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Chen Xiang had only just arrived outside of the group of white mountains, he did not expect these white mountains to be so mystical, to actually refract even more sunlight and become even hotter. He had just arrived outside of the group of white mountains, and was not prepared.

He used Heaven tour method and released tens of soul remembrance in hopes of finding Leng Youlan and Long Xueyi. Who knew that not long after he released these soul remembrance, it was extinguished by a wave of energy that came from the scorching energy refracted by Bai Shan, and had a lot of destructive power to spirit bodies.

"We'll try again tonight." The sunlight during the day was intense. At night, these white mountains did not reflect the strong sunlight, so it was not that hot here.

He only released Huang Jintian after he made him prepare to resist the heat.

"d.a.m.n, this place is so hot." Huang Jintian started to complain the moment he came out, "This Heavenly Dragon Realm is much more sinister than that Sacred Domain. Previously, I encountered a Divine Beast, but now, I've encountered a d.a.m.ned place like this."

Huang Jintian looked at the white mountain in front of him, then suddenly thought of something, and frowned: "Brat, didn't you say that you have seen the Devil-killing Summit before? According to the ancient books, the most dangerous thing about the Devil-killing Summit is the white mountain, which is why it's extremely hot around the Devil-killing Summit."

"That's right, no wonder it looks so familiar." Chen Xiang was shocked, he did not think that Bai Shan and the Devil-killing Summit were related.

Huang Jintian frowned as he looked at the white mountains that were reflecting blinding white light in front of him. "Devil-killing Summit was created by a G.o.d, and there are so many mountains similar to Devil-killing Summit here, so there must be a connection between them. We'll go in at night to take a look, and Devil-killing Summit is easier to enter at night."

Chen Xiang said: "Right now, we are very close to Youlan. If we calculate it again, we will see if we can find a clearer location."

They were waiting for night, since they had nothing to do, so Huang Jintian sat down and used the Heaven extended method to search for Leng Youlan.

If not for the fact that Huang Jintian had an endless lifespan, he would have probably died many times by using the Heaven extended method.

Huang Jintian took out a piece of paper and drew some mountains that he saw. The mountains here were extremely strange, as long as Chen Xiang could find the mountains that Huang Jintian drew, he would be able to find Leng Youlan and the others very quickly.

The full moon hung high in the sky, emitting a soft silver glow. The white mountains illuminated the moonlight, causing a large part of the white mountain to be covered by the night sky, emitting a charming and gentle silver light. From afar, it gave off a very comfortable and beautiful feeling, as if it was only in one's dreams.

"The sunlight is pure Yang, so it's extremely hot. This night's Lunar Entrance is more sinister, so I feel cold." Huang Jintian shivered, "But it's still better to compare the prices at night, it's just that it's a little cold. The daytime is too uncomfortable, and the light is also dazzling."

Chen Xiang's body was much stronger than Huang Jintian's. This kind of cold feeling made him feel very cool and at this moment, he also felt comfortable inside the white mountain which was illuminated by this beautiful silver light.

He then released a few dozen more soul remembrance and used the Heaven tour method to search for the few mountains that Huang Jintian had drawn. He felt that there should not be any dangers inside, but when he entered during the day, he was illuminated by the scorching white light from all over the place. After a long period of time, no one would be able to endure it.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian entered the group of white mountains, there were no plants there, only a white color, after entering, a cold wind blew, whistling through the mountains, like the cries of evil spirits, causing people's hair to stand.

"It would be best if I could find it before daybreak. I can't take it if it's daybreak." Huang Jintian said.

Chen Xiang also wanted to find Leng Youlan and Long Xueyi before dawn, but this group of white mountains was extremely vast.

It was already dawn, so Huang Jintian hid himself inside the ring. Just as his soul remembrances were about to melt, one of the soul remembrances finally saw the other mountains.

The mountains that Huang Jintian used the Heaven extended method to see meant that it was very possible that Leng Youlan was there.

The sun rose up high in the sky, and the light burned bright. The strange white light reflected off of the mountain was terrifying, and it enveloped the entire Mountain and Sea, making it seem as if the entire place was covered with a white mist.

Chen Xiang felt that it was extremely hot at the moment and took out a piece of beast meat.

"How did You Lan and Xue Yi survive in this place? I feel that I will go crazy if I stay any longer." The heat released by these white lights not only made Chen Xiang feel that his body was burning hot, it also made his soul feel like it was being roasted by fire.

When he released the profoundwu diamond armour, it made him extremely comfortable, allowing him to rush about in a comfortable manner.

The s.p.a.ce within the group of White Mountain City was extremely chaotic. Chen Xiang had previously tried to open a spatial tunnel, but he didn't shuttle through s.p.a.ce because that would take him to a location other than his own.

He ran wildly all the way until night, and finally saw those few mountains. Then, he used his Heaven tour method to search for any remaining traces of Qi left behind by Leng Youlan and the others.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang sensed Leng Youlan's aura, but it was no longer the icy cold aura, but instead a very strong dragon aura. Leng Youlan previously mainly trained in the cold energy, but after she obtained the White Dragon's inheritance memories, she started to cultivate the strange power of the White Dragon.

The power of a White Dragon could simulate all kinds of energy. It was very magical.

According to the dragon aura, Chen Xiang arrived at a canyon. As soon as he stepped into the canyon, he immediately sensed that there was danger approaching, so he anxiously dodged, only to see a graceful figure flying over. The figure was a beautiful lady with a face that Chen Xiang was very familiar with, and that woman was Leng Youlan.

Leng Youlan was still the same as before, his tyrannical aura did not decrease in the slightest. He wore a set of silvery-white armor, and the gigantic sword in his hand emitted a heavy killing intent.

"Youlan, it's me." Chen Xiang anxiously shouted.

"Bro, how did you become so amazing?" Hearing Chen Xiang's voice, Leng Youlan shouted in surprise.

She had thought that when powerful creatures entered the valley, those that did would usually have very strong attacks, which was why she had attacked so quickly.

Not to mention Leng Youlan, who had not seen him for many years, even if it was Long Xueyi, right now, it was likely that he would still not be able to recognize the person through the aura.

"Stupid girl, every time we meet, you will always be shouting about fighting and killing." Chen Xiang flew over and hugged Leng Youlan tightly in his embrace.

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