared her teeth and snorted, then pounced on Chen Xiang, using her tender jade hands to pinch Chen Xiang's flesh with force.

"Little Scoundrel …" I hate you! I could smell the Holy Fruit, but you made me eat that rotten fruit! I will crush you to death! " Long Xueyi vigorously pinched the flesh of Chen Xiang's body, and started rolling and fighting with him on the blanket.

Chen Xiang also did not show any sign of weakness as his hands unrestrainedly walked up and down that jade-like body of Long Xueyi's, and pinched that extremely pleasant part of her body.

"Little Scoundrel …" d.a.m.ned little scoundrel, you still want to eat my tofu? I'll cripple you! " Long Xueyi used both of his hands to grip onto the two b.u.mps on Chen Xiang's chest, causing him to scream in pain.

When Leng Youlan saw his own brother and his own ancestor fighting like a shrew, he opened his mouth in shock, becoming speechless.

"Do you still want to eat Sacred Heart fruit s?" Chen Xiang never thought that Long Xueyi's strength would be so strong, to actually be able to make him do it, although he had gained a lot of benefits.

"It's actually a Sacred Heart fruit. Quickly take it out, or else I won't let you go." Long Xueyi straddled on top of Chen Xiang's abdomen and pinched Chen Xiang's pecs.

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