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As the gigantic beast slowly came out from the ground, the might became stronger and stronger, causing Chen Xiang to feel overwhelmed.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian were already outside of the volcano range, and that huge beast seemed to have a body as big as a volcano.

"It's here."

A series of violent tremors suddenly occurred. The earth in front of them that had thousands upon thousands of volcanoes erected, suddenly spewed out a large amount of rock soil. That huge beast actually jumped out from the ground. Those tens of thousands of volcanoes along with that large piece of land were all destroyed.

The ground in front of Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian was just like ocean water suddenly floating, it was just that there were mud rocks and a large amount of lava in front of them. When the gigantic beast jumped into the air, it let out a deafening roar, causing both Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian to temporarily lose hearing.

"This guy is too strong." Chen Xiang shouted in shock. Both he and Huang Jintian could not see the gigantic beast at all, because a large amount of rock and soil and lava had fallen from the sky where they were at.

"Why aren't you leaving yet?" Huang Jintian shouted.

Chen Xiang released his soul, and in the air, he saw a gigantic beast covered in fiery red scales, with two gigantic horns on its head.

"This is a Fire unicorn." Chen Xiang shouted in shock: "This Fire unicorn has actually condensed its Divine Deity!"

"What, the Fire unicorn that has been missing for so many years is actually staying in this place?" Huang Jintian was also extremely shocked.

"Ah!" Chen Xiang suddenly cried out in pain. The soul he released was extinguished by the light rays that gushed out from the Fire unicorn's body, causing his head to hurt.

"He transformed into a man in red. That's all I saw." Chen Xiang placed Huang Jintian inside the Serene Green Dragon Ring, and then released the condensed spatial energy he had released.

The moment the s.p.a.ce started to ripple, Chen Xiang felt that the Qilin was forcing its way towards him. Fortunately, he was quick enough, he had instantly traversed the s.p.a.ce and escaped from that dangerous place.

After he was done, he still felt uneasy. He continued to travel a few more times, arriving beside a huge lake. Then, he leaned against a big tree by the lake while panting heavily.

When he released Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian was also frightened quite a bit.

"Master, do you have any records of this Qilin in your ancient book? This guy seems to be much stronger than the White Tiger and the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. They should be Holy Beasts of the same generation, but this guy has condensed his Divine Deity, so he might become a Divine Beast in the future."

Even though they were far away from that place, the Fire unicorn that had just been born, that strong pressure had actually spread to this place as well.

Huang Jintian took a few deep breaths, allowing himself to become much calmer. Then, he took out the ancient book, and started to look for the detailed records of the Fire unicorn.

"I didn't mention much, I only said that it was a powerful Saint Beast of the same era as the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Green Dragon, and Vermillion Bird, but then it disappeared. Before Ten Heavens Supreme Lord could claim power, it was already lost, but later on an ancestor of our Undead Race seemed to have found some clues, and found out that the Fire unicorn had once went to that G.o.d's Tomb, and stayed there for a long time." Huang Jintian looked at the ancient book.

Chen Xiang said in surprise: "The G.o.d's Tomb is indeed not simple."

"That fellow probably did not chase us. Although I do not know whether he is the brutal type or not, it is better to stay far away from him. In front of him, it is like an ant being pinched." Huang Jintian's heart still had lingering fear.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Forget about Youlan, hurry up and get them out of here. Ask them about the Fire unicorn, they should know something about it." Chen Xiang said.

Huang Jintian was extremely curious about the Fire unicorn, he was responsible for recording this secret onto the ancient books of their Undead Race.

"I'll start now." Huang Jintian started to use the algorithm.

felt that the Fire unicorn would not join hands with the Heavenly Dragon Race in this place, otherwise, it would be too dangerous.

"Only in the right direction. The distance is too far, so when you ran, you didn't go in the right direction." Huang Jintian shook his head.

"I can't travel through s.p.a.ce this time. If I go directly in front of that guy, wouldn't I be courting death?" Chen Xiang said.

"Then I'll lead the way. I'll help you calculate every few steps." Huang Jintian said.

Although Chen Xiang wasn't as strong as the Fire unicorn, he was enough to deal with some Holy Beasts.

"This Heavenly Dragon Realm is not simple, to actually be able to cause a Holy Beast to develop their Divine Deity and become a divine beast. Who knows, maybe that white dragon was also able to develop its Divine Deity here." Huang Jintian suddenly said: "Heavenly Dragon Race has chosen this Heaven Realm, perhaps he has also taken a fancy to this point."

"I don't know. Let's find those two girls first." Chen Xiang shook his head. When he came to this place, he did not attack the Heavenly Dragon Race, but instead trained and produced Divine Deity. It was very possible that it was just as Huang Jintian said.

Chen Xiang only wanted to find Long Xueyi and Leng Youlan quickly, so even if he met Saint Beasts along the way, he would avoid them. If he couldn't avoid them, he would quickly kill them.

They travelled through the night and only rested for two hours every day for a month. On the way, they even pa.s.sed by the destroyed volcanoes.

Now that they had seen the vastness of Heavenly Dragon Realm, Huang Jintian still could not calculate where Leng Youlan was.

Five days had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang was currently engaged in a huge battle with an ox type Holy Beast. Since Huang Jintian had the time now, he decided to look for Leng Youlan's position at the side using the Heaven extended method.

Just as Chen Xiang killed the Holy Beast, Huang Jintian shouted out in joy: "I found the exact location, I saw a large snow-white mountain, but that's not a snowy mountain, it should be easy to find."

"Not an iceberg, a white mountain." Chen Xiang immediately activated his Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on the Holy Beast he just killed. This Holy Beast had taken the initiative to provoke him.

To be able to become a Holy Beast here, he must have been to many places here. Chen Xiang quickly found him.

"That place is actually a dangerous place. The reason why the mountain is white is because there is a terrifying power hidden within the rocks. This Saint Beast doesn't know what power it is, but if we go near that place, we'll die easily." Chen Xiang said.

"Then let's hurry over. With the exact location, you can use the s.p.a.ce Laws to go directly there." Huang Jintian said. Although that place was a dangerous place, Chen Xiang was very strong.

Huang Jintian entered the ring. Chen Xiang used the Holy Beast's memories to determine the distance between the white mountains and this place. Then, he used the power of s.p.a.ce to travel through them.

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